Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving’s the one holiday I take seriously. I may complain a lot – OK, I do complain a lot – but I am always aware of how fortunate I am. And I always take time at Thanksgiving to think briefly about everything I’m thankful for. This year it includes:

  • That I can still see and hear (despite needing help with both. But I’m thankful that the help exists and works).
  • And that I can walk and breathe without any help.
  • My fabulous and supportive boyfriend, who really hates when I do things like this.
  • The internet. For all its problems, it’s still the best entertainment I’ve ever found.
  • And of course, electricity, without which the internet wouldn’t be nearly so good.
  • And while we’re on the basics, indoor plumbing and central heat.
  • My wonderful eye doctor, who fixed my problem that no one else could even find.
  • Showtunes, which make everything so much better.
  • And mp3 players, which make showtunes even better (or at least more portable).
  • And finally, that I’ve managed to go more than 12 years without working for anyone else. So thanks to everyone here, and everyone who’s reading this, who made that possible.

11 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Ellen Post author

    Also public libraries. And, this time of year, self-cleaning ovens and programmable thermostats.

    OK, I’ll stop now.

  2. Kevin White

    Speaking of public libraries, I’ve never seen one busier than the one near my new house. Wow.

    I’m thankful for Ilium Software, because I’ve been working here for 5 years!

  3. Mike Mullaney

    I’m thankful for being able to use Listpro on my iPhone for my Holiday Shopping needs.. (HINT HINT, AHEM, HINT HINT) Please.. that’s on my Santa List!

  4. JoeDr

    I am grateful for a wife and family, friends, and country that, in totum, dwarf any concerns about software.

    I am grateful for all the good things out there that exist in spite of the bad things.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. Scott

    I updated my apps using the “update all” link from the app store and now I can’t sync… how can I downgrade my iphone version back to 6.x?

  6. Thomas Capote

    I just was notified that there was an update eWallet for my iPhone, to version 7. I saw where it noted that I needed to have the most current version of the desktop version to continue syncing.

    Before upgrading, I checked to be sure I either had or could get the newest version of the eWallet for Windows PC. Iafter checking the website, I was running the current version,

    So I went ahead and upgraded my iPhone version to the latest, tried to sync, and it does not work. the error from the synclog says:
    Sync Starting at Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 8:05:19 PM with SyncPro
    Syncing C:\Users\Tom\Documents\My Dropbox\eWallet\Tom eWallet.wlt with Tom Capote s iPhone
    eWallet sync can only sync version 6.1 wallets. Tom Capote s iPhone is from a newer version of eWallet. Please upgrade your version of eWallet.
    SYNC RESULT: FAILURE – eWallet was unable to sync any wallets.
    Sync Ended at Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 8:05:22 PM

    This REALLY makes me upset, I rely daily on my eWallet and I am tech support for many companies and have critical information I must sync between the desktop and the iPhone and now that is broke.

    Please help me ASAP. Please.

    I have been a registered eWallet user 2001, Plam, Blackberry and now iPhone (and am still waiting for the MAC Desktop version)

    Please help me. Thank you. Thomas

  7. Colin H

    I have the same problem and a very urgent need to sync. Where is the upgrade of the Windows version you refer to in the App Store? I too have used eWallet for years and this situation reflects very badly on Ilium Software.

    Oh, and when might we get a Mac desktop version?

  8. Jim

    Seriously, why are you highjacking a thanksgiving post to complain about the iPhone update that breaks synching with the desktop version?

    She is thankful that she can see and hear and has a stable job she loves. You reply that you are upset that the iPhone update breaks your ability to synch for awhile? It broke my ability to synch too. I hope they don’t fix it by working through Thanksgiving to get the desktop update out. I assume it will be there next week.

  9. John

    Maybe the new desktop version will be the Mac OSX version. Since everyone always complains about how long it takes to get app approval from Apple ilium may have sent them the update thinking it would never be pushed out until they have the new desktop version ready for an after Thanksgiving surprise. At least this is what I am hopping for. In addition, if you read the fine print at the app store, it states you will need to purchase the new desktop version if you bought yours before Aug 30, 2009. I am willing to bet the majority of us fall in to that category.

  10. Ellen Post author

    Guys – sorry! The App Store surprised us with an earlier release than we were expecting. The desktop version will go out first thing next week, and it WILL sync. Read the next post for more info.

  11. bet clic

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