eWallet for iPad – Now Available!

Update: eWallet for iPad is available now in the iTunes App Store.

It’s a universal binary, so anyone who’s bought or received as a promo eWallet for iPhone should get this version with no charge.

If you have questions about it, we’ll be back in the office Monday and be happy to answer them all.

Original post:

We’ve been quiet about our iPad development, as we’ve learned – really we have – about the pitfalls of pre-announcing anything at all before it’s released, but since so many people have asked: yes, we plan to release a version of eWallet with full iPad compatibility, and in fact we submitted it to Apple on Friday, March 26. It’s in review. Of course we hope it will be approved as soon as possible.

We’ll post again when we have more information.

And yes, we are still working on eWallet for Android, eWallet for Mac, and ListPro for iPhone. We did give eWallet for iPad higher priority, but work on those other platforms/projects is still going on. I’m sorry it’s taking as long as it is.