iPhone Password Hacking App

thief3No, it’s not ours.

And while I can see a need for password recovery, I admit I’m having a hard time seeing the line between recovering a password of your own and hacking someone else’s.

But, that’s actually not my point. My point is that apps like this exist. Security holes exist. Sites are attacked and passwords stolen.

If you’re using the same password on a lot of sites, you’re asking for trouble.

If you’re using weak passwords, you’re asking for trouble.

I get so frustrated when people tell me they keep their passwords in Excel. Or Notepad. Or TextEdit or iWork. Or “I just let my browsers keep them”, or “I use the same password everywhere”.

Let your browser keep your Twitter password, by all means. Use Notepad for the passwords you have to create just to comment on some site. But don’t be that careless with the passwords to your bank accounts, IRA accounts and credit cards.

It’s your money. I can’t make it any clearer than that. If someone gets your passwords, they can get at all your money online. And except for what’s in your pocket, purse, underwear drawer, and the floor of your car, all your money’s accessible online.

Be careful of your passwords. Get and use
a password manager – a good one, with strong encryption. And then use strong passwords, use different passwords for each site, and change them regularly.

Don’t let the bad guys go off with what’s yours.

Available for iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Netbooks

13 thoughts on “iPhone Password Hacking App

  1. Eugene

    Ellen, this was a shamelss act of self-promotion ; but a very true statement anyway. Never assume any information on your laptop, PDA, iPhone or even desktop is secure. There’s tons of utilities that allow bypassing or breaking Windows XP passwords, reading HD content etc. Any sensitive info and files should always be encrypted. Too bad too many people don’t realize that.

  2. Ellen Post author

    Eugene, it was self-promoting, but, as you say, it’s still true. I’ve given copies of eWallet to a lot of my friends, and they invariably tell me how they keep their passwords, and it’s just scary. I did stick the eWallet ad and link at the bottom of the post, but my main message is still – use something. It can be eWallet, or another password manager, but use something secure.

  3. Alan

    Hi Ellen, that’s why I have been using eWallet for ages on Windows PC’s, Windows Mobile PDA’s and several iPhones. I have now patiently been waiting for eWallet for Mac since you released eWallet for the iPhone. How much longer will you stretch our patience?

    Keep up the good work – but please do it a bit speedier!

  4. Elvin

    I completely agree. That is why a fully functional version of ewallet for the Mac is what I have been dying for. The beta simply is not good enough for me at this point because it is simply too buggy and the snyching between iphone mac and my windows laptop is just too much.

    Any word please……

  5. Sean

    As with many other people waiting impatiently for the Mac version. Can you give us a clue are we talking days?, weeks?, or months?

  6. Bill H

    Can we also get an update on ListPro for iPhone? Why is it taking so long to come up with the software?

  7. Paul W

    using list pro in a massive way for my work, prev snyc with palm, now have Itouch, need list pro, for ipone os, urgently

  8. Net Nanny 6

    it’s a shame that such apps excist, of course it’s not safe to keep bank account passwords on your computer, there will always be hackers, so you always have to be carfull with your passwords. Good article!

  9. Web Design Kent

    That application is really Amazing. I hope Iphone users will love this application. But there is one problem as well, now the Iphone users do not keep their bank account passwords in their Iphone.

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