eWallet GO! for Windows Is Out!

We’re very excited to announced that eWallet GO! for Windows PC is now available for just $4.99 through our online store. As you may know, eWallet GO!™ is the newest member of the Ilium Software application family. eWallet GO! is the fastest and easiest way to safely carry all of your most important information with you and to have it at your fingertips whenever you need it. It includes 29 flexible templates, the ability to organize cards by category, backup to Google Docs or Dropbox, and the same 256-bit AES FIPS encryption used in eWallet 7.

If you’re using eWallet GO! for Windows Phone 7, you can easily restore your backed up Windows Phone 7 eWallet GO! data to eWallet GO! on the Windows PC (and the other way around as well). It’s a great way to have access to your most important information no matter where you are. And if you’re a current eWallet 7 customer that wants to switch over to eWallet GO!, you can find out more about how you can do that here.

As I said, we’re really excited about eWallet GO! It’s a great solution for people who want the security and reliability of eWallet, but don’t need eWallet 7’s robust feature set.

And for eWallet 7 customers, we’ve got some exciting things planned for you guys this year as well, including eWallet 7.2 for Windows PC which we’ll release later this week. It includes a number of popular requests that we think you guys will like!