eWallet 7.4 for Mac OS X Update

eWallet logoWe’re happy to report that the new Mac OS X version of eWallet® is now available in the Mac App Store. This new version fully supports Apple’s App Sandbox technology:

The App Sandbox in OS X helps ensure that apps do only what they’re intended to do. App sandboxing isolates apps from the critical system components of your Mac, your data, and your other apps. Even if an app is compromised by malicious software, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep your computer and your information safe. OS X Mountain Lion delivers even better sandboxing protection in Safari. And it adds sandboxing to new apps like Notes, Reminders, and Game Center, as well as existing apps such as Mail and FaceTime.

The new version now also includes support for the Retina display on the popular MacBook Pro, providing ultra clear graphics and sharp text, and an updated toolbar for easier use of common activities.


This upgrade is free for all users who already own a license of eWallet version 7 for the Mac. If you purchased a copy from Apple using their Mac App Store, then you’ll be able to use the Update feature in that store to get the new version. Get all the info about eWallet here on our site.

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