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Extra! Extra! Read All About It

June/July IssueThe next time you head on over to your neighborhood newsstand, bookstore, or wherever you go to grab the latest copies of your favorite magazines, be sure to pick up the June/July issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine, which recently hit the shelves. Just look for the fancy pictures of the iPhone and the new Sony XPERIA X1 on the cover. The issue takes a look at the new device and sizes it up to the Apple iPhone.

But wait, there’s more! If you flip on over to page 34, you’ll find a wonderful review of a little something we like to call eWallet. It’s written by none other than expert reviewer Clinton Fitch, whose Windows Mobile news and reviews can be found all over the web, including his own site and the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine blog.

What’s that you say? You can’t run down to the corner store right now, and you’re just dying to read the review this second? Well, you can click this link right here, and read Clinton’s full article on the magazine’s website. Whether you read it online or in print, the article is packed with information about all the cool new features in eWallet 6.0, tips for using the program, as well as some nice screenshots and a shout-out to our world class tech support. We’re all pretty excited about this review, but quite frankly, eWallet has been acting like a bit of a diva around the office since it came out. There’s talk of it moving out to Hollywood now to start its own reality TV show, but I think that’ll go away after some of the newness dies down. Let’s hope so anyway.

A big thanks to Clinton and the magazine!

10+ applications for getting down to business with Windows Mobile 6

Here’s a list I like – 10+ applications for getting down to business with Windows Mobile 6 – published on the Tech Republic blog today. Not only because we’re on it twice (thank you very much), but also because it’s a great reminder – along with 10 reasons why the Samsung i760 is better than the iPhone for business users, by the same author – of how flexible and functional these handhelds can be. Thanks, Debra Littlejohn Shinder and Jody Gilbert!

Extra Thanks for an Extra-Great Writeup

Issue 64 of PDA Essentials MagazineOne of the most fun parts of my job is wandering into the bookstores every week or so, and finding that one of our products has been written up or mentioned in “real” magazine.

PDA Essentials Magazine had a fabulous writeup of eWallet in their last issue. It’s on the stands in the U.S. now; I think it’s already gone in the U.K. I knew it was coming – someone had told Kevin about it on the phone, and Judy mentioned it as part of a comment to our “Hidden Features of eWallet” post, but I had no idea it was going to be so extensive. Or so flattering.

We’ll be adding some quotes from it to our website next week – Julie’s been tied up with the ListPro release all this week – including my favorite: “If you want to securely protect confidential information on a PDA or smartphone, eWallet wins the battle of the wallet wars hand down“.

Many, many thanks to PDA Essentials Magazine, Andy Nott and Andy Betts for the fabulous writeup.

Alex’s Letter to Warez Sites

Probably everyone who reads this blog has already seen this elsewhere, but in case not:

Our good friend and fellow mobile developer, Alex Kac, has written an Open Letter to Warez Sites in his forum, and asked some other developers to help publicize it. Of course I agree with what he wrote (or most of it – maybe not the “have a great day” part), and while I’m not at all convinced that this will change anything (do people really go to warez sites without realizing they’re stealing the content?) I’m completely behind any efforts to do anything to stop software (or any intellectual property) piracy, and happy to do whatever I can to help publicize the problem.

OpenDNS for More Reliable Internet Access

Use OpenDNSAt home I’ve had pretty unreliable Internet service through the local cable company. Turns out they have a tough time keeping their DNS server(s) up and running so when I type “” into the browser, they often can’t translate the domain into the IP address and send me to the correct web page. Yesterday I read about an interesting solution to this kind of problem on Scott Hanselman’s blog, called OpenDNS.

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Voice Reminders

VoiceMinderLogo.gifI’ve always liked using the Record/Notes option on my Pocket PC to remind myself of something when it’s not handy to type a note — this is especially useful when driving, I just press and hold the Record button and my reminder is saved as an audio file, accessible from the built-in Notes application. The problem is, I often forget to look and see what reminders I’ve saved — D’oh!

Our friends over at WebIS have a nice solution for this: VoiceMinder. VoiceMinder automatically sends the audio note to my email where I’m sure to see it.

If you keep track of tasks via email, then check out VoiceMinder.

And the Winning Number Is….

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The winning number for the ListPro contest at is: 16!!

I just checked the comments on, and it looks like someone guessed that number right on the nose. Good job! And congrats to everyone else who guessed close enough to win. Thanks to everyone for playing – I had fun with this contest myself!

And, in case anyone is curious how I chose the lucky number 16…I just added all three of my nephews ages together – so there you have it.

Thanks again to everyone who played and thanks to!

I’m Thinking of a Number From 1 to 100….

There was a recent post on in which the author described a very handy list he had made using our own ListPro software. To thank them for this article, we decided to let them give away five copies of ListPro for free this week!

All you need to do to enter the contest is visit this post on their site and pick a number from 1 to 100. Then just come back here on Friday, November 24th at three p.m. EST where I will announce the top-secret number that I’ve picked. will check through their comments and the five people whose guesses are closest to my number will win!

And if you’re as disorganized as me, this is the perfect time of year to try to win ListPro. The holidays are coming, and that means gifts, parties, recipes, and other holiday madness to remember! So go to right now and post a guess. (Remember, don’t enter it in the comments to this post.) Good luck!

Unintentional Success Story

Every once and a while, Ilium Software tech support gets a heads-up about an interesting and unexpected use of one of our products. We aren’t the only ones; Patrick at MicroISV on a Shoestring had the same experience and his story prompted me to think.

Sometimes the use case isn’t much of a stretch; ListPro is a program to make lists, so it’s hard to find a use for ListPro that isn’t obvious by definition. Prayer lists, scavenger hunts, web bookmarks, flight checklists… they’re all still just lists. NewsBreak is the same way; RSS and ATOM are usually used for simple ‘newspaper headlines’, but all sorts of information such as your NetFlix queue, Gmail account, eBay search results and weather reports are available via RSS. These uses are just part of what NewsBreak is designed to do.

eWallet, on the other hand, is really designed to be a program to hold your sensitive personal information like passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, frequent flier mile cards. That’s it; you put personal information in, eWallet encrypts it under one password. That doesn’t stop people from coming up with their own uses.

Just yesterday, we had a user mention that she used eWallet to keep track of things she wanted to buy on the web. She would create cards with the backgrounds set to a picture of a particular item, with the weblink to the item and a description in the notes. That way, she could see at a glance exactly what something was, instead of having to go visit the website to figure out why it was in the list.

This is not something eWallet was intended to do, but it works and made the user happy. The ‘pictures of stuff to buy’ list works because eWallet supports both card background graphics and Picture Cards (useful for pictures of your dog / cat / gerbil with fruitless dreams of freedom / kid / favorite flower pot / car / boat / that really big fish you caught that was thiiiiiiiis big, really! / etc.) You know, stuff you would keep in a real wallet.

It also brings up the great can-of-worms question, “Should we pursue this with eWallet?” I definitely don’t have the answer. Questions like these are great, because they open up all those weird little opportunities you – the developer, or tester, or anyone else in software development – wouldn’t necessarily think of on your own.

Great Article on Getting Organized with Windows Mobile

Todd Ogasawara wrote a great article about Getting Organized with Windows Mobile. Of course I liked it because it mentioned eWallet and ListPro, but even without that, it’s very useful information. Everyone I know can use all the tips they can get about getting (and staying) organized.

I personally find it easy to get organized – it’s staying organized that’s much harder. Good software helps.

Thanks, Todd!