The Weird World of Promos

It’s not the promotional calendar I got a few weeks ago that was so strange:


It was the envelope it was sent in:


We used to get a lot of strange promotional stuff in the mail, but it’s trailed off in the last few years, for which I thank the recession. That’s a sincere thanks: I don’t need – or want – cigars, bicycle shorts, melted candy or dog biscuits.

Anyway, to the senders of the calendar, it’s not the kind of thing that makes me think well of your company. But I appreciate the laugh.

7 thoughts on “The Weird World of Promos

  1. mattbg

    Very funny — and I agree about “free” stuff. In recent years, I have actually been avoiding things that come with “free” stuff because I just don’t want to be responsible for throwing it in the garbage.

  2. Dennis

    That is a cool promo and it’s amazing to see the lengths that some will go to with these things.

    I got really excited when I saw a new entry in my subscription to this blog, but was (again) disappointed that it’s not an announcement about ListPro for iPhone…I’ve about given up.

  3. Doug

    Actually, I still like getting “free stuff” in the mail — maybe it’s the little kid in me remembering when I sent away for those cereal box offers — “frog men” that really dived (powered by baking powder), a decoder disk, a spy glass…

    And, ah yes, like Dennis, I fondly remember the days when I could use ListPro on the go, but, alas, I switched to an iPhone when it was announced that ListPro was coming soon to that platform. Seems like eons ago… But I haven’t given up hope. I haven’t switched to another program. I’m sticking with Ilium and I’m sure they will deliver (and make a handsome profit on the huge number of apps they will sell — because I know it will be the best solution for a significant percentage of the millions of iPhones out there). In the mean time, I print my lists in pdf files and load them onto my phone so I can refer to them on the go (hint: even a read-only version of the app would be greatly appreciated).

  4. Ellen Post author

    Thanks, Doug and Dennis. We’re working hard on ListPro for iPhone, but yes, it’s taking a long time. We don’t want to put out anything that’s not as good as people want. Sorry. It will come out, I just can’t say when.

  5. Gorky

    I can explain!!! This mail is from India, judging by the postage stamps. Since the arrival of the internet and the cellphones in India life has changed. The Western world might be advanced but we(probably) have the cheapest call rates in the world – approximately, .013 USD per minute for calling anywhere in the country!!That’s true, the decimal is in the correct place!!

    As a result of this, the post, as we know it is dying. So, most of the time, there are hardly any stamps available for higher denominations and therefore the envelope looks like this!

    Just appreciate the fact that someone did a LOT of licking to send you that!! 😉

  6. Job Hunting Tips

    I think from a marketing point of view it is interesting simply because the envelope is so unique. The chances of someone not opening it and simply tossing it in the trash as junk mail are slim. Now if only they could find something better to stuff it with!

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