More Windows Marketplace Buzz…

There is another great article out about the Windows Marketplace, this one at Digital Media Buzz (and it just happens to talk about us.) It’s always fun to see your name in print, especially when it’s associated with something cool like the upcoming Windows Marketplace. 

I know folks give Microsoft a lot of grief, but I’m really excited about the new versions of Windows Mobile and the Marketplace. I think Microsoft really has the right approach on this one. I’m excited to see consumer response to the new projects.

Pop over and check out the article here.

4 thoughts on “More Windows Marketplace Buzz…

  1. Ken

    Marc the article states that ListPro for Windows Marketplace is a priority for Ilium. Is it so at the expense of ListPro for iPhone ?

    NewsBreak is also mentioned. Are there any plans to bring it to the iPhone?

  2. Gorky

    Over the past one year, I have seen that the WM platform has been left high and dry by developers. Everyone has been concentrating on the iphone and it seems that everybody and their uncles are developing something for the iphone while WM sulks quietly in the corner and the much promised features have just not shown up on WM apps.

    To make the situation much worse for myself I also switched over to a Mac last year. There is not ONE app that does a tango with a Mac and WM!! (Hint.. Hint!!)

    To clarify my stand, I do possess an iphone too but it is yet to come up to to my expectations (Ok.. let the firing begin!!)
    I am even jealous of the looks that the iphone apps have – take Ewallet and Pocket Informant for instance – two of the most hardcore WM apps known to mankind.. just look at the way they look on the iphone! Truly beautiful!

    Give just me a few good apps on WM that dance well with a Mac… Hell, forget the Mac part.. Give me a few apps that rival the beauty and sheer simplicity of of the iphone apps period!

    Great news about the Windows Marketplace but something needs to be done to standardize the hardware as well. Who is HTC to decide to let go of the IR first and now the D-Pad?? I agree that WM devices need to look cooler – but does EVERYTHING need to resemble an iphone? Also owing to the different processor speeds on different devices, all the users will not have the same experience while using an app so your ratings will jump like crazy! And do we need a “minimum system requirements” section in the Marketplace? I also hope, owing to all the above reasons, MS and the developers do not do away with the trial periods that WM apps have (most of them anyway!) in a bid to be so cool and emulate the iTunes store.

    As far as I am concerned, it really doesn’t matter to me if I buy the app from an app store or the developer’s site.. Just give me the apps with all the features promised in 2007.

  3. Peter

    I’ll agree with Gorky to an extent. I think it was either here or at WebIS that the interface issues were addressed. The WM SDK just doesn’t make it as easy to create the flashy UI’s of the iPhone apps. However, the WM Marketplace is long overdue as a concept. Just about every app can be installed from a CAB (excepting some of the larger games or similar that require extract and copy). Those can be downloaded and installed from a remote server pretty easily as long as the host configured their server to treat CAB files as a binary and not a web page.

    I look forward to the possibilities of an App Store for WM, even though I actually have most of the apps I want already. I look forward to it for new apps and just to see what’s coming out. News on WM Apps is hard to come by if you don’t follow the companies themselves.

    I hope the MS gets the store concept right so people can actually use it and find what they want in it. Guess we’ll see soon. 🙂

  4. Marc

    @Ken: Prepping ListPro for marketplace doesn’t have any impact on iPhone. Besides the fact that they’re separate projects using different people, prepping ListPro for Marketplace isn’t a particularly big job. As for NewsBreak, we don’t have plans for an iPhone version right now.

    @Gorky/Peter: Here is what is happening. As Peter mentioned, the current incarnatons of WinMo don’t give developers the tools they need to produce gorgeous apps the way iPhone does. This means that if we want to do something on WinMo that looks that good, includes animations, and all the other iPhone bells and whistles we have to do it all FROM SCRATCH. That’s a HUGE task.

    Next, consider that WinMo 6.5 is going live in the near future AND the rumors of WinMo 7.0 – what am I software as a developer supposed to do? If I spend a ton of development time on new features and UI, 6.5 or 7.0 may make all that work moot. All the time and money we put into it might be worthless when these new versions of the OS come out. This is the biggest challenge I’m facing on WinMo right now.

    BUT DON’T PANIC! This doesn’t mean we can’t offer anything for our WinMo users. What I’ve ended up focusing on are new features that offer expanded functionality to our WinMo users without significantly altering the app itself, tweaks to improve touch based interface, and some non-programatic extras. All of these things will improve the WinMo experience with our apps AND let us position ourselves to really offer something cool and new with the new versions of the OS go live.

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