One thing about developing software for mobile devices ….


… you end up with a lot of old stuff.

Before I donate anything I can and responsibly dispose of the rest, does anyone want any of it? We’ve got docks and chargers, old PDAs and phones, cases and sleeves, folding keyboards, and a few other odd items. I don’t know what works and what doesn’t, but if anyone’s interested in any of this for some reason (maybe trying to make some interesting art out of old electronics), send me a reply here or on Twitter. I think it’s all pretty useless, but maybe someone else won’t.

19 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Ian Goulbourne

    Looks rather like the pile of sad obsolete technology I have stashed away in drawers around the house! If you wait long enough, then some items will become iconic classic designer items and you can put them onto your shelf for display – eg Psion 3a, BBC B, Rubik’s cube.

    This also gives me the chance to ask about progress on listpro for the iphone. Every time I see a new addition to your blog, my heart lifts, only for it to fall again when it is not the announcement that we all wish to see.
    I guess I’ll keep waiting and hoping

  2. Dennis Goshorn

    Ian, I do the same thing. When I see there is a new post, I get super excited only to open it and be very disappointed.

    So, how goes the progress on Listpro for iPhone? Come on, throw us a bone!

  3. Jason Riley

    Wow, are you kidding!!

    I would love to get any of the old ipaqs. I have a 3650 with a broken screen and a 2210 the kids love to use. Throw in the docks and chargers also.

  4. Ellen

    Ian and Dennis, we’re working on it, and making progress. I’m helping by staying out of the way, since I’m neither a programmer nor a product manager, but it really is progressing. The sync is just brutal.

    I know Marc won’t let me say any more right now, sorry, but we are working on it.

  5. Singh

    Hi Ellen. The one that I am interested in is the Motorola smartphone(MPx220) second from top right in the picture. Cheers

  6. Melvyn

    It’s also a hazard of being a gadget freak. My wife has pointed out that every time I buy a new PDA I try to partly justify it by saying I’ll sell my current device to cover some of the cost. Number of PDAs I’ve ever sold? Zero.

  7. Greg

    Long-time Ilium software user from the PDA days here, kindly requests the IPAQ 2210, charger, and cradle please.

    I have a orphaned huge HPC Notes database I can’t open using the Windows version because it’s passworded. The Windows version can’t access a passworded file created with an older HPC Notes version. Phatware said the only way to access it is via the PPC. But my IPAQ broke.

    Thank you!!

  8. Chris

    I’ll gladly take any unclaimed folding keyboards – thank you! I’ll make sure my address/phone are up to date in my customer account…

  9. Dean Roberts

    I see the Motorola MPX200 which I believe was the first smart phone offered in the US. I remember picking mine up at Best Buy and I still have it in my technology junk pile!

  10. Ellen Post author

    Thanks everyone. I’m going to sort out the requests this morning and get back to everyone who requested stuff.

  11. Joe McConnell

    I have a similar although much smaller collection of old portable tech. Might be interesting to capture good photos of each unit (at least the PDAs) before disposing. I’ve been thinking about doing that with my castoffs.

    On a related note, I realized the other day that I have data — mostly old addresses — that was originally thumbed in on a Psion Siena, back in the 90’s, and faithfully transferred forward to each successive PDA I’ve had since then. The machines come and go, but the bytes live on. (Still got the Psion, by the way.)

  12. Brett Q.

    If you are still taking requests, I would love to try to revive either the Clie or the Palm T3. I do software support for Laridian and the Tungsten C that I use is barely functioning right now.

    I have been trying to purge as much as possible lately, but the problem is sometimes a emulator/simulator just doesn’t get the job done when trying to replicate a customer’s issue. At least Palm did us a favor by EOL’ing the Palm OS.

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