eWallet 7.2 for Windows is now available!

We just released eWallet┬« 7.2 and it’s got some great new features. The big news is that we’ve added Chrome to the list of browsers supported by AutoPass. And that’s just the beginning! For this update we pulled out our list of “frustrating little things” you’ve emailed us about, and we started checking them off!

Check out the list:

  • AutoPass support for Chrome
  • AutoPass support for Firefox 4 Beta
  • Right-click context menus for the search results list
  • Added hot keys
  • Long text truncated with ellipses instead of being cut off
  • Improved method for handling duplicate card names
  • Hover over action displays truncated text as a tool tip
  • Improved Home Ribbon layout
  • Improved card list appearance
  • Android sync improvements
  • BlackBerry sync improvements
  • iPhone sync improvements
  • Corrected minor card display issues
  • Allow ampersand in search
  • A bunch of minor bug fixes!

It’s a great update that makes eWallet on your Windows PC even easier to use! We really think you’ll like the polish we’ve added! Get all the info about eWallet here on our site.

And for Mac users, stay tuned. We’re working on eWallet for Mac 7.1.5. Hopefully we’ll have that ready in the next few weeks.