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VoiceMinderLogo.gifI’ve always liked using the Record/Notes option on my Pocket PC to remind myself of something when it’s not handy to type a note — this is especially useful when driving, I just press and hold the Record button and my reminder is saved as an audio file, accessible from the built-in Notes application. The problem is, I often forget to look and see what reminders I’ve saved — D’oh!

Our friends over at WebIS have a nice solution for this: VoiceMinder. VoiceMinder automatically sends the audio note to my email where I’m sure to see it.

If you keep track of tasks via email, then check out VoiceMinder.

5 thoughts on “Voice Reminders

  1. Brandon

    Thanks for the reminder … I helped beta this a while back, but it was only on PPC then. Thankfully Alex has written a smartphone version too!!!

  2. Alan

    This sounded interesting so I had a look at it. I think it’s essentially non-functioning on a Smartphone. I’ve seen this before: half assed Smartphone edition syndrome. Good news is the following version is often much improved.

  3. Ken

    I’ve been using this on a Pocket PC (Cingular 8125) but after seeing your note, I decided to try it out on a Smartphone (T-Mobile WM5 SDA) too Alan. So far, so good — seems to be working just fine.

  4. Alan

    Oh. My Smartphone is 2003SE, so maybe it doesn’t work on that version. There is also the possibility, so unlikely it hardly seems worth mentioning, that I am an idiot and couldn’t work out how to use it.

  5. Doyle Farr

    There are a couple of fixes for this that come to mind. One would be to set an alarm to remind you to check your Audio reminders. Another, which I use, is that the reminders are synced to my computer. I set an alarm, on my computer, using a program called Chameleon Clock which will launch an application and perform a set of actions….in this case, to play back any new audio reminders. 🙂

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