What Happened with eWallet 7?

It looks like Apple released the iTunes version of eWallet 7.0 before we were expecting it. We submitted it, hoping the release would hit around when we planned to do the desktop and other platforms’ releases – Tuesday of next week – but Apple surprised us and got the iPhone version into the App Store a little earlier than we thought they would.

We will have a new version of eWallet that will sync with the new iPhone version out first thing next week. We planned to release it Tuesday, but we’ll probably bump it up to Monday. If we don’t, we will get anyone who needs it an early copy.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your iPhone version, I’d suggest waiting until we release the desktop version. If you have you’ll be able to get the new version from our site from our site first thing next week. I promise.

Sorry about the problem!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!

169 thoughts on “What Happened with eWallet 7?

  1. Dean Roberts

    This is exciting! Of course I upgraded when I saw there was an update but now this requires a purchase of a new desktop version.

    You stated “we planned to do the desktop and other platforms’ releases – Tuesday of next week” so does other platform mean a MAC desktop version too? I would imagine a major version release like this requiring the “purchase” of a new desktop version would give us the option of the MAC client?

    I can wait if necessary but would love an early Christmas present!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. AJ Robins

    Requiring that users buy the new desktop version is pretty user-hostile for those people who don’t want to upgrade. This is because you’ve just invalidated the “upgrade all” button in the app store.

  3. Stef

    Well, that is a surprise indeed… for Apple to be quick on release an update on the App Store. I did unfortunately upgrade already as I need eWallet every single day since I made it one of my main work tools. I’ll let all my colleagues know if they haven’t upgraded yet…

  4. HolgerL

    it’s looked like a bad poker game: you publish a new iphone version and planed with a desktop version, which is not ready. Looser of this poker game is the user, who has updated the iphone app ;-(

  5. Jeffrey S

    Certainly glad I checked your website before updating iPhone app. I too would like a MAC desktop version but forntunately am able to run the Windows version on my MAC using VMWare Fusion. Looking forward to seeing the app improvements as I have followed this product across all platforms and hope it still remains the best. I hope I am able to get the desktop upgrade since my purchase of that product was only a few months ago.

  6. Rodney

    This is what is known as holding a user hostage. You shove a free version onto the Apple Ipod store that forces us to upgrade for free (that’s nice) only to force us to buy a new version of the Desktop.

    You people are loosers. I have been a dedicated user of your product for many years. I have upgraded when I choose to upgrade. Now you are forcing upgrades down our throats so you can fill your wallets with upgrade money before the holidays.

    This is just wrong. I believe everyone should be looking for a product that respects it’s customers. It appears this company/product no longer does.


  7. Alex

    Nobody forces you to upgrade. Not Apple, not Ilium. New versions of software sync with new versions – how is that being a “looser”? You are getting out of line because Ilium was surprised by this and haven’t been able to communicate their plans to you yet. You are making assumptions.

  8. Steve

    Not to mention you should read the info related to any upgrade before running the upgrade. I saw an update for ewallet and was quite excited. I read the info about the upgrade and saw mention of the need for the new desktop software, so i decided to look into it before proceeding. Glad i did as holding off on the upgrade saves me this headache.

    Though… if this is related to the release of a Mac ewallet desktop client then well.. I’m happy.

  9. Elvin

    Well it is normal for iPhone users to update their apps with the free upgrades as they come available (I do this daily). What is not normal is that a company purposely breaks a feature with it’s desktop client unannounced. That is what people are upset about. On top of the fact the us Mac users have been listening to promises of Fall 08, 6 months and soon for a Mac desktop client. Had I known back in August of 08 that I STILL would not have a Mac desktop client of eWallet, I would have never purchases the iPhone or Windows version of this product. Just another example of misinformation and lies from this company. Sorry fgor the harsh response but the truth hurts

  10. Larry

    I have been a happy user of eWallet since I bought my first iPhone. I have the PC version (I am a REGISTERED user, so a notification e-mail of the update could have been sent) and am very faithful about syncing the phone and the PC data every time I make a change or addition to eWallet files. I have also enthusiastically touted the benefits of eWallet to my friends, encouraging them to use this innovative and reliable software.

    This morning, there were six updates available for applications loaded on my iPhone, and there was nothing to indicate that any one of the six contained anything more than simple adjustments and fixes. Thus, I summarally accepted the update for the six apps, and went on with my day.

    I just tried to sync my PC and my phone, only to find that that it is not possible. Not only is it made impossible because the release of the corresponding desktop software update was not coordinated with the app update release(an opps, but acceptable, temporarily), but now I find that a PC update isn’t in the cards, but PAID upGRADE is required, making the new app version render the desktop version useless unless I spend money!

    Shame on me for not sorting thorugh the minutia of the app update details to search for a trojan horse planted by a developer I trusted; SHAME on Ilium for poor communication and for (evidently) taking advantage of their loyal users. I feel like a hostage.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. bill

    Hey ……!! This is great. I disagree with the naysayers.

    First of all, the creation of well designed, well implemented software isn’t done by volunteer programmers unless the software is open source.

    I expected to pay for the desktop package all along and am not disappointed.

    I have been an impatient mac user, I certainly admit that.

    I am glad it is here and looking forward to using the whole ipod touch / desktop package.

    Glad it is coming. Thanks.

    peace and electrons

  12. Dean Roberts

    This is no different than how they have done business for many years.

    Small updates are free. A complete new version number has always cost money.

    The only difference is now the updates automatically appear in the users phone rather than ilium sending out an email informing you of an upgrade on their web site.

    The desktop version is not required to run eWallet on your iphone. The desktop version is an “optional” component.

    ilium also included the warning that if you sync with a desktop version you will need to buy an upgrade.

    I do agree with the AJ that it’s a problem that the “upgrade all button” has now been disabled. Apple needs to add the ability to choose the apps to upgrade then add a button that reads upgrade all selected.

    The question is should version 7 have shown up as an upgrade when it breaks functionality of the desktop version? If you say no, then that would mean different copies of eWallet in the App store.

    At this point I hope to buy the MAC desktop version Monday or Tuesday. If the MAC desktop version is still not ready then that would be more than disappointing, however, at this point in time, I have a real hard time believing that ilium would release a new version 7 without MAC desktop being ready for release!

  13. ThomasC

    I am happy to pay for the upgraded desktop version, been a registered user Since 2001 (palm, Windows Mobile, blackberry, iPhone etc).

    What I am un happy about is that the iPhone version was released and that broke desktop sync until the desktop update comes out. Why are you waiting until Monday or Tuesay to release the desktop version. Release it now. (I hope a Mac Version finally comes out too)

    I rely on this App daily for my IT Support Services and without updates being Sync’d, it does me no good. Please release it ASAP!

  14. Jorge

    This syncing incomparability issue with the iPhone update has a simple solution. iLium should just make the new 7.0 desktop version available for free to all current iPhone eWallet owners who have the PC version or go even further, and for a limited time provide it free to all iPhone ewallet owners . I am sure this will have some financial ramifications but something needs to be done and perhaps the next time you will handle your customers better during the upgrade process, especially if the upgrade has the potential to disable syncing or any other critical feature .

  15. Dean Roberts

    Poor ilium just cant catch a break!

    I would be upset if I was not converting to MAC desktop and was forced to upgrade to a newer version of the Windows desktop because of this upgrade.

    It’s obvious that with the only upgrade being able to sync images that Version 7 was released to sync with MAC desktops. A major version change shpould include way more features for a paid upgrade.

    Maybe the windows desktop upgrade should be free to registered users and they should only charge for the MAC version.

  16. cwessel

    I find it ridiculous that you’re forcing users to pay for the desktop eWallet in order to sync with the new iPhone eWallet app! I paid for the iPhone app, as well as the desktop app once and I’m quite happy with both. Unfortunately, if I do not take the iPhone update, the “Upgrade All” option in the app store and iTunes is now useless. Not to mention, now I have to look at a “1” badge on the App Store icon until I remove eWallet from my iPhone. If this version of the iPhone eWallet requires an upgrade to the desktop, I feel that the upgrade should be free to those who purchased the iPhone version… period!

    Looking at competitor products now… so sad ’cause I recommended eWallet to many of my friends!

  17. Brett

    People are getting caught up in the same old, tired debate about charging for updates. I do not subscribe to the theory that all updates should be free. I know that a lot of work goes into making good quality software, and developers should be entitled to charge for updates.

    Where the eWallet situation goes sideways, however, is that while developers have a right to charge for updates, consumers must have a right to decide whether or not they want to update … and here’s the key — deciding not to update should NOT negatively impact the consumer’s lives.

    In this situation, if I chose not to upgrade to eWallet 7.0 on the iPhone and desktop, it will “break” the “upgrade all” feature on the App Store. For the remaining life of my iPhone, I will never be able to click the simple “upgrade all” button, and I will always have to remain cognizant about not updating the eWallet iPhone software. A related issue is that the App Store app on the iPhone will forever have a “1” badge icon staring at you every time you look at the phone.

    This is where the problem comes into play and it is for this reason that I hope that Ilium offers the desktop counterpart for free to users who purchased the previous version.

  18. Unhappy

    When the iphone version was available, it said to check that you are on latest desktop version. I check the iliumsoft website and I was on the latest desktop version, so I upgraded the iphone version. Now I can’t sync.

    I can’t downgrade my iphone version.
    I don’t want to pay for the desktop upgrade.

    They better not try to charge for the desktop upgrade!

  19. Lex

    So how is eWallet 7 a major upgrade?
    All improvements it contains:

    – create great looking wallets by syncing images used as backgrounds from the Windows desktop
    – minor bug fixed and improvements

    Why do you charge additiona $10 for desktop upgrade with minor bug fixes?

    Th upgrade on iPhone is truly a trojan horse breaking the functionality of the desktop application. This is a bad business practice taking advantage of the hole in Apple’s approval process. People should complain to Apple and either request to withdraw this unfair upgrade or give iPhone users the ability to reject the individual updates like this one so they wouldn’t showing as new available updates in the apple store.

  20. Arjen

    I own the desktop version too, and would not expect a major version update to be free. For that matter, I can accept major updates on iPhone apps not to be free either (e.g. Twitter->Twitter 2). But the way this was release was a mistake. Ilium should have released the updated iPhone version as a SEPARATE app in the AppStore. That way I could have continued to use the “Upgrade All” button. Ilium took that option away from me without my consent, and that is NOT acceptable!

  21. MadCap

    Oh this is ridiculous. The iPhone app is completely useless without the desktop part – you can’t back up your data without the app and therefore you can’t count on any form of security. My “update all” button is now useless and this is not a failure of Apple, but Ilium software. I don’t mind paying for software, but I HATE being pushed into one – and this is the case. There are so many ways, how could this be executed properly – like releasing new desktop app for XX $ and free iPhone app which would be limited in no possibility to create an wallet and therefore useless without the desktop app.
    What a epic fail.

  22. Scott

    Add my name to the list of the disappointed.
    An apparently minor upgrade with a comparatively large price tag.
    I’ve already paid for the desktop component, the Windows Mobile version, and then a few months later (when WinMo re-installs became unbearable) the iPhone version. I was a little disappointed that there was no way to cheaply move from WinMo to iPhone, but I paid anyway, rather than start over with a new solution. Now a few months later, you want another $10 (based on previous desktop ugrade pricing) to stay current? This is turning what was originally a competitive offering, into the most expensive password manager on the market! If this upgrade ends up not being a free upgrade, then I’ll look seriously at 1Password Pro – whose iPhone client is currently free!

  23. Howard

    Hi, I think I feel much the same as most people here.

    If Ilium is releasing a “free” update that requires a “paid” upgrade to maintain functionality it has a moral responsibility to state upfront that effectively there will be a charge for this item.

    The decent thing will be to release the desktop upgrade for free to those who have already downloaded the iPhone client it so that they can maintain the functionality that they “have” already paid for and/or release an equably free downgrade to the previous version.

    I feel cheated and insulted by this high handed attitude.

    If this is not resolved quickly and for free I will be researching an alternative product.

    Howard. long time user of Ilium and it’s predecessors s/w

  24. EJ

    I have been an eWallet user since i got my iphone.
    I too am upset with the forced desktop upgrade base on ‘free’ iphone update. I’ll be switching to Ascendo DataVault where you can get the iphone and desktop app for $10 and will be protected from this type of treatment in the future. Also the sync between desktop and iphone is even smoother than with eWallet.

  25. Rick

    OK, thanks. I’ll stop furiously trying to sync my iPhone now and you can ignore my error ticket.
    With regard to the WinPC upgrade, I’m not too put out.
    I’m a long time user of eWallet (since 2005 on WinMo) and my last WinPC purchase was Jan 2008, so 10 bucks seems fair enough for me under those circumstances.
    Others will call it as they see it.

  26. LX

    Well I saw the update (read:update NOT upgrade) and went to the website to check if I have the latest version, but still fishy cause I have this version for a long time already.

    Good thing I check the new updated message on iTune that mentioned version 7!!! I can understand why people made the mistake.

    I can’t blame the people complaining here because ilium should make version 7 a new version like Tap tap 2 😉

    I don’t mind paying for upgrade and I think everyone in agreement here except for one guy up there… But when it’s disguised as an update, that’s when people get upset.

    Look at Windows Vista LOL lots of people didn’t want to upgrade including me, but it was not forced. So when Windows 7 came out, I had no problem paying for it.

    Well now I can no longer use the “Upgrade All” button in iTunes, which is an annoyance.

    I just hope ilium hears the people, as they usually do, and fix by creating a new update and works with 6.X then issue a new app that’s 7.0 compatible. Or makes the desktop version 7 free for current user since they clearly made the mistake of updating them instead of an upgrade option.

  27. Stef

    What is this about people getting all angry about the update? There are no information with regards to paying for the Desktop version upgrade yet… I’m confident Ilium won’t just blindly go charging everyone without carefully thinking this one over. You should all just wait until the new version is released with the upgrade information. At that point, you could well be surprised to see that you don’t have to pay, or we could also have a very small fee to pay. We just won’t know until next week.

  28. Dean Roberts

    ilium has always taken care of their customers in the past. They did make a mistake promising MAC software and not delivering but I’m sure it will be an amazing interface when released. Give then a chance to respond before we hang them.

    I’m sure they are caught off guard by the “update all” button issue. I’m somebody that this would bother because I don’t want to see the number 1 on my App store badge all the time.

  29. Adec

    It sounds like there ilium were caught out here. There’s a couple of options here: one very easy and one not so easy.

    (1) Re-issue the old version of the iphone version via iPhone store (unfortunately with a higher version number), so people can downgrade back to the old version. The v7 app could then be released as a new app in the iPhone store – I’m sure some people won’t like this but they’ll have to pay to upgrade to the new iPhone version instead of getting it free.

    (2) Update the version 7 iphone app to support the old sync method. harder fix.

    I’m willing to give iliumsoft the benefit of the doubt here. I don’t think for a minute they felt that things would play out this way. The Apple store is still relatively unchartered territory for them.

  30. It Better Be Free!

    When the iphone version 7 first came out, the description only indicated that you need the latest desktop version. Iliumsoft only change the description to say “Windows desktop version 7.0” the next day after the release. Also their website and the blog was changed the day after to indicate the 7.0 problem.

    On the day of the iphone upgrade release I looked everywhere for any indication that I was not on the latest desktop version, or any indication that a desktop version was coming soon.

    I checked the website, I checked the blogs, I checked for any info in twitter, I checked for any info through google search. Everything indicated that I was on the latest desktop version and NO indication of any other release coming.

    Only after searching for over an hour, I upgraded to the iphone version 7.0 release.

    Now that I have a crippled product on the iphone, are they going to force me to pay them again to get back the functionality that I had already paid for?

    I agree that mistakes happen, but I do expect Iliumsoft to get me back to the same functionality I had without charging me.

    If I was informed that I would have to pay more, then I would have had a choice. I was not given the choice. Everything available at the time indicated this was a free upgrade. So I’m still hoping that everyone is wrong about a charge.

    Let’s see what happens next week and let’s submit some appropriate itunes Customer Ratings and reviews.

  31. Martin Herrera

    After I lost track how many months delay with the mac version, now this lack of understanding of your customers. You guys are loosing the focus! It’s true that it’s hard to migrate out of your software and re-enter all the content on a new application, but it does really tempt me to do so out of frustration. I will wait to see if Tuesday there is a MAC version, and otherwise I’ll start my migration process.

  32. SM

    I too upgraded iphone as it was free and did not give me any information that I will be required to upgrade desktop version. This is terrible. I have been using e-wallet for a long time with Windows mobile and desktop version. I feet betrayed. I expect Ilium Software provide free upgrade to whoever updated iphone version. It will be shame if they don’t.

  33. Alan DeRego

    I am also hoping for a mac version…soon…
    I don’t mind paying for the mac version…
    I won’t upgrade my windows version because I can’t remember the last time I ran sync for eWallet.

    I am glad I waited to update my apps.
    I am still on the old iPhone version…

  34. SM

    Okay, I was able to recover the old version for iphone from my recycle bin of the Windows computer and was able switch back to the old version and is working fine.

  35. MS

    They better fix this disaster or I will be looking for a new application. There are tons of iPhone/windows password apps. I am sure there’s one that is not ripping off their customers.

  36. Mark Hanson

    I have been a loyal ewallet user since 1999 and was happily using the iPhone version. I am also a software developer who has written quite a few client server tools which require information to be kept in sync between the client and the server. In doing this I have to deal with the client and server being different versions, and while it is a pain to properly support talking between different versions by using the protocol of the oldest component that is what I make sure we support. That way our customers can upgrade components as they need rather than being forced to run the same version of client and server. EWallet totally dropped the ball with this ‘upgrade’ is you can call customized backgrounds a major upgrade. I can only assume this was either a deliberate attempt to force people to pay again to upgrade the desktop component if they accidentally upgraded the iPhone app, or their developers are lazy in not supporting the ability of the latest iPhone app with the previous desktop application version. Either way I am not impressed and will be switching to 1password unless they fix this soon.

  37. JZee

    Another long time user caught in this update trap. Saw the update and the note that I would need the latest desktop version so checked the web to see that I already HAD the latest version so updated. Now can not sync.

    I thought iPhone APP developers could specify a release date for their apps? I understand the APP approval process can difficult to predict, but springing a surprise like this on people is not a good thing. Especially one that might cost me money.

  38. Dean Roberts

    I can see where new customers to eWallet who are not familiar with ilium’s past upgrading policies would feel more taken advantage of than those of us that have been using the product for years and are use to the way ilium operates.

    The App store and Apples delivery method has changed the way ilium can role out their upgrades.

  39. Rodney StJohn

    Been a long time eWallet user. I’m confident in Illium and I’m looking forward to Monday to see what they have to say. Like others have said, I’ve purchased version 5 and 6 on ppc’s, pc’s, and now iPhones. I will but version 7 and hopefully soon I will buy a version for my new MacBook. Happy Thanksgiving.

    I think we should just be patient and wait and see what will happen.

    I don’t know anything, but I think everyone should just calm down and wait and see.

  40. Lee

    I’ll bet every one of the complainers will dump ten bucks or more on a beer and hamburger without a second thought. Some people just like to complain. I wonder if you people think the Ilium folks can pay for mortgages and food with free software. Sure, they stubbed their toe on this one but it’s no reason to get so vile about it.

    Ilium, even though I haven’t sync’d in well over a year, maybe two, I’ll be glad to shell out the money for a desktop upgrade even though I don’t need it. Would spend even more for a Mac version.

  41. awxu

    I upgraded to version 7 on my iPhone but failed to sync with eWallet Desktop v6.x, so am eagerly looking forward to your new desktop edition. LOL.

  42. Dale

    I also upgraded my iPhone version after verifying the v6.1.3 version I’m running was the current version. Now that I can no longer sync my PC with my iPhone, shame on me. Having been a loyal customer since v3 with the Palm, SmartPhone, Windows Phone and now the iPhone. I have recommended the eWallet software to countless clients, Vendors and peers.

    I truly hope Ilium does not try and hold us hostage on this and offers a reasonable upgrade price. I will wait till Tuesday to see what Ilium does and how they handle all these loyal customers that are caught between two rocks…

  43. Del F

    I too update to ver 7 before I realized that it would not sync with desktop. I think Ilium made a mistake, but I have used eWallet for more years than I can remember and this company has treated me like a VIP for years. How many software companies can you call and have someone answer the phone and actually solve your problems.
    I have been having problems with iTunes for 3 weeks and can’t get any help and from what I see on the internet there are thousands of other people having the same problem. Try calling Apple and see how far you get.
    I know Ilium is the best software company I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t believe some people think upgrades should be free, if you don’t want to pay don’t upgrade.

  44. Rodney

    I am not saying that upgrades should be free. I have paid for upgrades when I felt the features warranted it. I am not being given the choice this time. Every time I go to my Ipod it tells me I have an update. Later, when I get these notices for other software on my Ipod, I have to be extremely careful to not select the Ewallet for Ipod.

    They should not force me to upgrade. When the features provided by the new version excite me, I will shell out the money and do the upgrade.

    I will admit the Itunes application interface isn’t the best. It forces you to take an upgrade. It’s not a choice. Maybe Ewallet 7.0 should be listed as another product and maybe even charge me for the Ipod/Iphone client. I use it all the time. They didn’t develop it for free.

    All I am asking for is consumer choice. If I want the upgrade I will select and pay for it. If I want to remain on the existing version then I should be able to do this. How would you like it if Microsoft made you go to Vista?

  45. Wyatt

    Well, I must disagree with the whole forced to upgrade thing as you can simply not hit the “Upgrade” button. Yes, it will sit in the Queue but that’s just how it’s set up.
    Anyway it was nice to see eWallet 7 get out early but having to wait till Tue. Dec 1 for the desktop client just isn’t good at all. Also I briefly looked through the new version really quick yesterday and noticed that the iPhone and iPod icons are wrong. I’ll assume that was an oversight but it should be fixed.

  46. ..d..ecay

    Hey, Ilium folks, thanks for the up-front heads-up regarding the release of eWallet 7! You create excellent software that makes our lives easier and there are many of us out here who simply appreciate your high-quality craftsmanship and eagerly anticipate future updates. Don’t let the complainers get you down, since you have a solid base of (less vocal) fans out here. 🙂

    In closing, THANK YOU for the update and your continued good work!

  47. Horst Helmle

    I think it is not good to force people to update for cash.
    Yes you are the first.
    I cannot pay twice for One product

    Horst from Germany

  48. alexander schellings

    I have paid for the new versions everytime. I will wait to see what is going to happen with V7. Much more important is a Mac version!
    I am satisfied with V6 till now.

  49. Paul

    Earlier this week I selected the “Upgrade All” option on my iPod as I normally do several times a week. Now, I find out that my iPod eWallet will no longer sync with my desktop version unless I pay for a desktop upgrade. This is ridiculous! I certainly do not paying for an upgrade when I feel that the benefits of the new version make it worth my while. Eliminating your customer’s ability to sync because they accepted a “free” upgrade on their iPod is not fair.

    Additionally, with this unfair practice you have now set up, anyone who does not accept the iPod update: 1) will have the “Upgrade All” option in the App store rendered useless AND 2) will be forced to look at a “1″ badge on the App Store icon until they remove eWallet from their iPod.

    If this version of the iPod eWallet requires an upgrade to the desktop, then the upgrade should be free to those who purchased the iPod version!!!

    I will be registering my complaints with Apple on this and strongly recommending to my friends that they stay away from your product!

  50. Marto

    I normally do “Update all” on my iPhone. Sometimes when I go into the App Store I have 5 or 6 updates waiting; to update them all individually is a pain.

    So to my mind, this IS a forced eWallet upgrade. Unless I never “Update all” again. The one time I forget, I lose the ability to Sync my eWallets – and then have no choice but to upgrade.

    And I can’t even find on the website what the upgrade charge will be!

    Note that I have paid for eWallet and upgrades in 2005, 2007 and 2009 without complaining; but the lack of backward compatibility, coupled with the forcing of this upgrade, is not acceptable this time.

    I think you have got it wrong big time, and risk losing users like me who have been using your software for years.

  51. Peter Jackson

    Hi Ilium, I think eWallet is great, I use it every day and the sync with my iPhone gives me a strong sense of data security. So, even without knowing costs, additional features etc., there is a strong possibility that I will upgrade to V7.

    But …. I have to say that I am in sympathy with Paul and Marto’s view about both the cost of the upgrade and the implications on the the ‘update all apps’ feature on the iPhone.

    Sorry if I come under the classification of ‘complainer’ or ‘moaner’, I would rather be thought of as ‘customer’.

    Thanks (if only for listening), Peter

  52. Chris Hawkins

    I think a number of posters have misundertood the situation – or I have! I have been a loyal Ilium customer across several platforms for the best part of a decade.

    Last night I upgraded all the apps on my Ihone – as I always do when they are available. Speaking to friends and colleagues this is normal and reasonable behaviour!

    I know understand that I need to pay for an upgrade to RE-enable PC synching – functionality that I already had, had already paid for and was content with.

    If this is the case then it represents a historic turning point in Iliums enviable customer service reputation and one from which they will not recover. I can’t help but feel that it borders on the criminal.

    Ilium, please tell me I have misunderstood.

    Kind Regards


  53. Simon Dare

    I was also caught out by the early release on the app store.

    It was not iliums intention I am sure to get into this position. I am sure there will be a good upgrade deal to placate everyone.


  54. Paddy Brown

    I have to agree with Marto, Peter, Chris et al – I too did “Upgrade All” as I always do. I want the option to downgrade again please.

    If the changes are not backwards-compatible and there is a charge involved in upgrading the desktop Illium should have released this upgrade as a completely new product version in the app store e.g eWallet 2.

    This doesn’t seem to have been though through very well.

  55. Howie

    I see I am not alone in getting caught in this web. All the remarks I was going to make have already been made so I will simply state that given the circumstances, registered users of the latest version of the desktop program (which, as you well know, is a vital partner to the iPhone app) who have been impacted by this lack of release cadence between Apple and Illum (and don’t blame Apple- you should have the desktop piece ready to go) should be added to the group already receiving a complimentary “upgrade”.

    Otherwise, quickly figure out a path to restore the version 6 setup to those who normally updated their iPhone eWallet only to find out it was seemingly a ruse to extract more dollars from “valued” customers.

    Hoping you do the right thing,


  56. Pablo

    This is a little bit confusing. I see the upgrade in the app store, and it has the “free” button to download it. So this one is free but the desktop complement is not free. Ok I don’t want to have free versions forever, but this is confusing.

    If you didn’t add functionality to jump from one major version to another, then don’t charge any of both parts of the software.

    If you did add new features, then re-name the product, somethink like e-Wallet 2010 and then make it a new product in the app store so I don’t have the badge in the app store reminding me how cheap I am to not upgrade the product.

    I will pay for the upgrade as soon as you release the product, but it is not a good thing to force me to do it.

    Maybe it is a flaw in the app store? But I have to tell that this is the first time I see something like that happens. See all the tap tap revenge apps, they just re-branded each one of them and I just pick whichever one I like.

  57. Jack Collazo

    Hi Ilium, I agree with Peter Jackson. I also think eWallet is great and use it every day with the desktop sync. But as I selected to upgrade all of my apps I did so without knowing that a purchase had to be made for a new desktop version.

    This is definitely not a good business practice since every app I use is complemented with a desktop software. Now I may have purchased the App but the desktop software is always free.

    In all fairness, I am assuming that you guys did not anticipate this detail in advance. However, if this is not corrected, I will delete this E-Wallet program and use the App called mSecure which gives a similar feature (except it uses Blowfish for encryption).

  58. Scott

    I have used eWallet on windows mobile and now the iPhone for a number of years. I agree with everyone else – this is a really bad idea and one that will cost you previously loyal customers.

    Thanks to Jack for the alternative product, I’m off to take a look at mSecure now…

  59. Pierre

    You can revert back to your iPhone e-wallet version 6. You need to look at your Recycle bin and check for ewallet.ipa. It should be 2.8meg. Delete your version 7 in iphone and itune. Double click ewallet.ipa and reconfigure sync. Back to normal.

  60. Chris

    Forget about eWallet 7, what happened to the Mac version? I bought eWallet for the iPhone over a YEAR ago, when Ilium was saying “Mac version coming soon”, and there’s still no Mac version on the horizon.

    I feel baited and switched.

  61. Jack Collazo


    What you say is true but the “update” icon will always give notice that there is an update available and why should we have to constantly be careful not to choose EWallet?

    What happens if we accidentally update EWallet, are you suggesting that we should constantly revert back to the version 6? That would be a constant annoyance.

    Still bad business, if you ask me, and no one should pity the ones that benefit from it. Every other app developer does not do this.

  62. Rainer

    Hi Iliumsoft.
    As most users before wrote, its not acceptable that i get the iPhone upgrade automatically and then MUST pay for the desktop version.
    Create a different version in the iTunes store for v7 or anything else.
    I use ewallet since many years and its perfect for me.
    But you must give the users the choice, upgrade or not.
    Sorry but this was a big mistake on your side.

  63. gerald

    Agree with all other comments Your practice is not fair and could be even blamed in front of justice We are in a situation of having bought 2 differents products from your company one for Ipod or Iphone and the other for Desktop If we do not accept this upgrade our product will become useless that is to say having pay for a product that doesn’t work anymore after 2 months. For sure, if Ilium confirm his position then let’s go to choose another application (many others are available, some of them even for free)

  64. Skip Savage

    Big mistake with the free iphone upgrade – it will be rendered useless without paying to upgrade to the matching desktop version. Those of us who luckily read this page before clicking “Download All Free Updates” will escape the trap. Except for the future inconvenience of never being able to download updates to iphone apps with one click. BIG mistake Ilium. You could be committing suicide here. Hope not.

  65. Ian

    Something has gone awry in the planning of this release, and not just with Apple releasing the iPhone app early by the sound of it. I completely agree with those who say that if iPhone V7 requires V7 on the desktop then it should be a new app on iPhone so the old one continues to work if users want to stick with Win V6 rather than be forced to pay. Personally I have been cultivating a lush new growth of grey hairs for ages now as we await the Mac desktop app. (Also V7 I guess).

  66. Kamal

    Ludicrious update policy. On my iphone I am locked out from syncing with my PC and on my wifes phone, while I did not make the same mistake I am locked out from doing an “Update All”. Needs an immediate fix.

  67. David

    Same opinion here guys. I love the product, but if you intend to require a paid upgrade, you should have submitted it to iTunes as a new product as to not conflict with our “current” paid Desktop version of the app. I’m now stuck with an app that won’t sync passwords between my iphone and my desktop. You guys need to fix this.

  68. David

    Long time eWallet user here. Maybe there is a better way to handle these iPhone releases.

    Back when I was primarily using Windows and Windows Mobile – eWallet was primarily used on the desktop. The mobile version was only synced or updated when I had the occasional business trip.

    After switching to Mac and being forced to use the iPhone version, I’m fine keeping the iPhone as the primary platform for eWallet. However I do want the security of backups that don’t count on iTunes.

    This V7 iPhone upgrade will likely force the purchase of an infrequently used PC version 7. I’m only in Parallels Win7 a few times each month (accounting and for backing up eWallet). But what I really want is the Mac version so it is likely that two purchases are necessary in the ‘near’ future.

    At the very least it would be useful to have a free backup solution that runs on Mac OS. When the iPhone app is updated, also provide an update to the backup solution. As long as the data file is safe, easy to move around, and can be imported into future versions of eWallet (any platform) then I would have more flexibility on determining which upgrades to purchase for each platform.

  69. HELP!!!

    My “Update All” button is being held hostage by those guys at eWallet.
    They told me I need to pay them a ransom to get my button back!


  70. Lucio

    Thanks Pierre, I just reverted the upgrade using your explanation. It was very useful especialy because I just changed phones from the 3g to the 3gs and needed to sync as it was I did not use the backup.

  71. TT

    Luckily I caught the upgrade disclaimer before I hit upgrade all.
    Like others posted here, I can no longer use the update all feature on my ipod. This is a feature I use all the time. I’ve paid for many software upgrades over the years but never one forced on me like this. The update for the ipod is free but it forces you to purchse an update for the desktop app for a fee. This is not right. It comes across as a bait and switch scheme. I am not looking for free upgrades but this forces painful inconveniences to users. Ilium needs to be smarter about this.

  72. Frank Dawson

    The forced refresh is really a theft. I do not need that. Currently I have erased all traces of ewallet and I’ve taken a great program called 1Password. It ended with the problem. I recommend everyone try this way.

    Regards. Bye, Bye Ilium.

  73. goestoeleven

    It’s great that you’re releasing a new iphone and windows app… but where’s the mac app already?

    I realize that it’s not a simple matter of porting: building a good OSX app requires a complete re-write… even so, patience has limits…

  74. merlock

    I also upgraded when the description said update and not upgrade, and the website said my desktop version was latest release; there was no indication of this ‘snafu’.

    Ilium, you are absolutely WRONG to try to foist the blame for this on Apple.

    I’ll keep the new app on my iPod till Monday, so I can see how much you are going to try to bait and switch me for. If I don’t like what I see, I’ll downgrade the app (I got the old ipa out of the recycle bin after the first sync fail) do a final sync, then it’ll be hasta-la-vista Ilium. I have 2 monitors, so I can cut-n-paste the text file quite easily.

    EWallet is not the must-have killer app for password management; I would dare say that a vast majority of your iPhone/iPod Touch users bought your app based on your reputation (and are former users) from WinMobile. A bunch of 1-stars in the app store could very well end your involvement in this market.

  75. Jack Collazo

    I’ve just made up my mind … for piece of mind I am switching to mSecure for my password protected information and ListMaker for all my list needs.

    These two will satisfy my needs for the MAC and Win OS’s, opposed to eWallet or Listpro.

    Good Bye ILLIUM!!!

  76. Dennis

    This is rather sad. All you people hit the upgrade all WITHOUT reading the description and you blame Ilium?

    What are you a bunch of newbies?? Don’t know how to restore your old app back?

    No offense but take this as a lesson learned. Any upgrade can stop working and you need to be prepared to rollback your app. I’ve had that happen with 4 upgrades/updates so far (just the other day the i.tv app update failed and they had to remove it from the app store).

    Learn how to rollback your apps and never… ever update/upgrade all without reading the description.

  77. David

    You should have published this update as a separate app, now I can never update my apps with one button because of this app. I’ve been an eWallet user for a long time, but now I may have to look at other apps if it’s going to be a pain.

    I don’t mind paying for an application update, but only when I decide to.

  78. Ken Dodd


    What’s sad is the manner in which Ilium chose to do this upgrade. Does a customer really want to do business with a company where you have to beware of the consequences of upgrading — particularly a company selling password security software? This is the kind of dubious practice you expect from an amateur or second rate junk app seller.

    Moreover it was foolish of Ilium to submit the AppStore upgrade until they had publicized the upgrade path and had the new desktop software available for download. Ironic that Ilium is usually (if not always) complaining about the slow approval process, but is caught off guard when they get a quick release.

  79. Lance Andrewes

    Caught me too. I had 18 app updates last week so guess Apple was doing their best to clear the backlog before Thanksgiving. Updates do appear to surprise developers when they go through quickly, but perhaps that has become the norm. I’m also a bit unhappy that I have to do a paid upgrade of my Windows version to keep essential functionality, but strongly suspect this is due to iTunes prices being so low. I note that WebIS are going to want $5 for Informant Outlook sync even though their sync with Google has a serious flaw. Guess we’ll see more of this kind of thing as developers need to pay the bills.

  80. Matt Parrish

    This is BS. I would have gladly paid to upgrade had it been a real choice. Luckily I caught this disclaimer before I let it through. To all the morons defending Ilium’s actions on this… it shouldn’t be the burden of the consumer to make sure they’re not getting screwed by a company that they have already done previous business with. Besides, anyone with 3.0 or above OS knows that it’s commonplace and highly convenient to hit the Upgrade All button. This one company’s selfish and irresponsible actions have basically rendered that very useful OS function useless.

    Fix this, Ilium, or watch your wonderful ratings go south faster than you can say “Inside Redbox”

  81. John Seybold

    The biggest concern with any supplier of security software is integrity and trustworthiness. The cost of an upgrade may be trivial (after all, I’ve paid for both desktop and iPhone/Touch versions in the past), but I fear that the implications are much more serious – not for the inconvenience, not for the cost, but for the reputation of IlliumSoft.
    A free update must actually be fully free if the vendor is to maintain integrity. Upgrades that cost money are fine, especially on products with an initial cost – but upgrades advertised as free that require a paid upgrade are not.

    The way that the App store operates certainly seems to imply that incompatible versions of any application that requires an iPhone/Touch version and some other version (Windows, U3, maybe someday OS X) all be upgraded to maintain the secure sync capability that makes eWallet worthwhile surely must be identified as separate products, not just as a free upgrade to just one of those d\products.

    I sync my Touch with a Macintosh back at home, and sync – or used to sync – eWallet with a PC Netbook on the road. I do not see any way to apply the solution from Peter in my case until I’m back home.

  82. Stefan

    I am (was) a very satisfied customer ! Good product, good service but this “mandatory upgrade” must be a mistake. I am pretty sure nobody thought about the impact on customer satisfaction. Hopefully:-)

  83. Stefan

    Hey Ilium-folks, what you are doing to us is really unfair!!! I have been using eWallet for many years now, starting with an early Windows Mobile version. But if I will have to pay for a desktop version which will sync with a “free” iPhone-update, I will immediately stop to use your software and never ever recommend it again to anybody!

  84. Jonathan

    I have to say that I agree with the majority of posters. I have supported this product through its acquisition from Flexwallet. Paid upgrades were always my choice and clearly indicated. Effectively removing the Upgrade All option on iPhone/iTunes is completely unfair, and I trust not what Ilium intended. In which case, as suggested, rebrand the product and then we have a clear and working choice.

    To put it another way, if you decide not to change your approach then I too will be looking elsewhere after many years of loyalty to this product.

  85. Frank

    Today I had 12 available updates available for my apps, and this is not uncommon at all. It is simply not practical to check through all the updates individually every time, especially if you have a somewhat bigger library of apps. It is not acceptable to sneak in an update that forces users to pay just to retain existing functionality, especially if there is no way to undo the damage if you update even once (no, I don’t have the old ipa file in the trash bin anymore).

    While the release notes on the Appstore (“you may need to pay for the upgrade”) seem to indicate that Ilium knew what they were doing, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume for now that they didn’t think this through. However, unless a solution is provided in the next couple of days that restores my ability to sync with the desktop software I paid for, I will look for an alternative solution (the above mentioned Ascendo Datavault looks promising, especially since it can import from eWallet, making the migration easy). Believe me that this does not make me happy, having been an eWallet user first on the Palm, then Windows Mobile, and now the iPhone …

  86. Alex

    This is quite an unfortunate event, not only for us users, but also for iLium Software. I have been using ewallet since it first became available for the pocketpc way back when, and have since always trusted iLium Software. Thus when the ewallet app for the iPhone came out with syncng capabilty, I jumped on it.

    When version 7 came out as a free upgrade, I just assumed that it would improve perfomance, without realizing that I may have to pay for the syncing capability with my PC. If it turns out that we all have to pay for the PC ewallet upgrade then the only fair solution for the user is to make the previous iPhone version availlable so those that don’t want to pay for the upgrade may downgrade and continue having syncing capability.

    It would be a sad turn of events if Iliums’s reputation is marred by forcing users to pay for an upgrade they don’t want. They risk losing a lot of customers, including me.

  87. ehtpiney

    Make your version 7 iphone app compatible with version 6 desktop then let us decide if we want to purchase version 7 desktop after we see what the benefits are. That would satisify me!

  88. Hans D

    Since users will typically select “update all”, which doesn’t allow users to review the details per-app, and users often have many apps to upgrade at a time, and users don’t want the app store to constantly indicate an available download, and the iPhone version 7 app only works with the Desktop version 7 (which is a non-free upgrade), it appears a possible solution is to make eWallet Desktop a free upgrade for iPhone users. Then, alternative options can be dertermined for future major releases that avoid trapping users. In the future, it is clear that there needs to be care with making desktop editions available (along with support) when Apple releases the app. I might suggest future releases allows the desktop/iPhone versions to sync with different versions (and just ignore unknown newer data elements) – when users have matched versions, the additional benefits are realizes (like Microsoft Outlook and Exchange).

  89. David Christie

    I agree with everyone. In some countries it is even illegal to force people to by things they haven’t asked for! If the new eWallet is so good, then I’m sure people will pay something for it. A *free* upgrade on the iPhone wasn’t though, was it?

  90. Ian

    Before lots of us jump off the deep end remember the total cost of ownership.
    How much extra work and time (all worth money) would it cost to move your information onto a different program?
    Ilium has been around for 12 years and have supported their programs for this time. Is this support guaranteed with another company?
    Version 6 and the previous iPhone app work fine and can be used if you do not wish to upgrade – it’s your choice.
    If you want to go back to the old app then retrieve the ipa file from your wastebasket and use that one again.
    The iPhone app costs money (£5.99 here) but the upgrade to ver 7 is included in this price. All new versions and programs cost money to develop – perhaps Ilium has decided to get some of this money by charging for the desktop app (this is an ‘optional extra’ for some – though very useful). They need to make their money somehow – from new customers and the existing user base. As long as the upgrade price for the desktop version is not too steep then I am ok with that (Ilium history suggests that they are not out to rip us off)
    Isn’t it a sort of ‘oops’ when the iTunes app upgrade comes out before the desktop version is ready.

    I am though, looking forward to Mon/Tues to find out what will be available to us

  91. Frank

    – Moving the information to another program is not much work at all if the other program has a import function for eWallet.

    – Trust is the issue. Not just trust that the program will be supported in the future, but also trust that the developer does not willfully remove functionality under the guise of a semi-automatic maintenance update. Can you imagine what would happen if Microsoft removed, say, filesharing from Windows via Windows Update?

    – No, I don’t really have a choice not to update the iPhone app unless I never want to use the “update all” function again, which is impractical with the amount of updates I get.

    – I also cannot simply “retrieve the ipa file from my wastebasket” since my iTunes library is on a network volume that does not have a wastebasket. I’ll have to dig around and see whether I can find it in one of my backups. But regardless, I should not have to mess around with this at all.

    – I have bought multiple upgrades of eWallet since, I believe, version 3 or 4, as well as versions for 4 different platforms, so please don’t tell me anything about Ilium having to make money. I have always paid my dues. I would have considered an upgrade to version 7, but I will not be forced to do so via underhanded tactics.

  92. bitter

    this is just plain wrong. being forced into an upgrade just to get back the capability to sync with my desktop is very frustrating. so what, I now have an expired useless piece of software on my desktop that i paid for? it’s like buying a car that stops running at 100,000 miles…

  93. Tom

    I agree with most of the comments above – the iPhone update should not be linked to the purchase of new software for the desktop.
    I have used eWallet for over 8 years, paying regularly for updates (when I was ready) but am really put off by this tactic/mistake/oversight?
    I hope that iLium will think again before the release next week for affected iPhone users – I would imagine we’re a pretty big group of users to disaffect.

  94. Carl


    I have tried many alternatives avaliable to store my passwords and other stuff, thou I always end up back with Ewallet. So If you want the best on the Market, an upgrade cost is the least of my worries compared to ease of use and functionality.

    Thou I am also waiting for the mac version so I can ditch windows for good.

    Keep up the quality and I’ll keep paying.


  95. Sam Moore

    My experiences with Iliumsoft and thoughts on this upgrade are aligned with Mr. Hawkins, so let his words represent my dissatisfaction.

    Bad customer service, Iliumsoft. Please correct this major blunder.

    Kind regards,

    “Chris Hawkins says:
    November 27, 2009 at 8:15 am
    I think a number of posters have misundertood the situation – or I have! I have been a loyal Ilium customer across several platforms for the best part of a decade.

    Last night I upgraded all the apps on my Ihone – as I always do when they are available. Speaking to friends and colleagues this is normal and reasonable behaviour!

    I know understand that I need to pay for an upgrade to RE-enable PC synching – functionality that I already had, had already paid for and was content with.

    If this is the case then it represents a historic turning point in Iliums enviable customer service reputation and one from which they will not recover. I can’t help but feel that it borders on the criminal.

    Ilium, please tell me I have misunderstood.

    Kind Regards


  96. Darcy

    Ughhhh, wish I had read the sync comments before I had spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why my new upgrade would not sync properly!!!!!!

  97. Nancy Smyth

    Like others, I’m annoyed by the fact that I now have apps that are out of sync and i wll be forced to get an upgrade without any choice. I would suggest this needs some good customer service management–like a significant discount (or free) for some short period of time.

  98. Sven Johannsen

    Also a long time ilium customer, e-wallet and other products, starting a long time ago with PocketPC apps. Have tried others, but always came back. Have a hard time believing this was intentional, but also see some real problems this highlights for you and the iTunes App store. I can see two options in the future. 1) create a new app entry if a desktop upgrade will be required to maintain compatibility, or 2) charge for the iPhone upgrade, including the desktop upgrade price, and license.
    Of course neither help those of us who automatically apply any ‘free’ update iTunes offers. In my case that will be two desktop licenses I’ll need as my wife uses e-Wallet too, at my recommendation. So you see where I’m sitting right now.
    Even if the desktop version were available at the same time, or ahead of the iPhone app, I don’t believe the current functionality within the App Store upgrade process will be sufficient to alert customers of the pending incompatibility, or prevent inadvertent upgrades causing incompatibility and subsequent impressions of ‘forced’ upgrades, on the desktop. Apple needs to share in the culpability, and solution to this sort of problem, not just for you, but for any vendor that supplies a desktop app with syncing capabilites.
    Looking forward to Mon/Tues with anticipation. Wonder what the benefits of 7 are, even if I don’t have a choice.

  99. Des Lyttle

    I was lucky and read that you would be railroaded into purchasing an updated desktop version and chose not to update the iPhone app.
    I’m happy with eWallet as it is, as far as I’m concerned it’s not broke and I’m not fixing it, especially if it’s going to cost me.

  100. Rob Perez

    Crap. My iphone automatically updated my eWallet on my iPhone, so now I can’t sync with the desktop. I was unaware that there was going to be a new update. Is there any way I can revert to the 6.2.142 version?

  101. Bob Taylor

    I put the blame for this fiasco directly on Apple, although Ilium could have handled things better as well. Ilium could have sent us all a “warning” e-mail, a while ago, pointing out the fact that this could happen and to beware. Apple, however, has no business posting apps as a free upgrade knowing full well that most users will have to PAY for the other half of the free upgrade to maintain full functionality. As for me, I have not accepted Apple’s free upgrade offer and won’t accept it until I have a look at what’s new in 7.0. I just bought this program in July, Ilium has a free upgrade cutoff date of August (apparently), and I refuse to participate in what basically amounts to extortion.

  102. Hansruedi

    Luckely I read the info about the plan to force my to buy an upgrade before I pressed “Update all apps”.
    Why do you constraint me to buy an upgrade!
    The app does what I need and therfor I bought it as it is.
    So why sould I buy an unwanted update?

  103. Steve

    HELP. I upgraded my iPhone (as I do religiously) and now I can’t SYNC. Your blog post suggests now that I’m going to have to BUY a new upgrade just to do something that I could already do with the old version. Had I known that I would have to BUY something, I never would have done the iPhone upgrade right now (cash is tight!!!!). I need the sync capability, because my iPhone appears to be on its last legs, and now I might lose all my changes. HELP! I really like the product, but can’t imagine that, if everything is lost, that I will keep using it. I would hate to become a casualty of a mistake on your part.

  104. David

    Like many others, I did the auto update on my iPhone. I will not be forced into buying an upgrade to eWallet for the Windows version. If that’s the answer from Ilium, looks like I’ll switch to 1Password Pro.

  105. ArkyCowboy

    Well, since I have a good daily backup tape system going. I checked back to the day before the big mistake and and found the v6.1xxx copy in older backups as expected. So I took a chance and deleted the offending v7 from my iPhone which also deleted the now useless data file. Then I moved the v7 .ipa from my iTunes folder to a safe location. Then a double-click on the saved 6.1xxx version, iTunes Applications screen poped up asking if I wanted to overwite a “newer” version and I said YES (PLEASE). After setting the sync back up, eWallet was back. After the sync was setup my good ole eWallet v6.1xxx was once again syncable with my data. I made a minor change on the PC and it showed up on the iPhone and then undid the change on the iPhone and it dissappeared from the PC. I also saved the v7 just in case I ever decide to take it on again with a free PC update to v7. Otherwise, I’m going to stay right were I am for a while.

    I think that iliumsoft should send an e-mail to all of us users with a link to a post of the .ipa file for v6.1xxx to download and replace the v7 if you don’t want the forced update on the PC. Along with detailed instructions on how to rid your iPhone of the “new” software and data file as I did. Otherwise, a free v7 upgrade for screwing up the whole Apple iPhone thing. A simple email to all eWallet users would have alerted us to a change to take advantage of or not. This would have been an acceptable plan of rolling out a pay for update change.

  106. Eric Max

    I don’t know yet if I’ll upgrade to eWallet 7 because I don’t know what it will cost me (if anything) and I don’t know what changes are implemented in the new version. So for know I’ll wait.

    Unfortunately, I had iTunes download the update. Fortunately (it turns out) I didn’t sync my Touch.

    I figured out enough to be dangerous, and here’s what I did: I learned there are .ipa files and where they are on my laptop. I renamed eWallet 7.0.ipa to something else and copied eWallet 6.2.ipa from the recycle bin to the folder where all the .ipa files live. Then I sync’ed the Touch.

    It seems like everything is like it was with eWallet 6.2. Did I do something dangerous or stupid?

    Chances are I’ll end up upgrading to 7.0, but on my terms.

  107. Dean Roberts

    v7 has to be the pathway to the release of MAC desktop because we still cant rotate cards or zoom in on text! All basic iPhone functionality! I hope I’m missing something but I thought these features would be included in the next major release.

  108. Jeff Cranford

    I don’t think the problem is Apple here. There are certainly problems with the AppStore but the free upgrades on software is a great feature – unfortunately not one that I know how to turn off selectively for an individual application (not sure that it can be done). I think that any developer knows the warts in Apple’s store and unpredictable release dates, and could have planned for this.
    I agree that eWallet is a great iPhone application but I am not sure why the ‘improved’ iPhone app could not have been written to allow the option of keeping the old format of database if the user wishes, thus NOT forcing users to upgrade their desktop software if they don’t wish to.

    As an aside, I would have MUCH preferred a MAC version of their desktop – THAT is something I would happily pay for, rather than an paid update that blindsided me.

  109. Ken Dodd

    @ Bob Taylor

    “Apple, however, has no business posting apps as a free upgrade knowing full well that most users will have to PAY for the other half of the free upgrade to maintain full functionality.”

    Why, pray tell, would Apple have the slightest idea that users would have to pay for the desktop upgrade. Surely you don’t think that Apple looks at each software company’s marketing, pricing and sales plans for their related products?

    Apple (and its AppStore) certainly has its faults but this screw-up is squarely with Ilium, no one else. They gambled that Apple would be slow approving the updated app – lost that bet and stand to lose the confidence of their customers.

  110. Daniel Odermatt

    This is really a sad story. I hope that Illium will make us a good offer. Otherwise its up to us as users, to take apropriate steps … back to 6.1 oder to another solution.

  111. Terrence

    Ridiculous, I say!! I agree with most of the comments, why should I have to pay for an upgrade to my desktop ewallet when I was completely satisfied with the older version. Like most, I also upgrade my iPhone apps and had no idea that this would require my having to pay to upgrade in order to sync. I have used Ilium software for over a decade now, starting with the PocketPC and have been very satisfied with their customer service – maybe they will consider offering the desktop upgrade at a discounted price or FREE.

  112. Hilary

    Agree with all the previous posts. I’ve been an e-Wallet user for years – on PocketPC and now iPhone. I would no way have updated my iPhone version – which was perfectly functional – if I knew I’d be expected to pay for a desktop upgrade. That’s no way to treat longstanding customers.

  113. Daniel Terner

    Wow, what an unfortunate misstep in customer relations. I’ve used eWallet for years, remaining loyal across multiple platforms. On several occasions I’ve paid to upgrade to newer and/or different versions. I have absolutely no problem with Iliumsoft charging for upgrades, but I have a big problem with the way they have gone about it here.

    If upgrading the desktop client requires a fee, then the app update should not have been free. Release a new version of the app that works with the new desktop program. Let me choose whether I wish to jump to the newer 7.x version of both, and pay for it accordingly, or remain with the 6.x pairing. Don’t let me upgrade 6.x “for free” on my phone but then force me to pay for the desktop client to get back the functionality I already had under 6.x.

    As it stands, I have a choice now of paying for software I already own and was happy with, to get back the functionality I previously had, or keeping things as-is on 6.x and dealing with the loss of my “Upgrade All” update option.

    I have downloaded and paid for hundreds of apps in the time I’ve had my iPhone. I’ve never written a review for one, but that’s about to change – I’m off to write a one-star review and encourage others to do the same. If the developer changes their stance on this, then I’ll change my review.

    To be clear: I am not suggesting that the 7.x desktop client should be free. I am suggesting that the app upgrade should not be “free” but then result in lost functionality. For shame, Iliumsoft. There were better ways to have handled this.

  114. Jamie

    If nothing else, I’m certain Ilium is getting the message that this is a PR fiasco. I read through all of the postings here and what is clear is that there is a lot of polarized views on the handling of update/upgrade releases. That is never a good thing for a company.

    In the end, this seems pretty straight forward problem. The use of auto updates in the iTunes store is meant as a maintenance system to allow minor updates to be pushed to users easily, keeping software functioning properly. Reviewing the features of the iPhone version of eWallet 7 seems to fit this bill. Oddly (and I picked up on this which is why I didn’t update… thankfully!), the versioning numbering for most maintenance updates are usually simple: 6.1.x –> 6.1.y.

    However, syncing with the desktop is a PRIMARY functionality of this software. It is the probably the ONE reason I bought the iPhone version. To have my desktop info available to carry around and both always up to date. That a free maintenance UPDATE essentially disables this function IS the gripe that everyone seems to have.

    It is possible that there is some important new functionality being offered in the v7 packages (don’t see it on the iPhone version, but I’ve not seen the feature list for the Windows version and of course there’s all the buzz about the Mac version). In that case, it is appropriate for Ilium to charge for this major UPGRADE of the desktop version and it is equally appropriate for users to be permitted to consider the feature list and decide whether that has a value commensurate with the UPGRADE charge. If, however, a customer does not believe the features warrant the charge, they should NOT be forced to UPGRADE in order to avoid breaking the syncing functionality based on a maintenance UPDATE of the partner mobile application.

    So, dear Ilium, you’ve created a conundrum for yourselves (that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the way the iTunes stores evaluates or times software releases or uses the Update All button.. a huge annoyance to be sure and an important, though distractingly peripheral, issue to the way this has been handled). The fault is squarely on your shoulders… linking a free mobile UPDATE to a required desktop UPGRADE in order to prevent the loss of syncing functionality. There have been several suggestions on how you should fix this. Many of them have merit.

    My suggestion: do the thing that makes your customers feel heard and satisfied. The long term economic benefit of a deeply satisfied customer base (especially in such a fickle market as software development) far outweighs the short term gain (or loss, as the case may be) of continuing on this ill-advised path.

    Long time eWallet user. Jamie

  115. Brad

    Agree with the majority of posts. I just went through a full restore on my iphone on Sunday (unrelated issue) and i now have nothing at all in my ewallet, as it will not sync. Shame on you…. I have all the info on my desktop and CANNOT get it onto my iphone.

    What a shocking situation for Ilium and a corporate PR disaster trying to get people to pay for a capability they already had and had previously been 100% entitled (as they already PAID for).

  116. Jamie M

    I’ve been a customer since Dec. 2001 and have always been a fan of eWallet. However I too must say that I feel like my Update All button on my iPhone is BEING HELD HOSTAGE. I typically just Update All out of habit but now I have to avoid doing so because at this point I don’t see any need to upgrade my Windows desktop software. I am definitely NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER. I do hope you can figure out a way to resolve this issue soon.

  117. Dave C.

    Well, I see I am not the only one who was surprised to find out my Desktop Software no longer syncs with my iPhone. If you have planned a release of it next Tuesday, it should be ready to go by now. Just post it.

    The fact that you even gave Apple the new version is very poor business practice. Of course I am going to update the software, I get constant updates.

    I think you owe your loyal long term customers a Substancial Discount (if not FREE) for this inconvience.

    I am VERY Dissatisfied and until now, I was recommending your product, but not NOW!

  118. Brian O'Nolan

    I’ve been doing software development for over 30 years, and, in my professional opinion, y’all handled this upgrade very badly.

    Let’s ignore the fact that Apple released the upgrade too early. I’ll concede that’s not Ilium’s fault, but it’s also beside the point.

    You should not have released an “upgrade” that required a paid upgrade on the desktop. It should have been released as a separate product. I’ve seen other software developers do what you’ve done, but I call it incompetent at best and unethical at worst.

    I’ve been very happy with your product up until this little debacle. I hope that Ilium finds a way to make this right with their customers.

    In my very well-informed and not-so-humble opinion:

    * Ilium needs to provide the desktop upgrade for free for iPhone customers. Take it as a painful but necessary learning experience.

    You’ve seen the ire of your customers both here and on the iTunes reviews. I think a free desktop upgrade is the only way you’re going to salvage your reputation.

    * In the future, releases that cause incompatibilities like this *must not* be released as upgrades on the iPhone. They should be released as a *separate product*. I know that’s non-trivial, so the alternative is to be *much* more careful about causing incompatibilities with older desktop versions.

    * Provide other means for exporting the customer’s data from the desktop application. Your current “export” function is inadequate. I’d suggest csv and xml at a minimum. If you really want to impress your customers, provide export formats for other password safe products.

  119. neovaio

    I agree. I’ve been using this software for 9 year on my WorkPad, Palm, iPAQ, Windows Mobile and iPhone. Therefore, my wallet was huge. Please give me better export function and wanna say goodbye to ewallet.

  120. Sophia

    Whaaat? This is madness! I hit “update all programs” like I always do, and found out that 1) not only can’t I sync anymore, but 2) in order to sync again, I MUST buy an upgrade of eWallet!!!
    The worst part is I recently reïnstalled my computer with Windows 7, and now do not have any backup of eWallet at all on my computer, since I assumed I could just sync it back and did not have a PC backup.
    I am angry, and considering moving over to another product, after many many years of supporting eWallet since the early days of the PDA.

  121. Dave

    Fortunately I make a habit of reading release notes before upgrading my software packages so I didn’t get caught, but I’m still here for the same reason that everyone else is – if you’re going to bump your iphone version (which is a forced, free auto-upgrade), then make sure you also release a free client upgrade for those of us who purchased the desktop application.

    If you’ve added significant new functionality, please find a way of syncing that ensures legacy support so we’re not forced to upgrade our windows clients and can remain running older versions with fewer features.

    If your upgrade is truly significant, please release it as a new, separate app on the itunes store and give people the option to upgrade or not as they decide.

    In the meantime, for the early adopters, I have a few suggestions:

    -Backup your app folder within your itunes directory occasionally. That way you can always re-install old versions of software to your phone if necessary.

    -Install apps directly onto your phone through WiFi or 3G. If an app does something bad, you can always delete and reinstall the app from the desktop itunes (assuming you haven’t synced it yet).

    -If a new version of an application is installed, you can often find the old version in the trashcan to restore manually.

  122. Sophia

    Well I got caught because it said you need the latest version of eWallet, and I checked the website, and I did, in fact I just downloaded it on my reïnstalled machine. So, this is a matter of principle… if Illium does not release the upgrade to exisiting iPod users for free, I shall turn to another product. Unfortunately there are none as good… but I flatly refuse to be held hostage like this.

    As for the fanboy comments who sneer at the complaints saying you can CHOOSE not to update, and calling the ones that did dumb (basically), I highly advice you to tone down a notch or two. I have never complained about eWallet before and been a happy user of every single version since 2001, but for the first time, I feel they have made a serious mistake. The only way they can correct that, is by providing a free update. I feel very strongly about this… and I don’t need holy rollers to tell me what I “should have done”.

  123. Erik

    I am a long-time user of eWallet and have transitioned from PocketPC to iPod Touch and upgraded my Windows version along the way. I am hoping that, all of us unfortunate enough to have unknowingly upgraded to a version that will not sync to our Windows version, will be offered a free or, at the very least, SIGNIFICANTLY reduced upgrade so we do not loose our ability to keep out data safe through synchronizing.
    I really do like this product and I do not want to think about switching but if this does not get satisfactorily resolved I may consider it.

  124. Dennis

    @Ken Dodd

    I am not saying Illium didn’t screw up, I am saying that you can’t put all the blame on them. Performing an upgrade without reading the contents AND not knowing (or preparing) to be able to rollback to the previous version is the USER’s fault.

    Maybe it is because I have been using PDA’s (PPC, Palm, even a Newton) for a long time that I realize that any new app installed has the ability to break and not work.

    Illium admitted their blunder in putting this software up ahead of their Windows release. Problem is the ‘controlled’ way that Apple does things you NEVER know when (or even IF) an app will be released through the app store.

    They seemed to have learned their lesson… maybe the rest of you should learn yours.

  125. Paul Ligeski

    Very frustrating that I am forced to upgrade (Somebody post the IPA that runs with 6.1!) Reading the fine print is a valid point but it ruins the trust I had with eWallet and Apple.

  126. Sam

    I just went though 14 apps to update them manually today!
    I shouldn’t have to pay to get this feature back.

  127. Toby

    iLium, This is wrong! Why “Automatically” upgrade the iPhone APP version (at no cost) and not the desktop..? This should be a ‘New Desktop release’… In this, you can then “buy” the new desktop version and get the ‘upgraded’ iPhone APP for free (if you choose..!). You then don’t lose functionality with the old desktop!!! I am now at the same point as others noted in this posting. I cannot Sync and as I only bought into the iPhone APP recently BUT have been using the desktop version for a long while (, WHY should I have to pay for this botched update! I bought the iPhone 3Gs recently and paid for the iPhone APP expecting the ability to keep my data available… This is plain wrong. Looks like a restore of the iPhone is going to happen unless you can offer a free desktop version for all the sufferers noting their grievance in this post at least! We do care, that is why we are here.

  128. Paul Sturgeon

    Please put out a solution that will not cost those of us who already owned both the Iphone and PC version. There was no warning, that I saw, telling us we would lose functionality by allowing iTunes to update ewallet. I am very disappointed.


  129. EJ

    Long time customer – upset like all the rest with ‘free’ iPhone update forcing $$ desktop update. I didn’t want to wait until Monday to see how much they choose to charge and hold my data hostage so I switched to Ascendo Data Vault. Imported data from eWallet in 3 seconds and sync between desktop and iPhone has been flawless. Others ought to think about it too…..

  130. HH

    I have been a loyal customer since the Compaq Ipaq days – now I am seriously displeased. Step up, accept the blame (the best excuse is “No excuse, sir!”), and make this right.

  131. john powers

    Ilium should not release an update that will require purchasing new software to sync. They should have relabeled “ewallet pro or something” so people would have not have automatically updated. I updated to 7, but what do we gain?

  132. Brian O'Nolan

    I’ll withhold my itunes review until we see what iLium does about the desktop release. Looks like they don’t need anyone else piling on. The reviews have pulled the rating for the last release down to 2 1/2 stars, with the majority being 1 star ratings.

    It’s pretty clear what the consensus is on this, despite a small minority making excuses for them.

    Ball’s in your court iLium.

  133. Howie


    The Ascendo Data Vault program looks pretty solid and between the glowing reviews (both users and media) and the value it provides for the complete (desktop and iPhone/iPod Touch) solution… they may wind up getting a bunch of new business if the folks at iLium don’t do the right thing by saving their dollar extracting tactics from their good customers for a time when an upgrade is justified and clearly understood/communicated.

  134. Dean Roberts

    @ Brian O’Nolan

    I would be considered one of the small minority that defends ilium based on past experience and their track record for customer service, however, I cant help being disappointed that they have not come back over the weekend and posted an update! This blog was created on Thanksgiving Day so they could have dealt with this on Friday, Saturday or Today (Sunday).

    They should have been here doing damage control!

  135. goestoeleven

    The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am. Illium, if you want me to pay for an upgrade (something I’m not fundamentally averse to doing), there has to be a damn good reason to justify taking money out of my real wallet.

    The Mac desktop version would be an example of something worth paying for. I’m still stuck using the Windows desktop via VMware (one of only two remaining must-have apps that have failed to offer a decent Mac version).

    Until this is resolved, I’ll just keep on using the old iPhone app / old Windows desktop combo. It’s sad, but at least it works…

  136. whydidnt

    I have to agree with the majority of posters here. The upgrade process is broken and unethical. Forcing users to upgrade to a newer desktop verison with very little benefit. It would seem ilium simply decided they wanted to charge all of their existing users for an upgrade so released an iPhone upgrade that provides little to no new functionality, but simply breaks the desktop sync. Nice move, NOT. I, like many, many other iPhone users prefer to click the “upgrade all free apps” button on occasion. Now ilium has decided that we no longer have that option without paying a ransom.

    Bad company, bad!

    PLEASE tell what new functionality you are providing in the iPhone upgrade that REQUIRES you to break existing sync functionality? I’m guessing it’s probably just a couple lines of code that check the desktop version. Like many others, I’ve used eWallet accross mulitple platforms for years. And like many others, if endeed iLium refuses to fix this issue, ilium will NOT get my upgrade dollars now or ever. I will change platforms to a more ethical company. Not without some disappointment, as iLium, to this point has always done a good job of connecting with customers and provide a a high level of service. I purchased eWallet for the iPhone, knowing it was more expensive than some of the competition, but thought the extra money was worth it because of the level of support and service provided here. Perhaps I was wrong.

  137. Arley

    Oh for the love of Mike – give Ilium a break!

    They write fantastic software you depend on every day. They write on multiple platforms, and their applications sync between these platforms; quickly and reliably.

    They have a great iPhone version up-and-running, which syncs beautifully with the Windows version – and wirelessly at that.

    They do all of this, while hobbled by Apple, not least being subjected to its initial App Store, $0.99 pricing policies, plus an app approval-process that sounds like it runs the gamut from obfuscation to downright Kafkaesque.

    Ilium puts up with treatment because we asked them to. We wanted an iPhone version – and many of us didn’t want to pay fair market price for it.

    I can’t imagine how much money Ilium invested into R&D for this program, or if they’ve even managed to recoup it yet – let alone cover the ongoing maintenance costs – and it’s working just as well as the long-developed Windows Mobile one, so do you really begrudge them the price of a new desktop version?

    It’s fair enough if you’ve got a problem with the opaque vagaries of the App Store approval system, but please, take it up with Apple: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html. – Don’t blame Ilium for trying to work around Apple’s timetable; they’re making a great program for the iPhone under very difficult circumstances.

    – And hey, if you think you can write a better application, go for it. I know I can’t, and since I use eWallet every day, I figure the least I can do is pay the people who can write it, provide terrific aftercare, and make my life easier – every day.

    Just pay them the money, already – and say thank you while you’re at it, ok?

    (And no, I don’t work for Ilium (I wish I had those skills). I’m just another customer who’s long relied on their products – and is happy to pay for them.)

    // end rant

    Ok, bring on the flamers!

  138. Andrea

    I just read through these posts to find out what is going on with the sync issue…and what a surprise!!
    This better be a very late April fools joke because if you really force me to upgrade the desktop version AND PAY for it then you have just lost another customer!
    I thought I did something good when I switched from Codewallet, even took the time to convert the entire database – guess I will be switching back to where I was happy the past few years.

  139. Sophia

    Dear Arly, I shan’t flame you, in fact I admire your fanboy stance 🙂 Good for you, but I am going to check Ascendo Data Vault, thanks for the tip, EJ!

  140. Dan

    I won’t bother repeating what has been said so clearly above. I’ve only had both the iPhone and Windows versions a few months and being railroaded into buying an upgrade to keep my synch capability is just wrong. I’d rather have my money back and discontinue use of your product.

  141. Alan

    I think that fixing the sync function of the current desktop revision would satisfy the majority of the people. Then people could choose whether to update or not. As it stands I have a button marked “update” which actually means burn $10-30 for features that you wont use. (purchased the current version for the ipod touch update on Aug 15)

    BTW where is the android version.

  142. JK

    Got tired with these issues and lot of false promises.
    Switched to spb wallet wich already has mac version and imported all my data here without any issues. They even have features we asked ilium for last year…
    Good bye, ilium

  143. Albert

    I am another person that paid for some software, didn’t ask for any update, and now I find in the situation where I cannot sync my iPhone data any more with my Windows PC. This is like kidnapping my data and asking for a ransom.
    Whatever the reason, this is unacceptable, forcing me to pay in order to get back previous functionality. It is simply wrong, and it cannot be blamed on Apple or anyone else, it is Illium’s fault by not making it clear in the first place. That’s what e-mail is for !
    The right thing to do for Illium right now is to give a free update for current users. I will gladly switch to another software, even with less functionality, and pay them instead of Illium upgrade, because honesty is more important than features. This main reason for this kind of software is ‘peace of mind’ and that’s exactly what I do not have right now.
    What can we expect next time ? A message ‘pay us 100 $ or you won’t see your data any more’.
    I strongly suggest nobody pays for this ‘upgrade’, definitely I won’t.

  144. Cliff

    This is not a good move, all our client password data is stored in ewallet and now we have to pay for new software to do the same job as before. I agree with most posts and do not think it is fair that we are charged to now sync our ewallet data. If we had or have the option to keep the old Iphone version then this situation would not be so bad. Please sort it out Illium.

  145. Daniel

    So, it’s Monday and I am still out of sync … any solutions so far?

    In the common marketplace, UPDATING an application adds minor enhancements instead of killing most essential services and is FREE OF CHARGE!

    Conversely, UPGRADING provides major enhancements which involves further COSTS, albeit your announced feature to “create great looking wallets by sincing images used as backgrounds from the Windows desktop version” doesn’t justify any additonal $$$!

    Maybe you don’t mix up the terms next time and provide a quick solution right now!

  146. HD

    I want the previous IPhone version back, asap.
    Thats’s what I payed for, because it DID sync with Windows PC.
    Now I cannot sync anymore !!

  147. Winn Hill

    Help! I didn’t ask for an upgrade on iTunes and now I can’t synch. I’m not paying to upgrade my PC version. Remember what we were told back in the day – ‘Never use any software, unless you know how you’re going to get the data out again’ – I wish I’d listened. PS It’s now Monday lunchtime and no sign of anything to get us out of this hole.

  148. Peter Lau

    I have been a loyal customer for many years and it is my opinion that this is NOT the way to conduct a business. In other words, you should have had all ot the versions tested and ready to go before submitting to Apple. We should be given the option to down grade the iPhone version. In this manner, we can decide to upgrade if we want to or not.

  149. Joachim Appel

    Same here, it upgraded automatically to version 7 on the iPhone and now I cannot synchronize with the PC anymore.

  150. Paul Gale

    Well, as a long-time user of eWallet, I too think this is shocking. I don’t have anything to add that hasn#t already been said but felt it really important to “add my vote” to the unhappy customer list too!

    Think about the possible number of unhappy customers who can’t be bothered to post!!!

  151. Ed W.

    Everybody has gotten their respective panties in a bunch over an honest mistake. For everyone who is thinks the grass is greener with another product, I say go for it. I have been a customer of ilium for close to 10 years. The Apple store update snafu can be remedied by Ilium coming up with a fix for the 6.x product. The comments i see posted here all sound very immature, but patience is a virtue that very few youngsters have learned. Allow the vendor to resolve the issue in a timely manner and stop throwing temper tantrums. Would this problem make me unhappy, yes, but it does not rise to the level of “holding data hostage”. Just one man’s opinion. Let’s see what Ilium does this week. Best regards, Ed.

  152. Jason

    Add me to the growing list of unhappy customers who upgraded my iPhone version of eWallet only to find out that I now have to pay to upgrade my desktop to make it work. I understand this is a mistake as Apple usually takes a long time to approve upgrades to apps, but I shouldn’t be forced to pay for an upgrade.

  153. SmartGeek

    I got lucky. I read the reviews on eWallet 7.0 for the iPhone before hitting the ‘Download All Free Updates’ button in iTunes. Normally I would of just hit the button.

    Ilium Software should clarify some things:

    – Why label this as a major release from 6.x to 7.x if the only addition is syncing background images?

    – Why charge customers for a desktop release that doesn’t add functionality and breaks syncing?

    Ilium Software should either offer the desktop version 7 for free, or patch the desktop version 6 software.

    I am a long-time eWallet fan and I can forgive Ilium Software for mistakes releasing new software. But, I am tired of waiting for a Mac desktop version. As much as I like eWallet, if a Mac desktop version isn’t available soon then I will move my data to a different password manager.

  154. Adel ELZOGHABI

    As a regular customer to Ilium for more than 4 years using PPC, windows, and iphone versions, the only solution I accept is a free upgrade that sync with Windows PC, otherwise I’m going to switch to SpbWallet and say bye to Ilium and the bad way of dealing with their customers.

  155. Marc

    First, I hope folks here will read the newer blog entries as they answer some questions and explain our plan going forward. Also, since some of you might miss it in the other blog entry, I’d like to repost something here:

    All:There are so many disparaging remarks getting fired off on this site right now that I have to say a few things about this.

    First, your comments are not being fired off at an emotionless inhuman corp. We’re nine individuals who are over here busting out butts to make really difficult choices that both fulfill our requirements financially AND that treat our customers in the best way possible. I appreciate that some folks are frustrated, but you’re dealing with human beings trying to do their best work – go look at the picture of us on our website. We’re not money grubbing corp execs driving to work in fancy cars and sucking our customers dry. We’re people like you trying to treat our customers well.

    Second, since Apple released the update after we closed on the night before Thanksgiving, when everyone had left for vacation we’ve had 5 hours to work on this. Think about it – five hours. Now sure, some companies might work through holidays or make their people slave away over the weekends, but we prefer to let our people spend holidays with their families. As a result we’ve only had FIVE HOURS to work on this – give us a break – we can only do so much!

    Third, comments like “they ought to be shot” are not OK. Period. I’m a father of two, a husband, and I am also the one who made the decisions about this release. That sort of comment, no matter how frustrated you are, is totally out of line. Cut that out. Comments like that will get yanked without hesitation.

    So before you fire off a comment about shady business practices, people being killed, and the like, why not give us a little more than 5 hours to work on this problem. We’ve always said – given the opportunity, we always do what we can to treat people right.

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