Our 13th Anniversary!

It's our 13th anniversary!Today is our 13th anniversary! Isn’t that something? We’ve been working in the mobile (and desktop) app game since 1997. And in an industry that changes so often – especially in recent years – we’re very happy to still be here, doing what we love and making software that we’re proud of.

Of course, we know we would never have made it this far without you: our loyal customers, reviewers, friends, colleagues, supporters, partners, beta testers – everyone who has helped us out over the last 13 years, and kept us moving forward. We couldn’t have done this without you, and while we’ll never be able to thank you enough, I’ll put this in all caps so you can tell I’m really serious: THANK YOU!!

You know, some people say that 13 is an unlucky number – but that’s not always the case, especially not today! Hit the jump for some fun factoids about our new favorite number. And did someone say contest? Because we want to celebrate with you and give away some cool prizes.

13 doesn’t always have to mean bad luck – I know someone whose favorite number is 13. After a little bit of digging, I found out some interesting things (okay, granted this is from Wikipedia, but I’m going to assume it’s all roughly true):

  • Some buildings don’t have a 13th floor thanks to superstition (this one I knew – I stayed in a hotel once where the elevator buttons went from 12 to 14!)
  • No driver in Formula One racing has had a 13 on their car since 1976 – I wonder if the 13 car had a bad accident that year?
  • There are 13 cards in a suit
  • Friday the 13th is my favorite horror movie series. Well, right behind Nightmare on Elm Street. Okay, and Evil Dead. So never mind, it’s my third favorite (alright, that’s not on Wikipedia – just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention)
  • Here’s the one I found most interesting: The Apollo 13 mission was launched on April 11, 1970 at 13:13 CST and the explosion happened on April 13th. Lots of 13’s in that instance
  • And this one isn’t from the Wikipedia page either, but Ellen read it while looking up info about the number 13, and it’s another weird little fact so I wanted to share: Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo all have 13 letters in their names

So you see? 13 is a complex and interesting number, and not necessarily always bad luck. And now that the lesson is over, let’s move forward to our:


Do you think it’ll have something to do with the number 13? If you’ve picked up on that theme, then you’re absolutely right. It’s pretty simple to enter, all I need is an answer to this question:

Can you name a song with the word ’13’ in the lyrics?

That’s it! But it might be harder than it sounds. I’ve been trying to think for days, and have only come up with one song so far. I won’t spoil it and say the song, just in case you’re thinking it too.

So, how do you enter? Well, you can leave a comment below, of course. Or you can send us a tweet with a reply. Enter as many times as you’d like. In the event of multiple people with the same guess(es), the first person to get their reply in will be put in the random drawing.

I’ll keep this contest open until Friday morning, then I’ll dust off my ol’ contest hat and choose 13 winners . Winners of what, you ask? How about a nice hearty handshake and a great big smile from all of us to you. No good? You want stuff? Okay – each winner will get a $20 Amazon.com gift card so you can buy whatever stuff you like.

So that’s it – dig through your CDs (or shuffle through your iPods, whatever it is people do these days) and start thinking about songs with the word ’13’ in them. Good luck to everyone, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!