Extra Thanks for an Extra-Great Writeup

Issue 64 of PDA Essentials MagazineOne of the most fun parts of my job is wandering into the bookstores every week or so, and finding that one of our products has been written up or mentioned in “real” magazine.

PDA Essentials Magazine had a fabulous writeup of eWallet in their last issue. It’s on the stands in the U.S. now; I think it’s already gone in the U.K. I knew it was coming – someone had told Kevin about it on the phone, and Judy mentioned it as part of a comment to our “Hidden Features of eWallet” post, but I had no idea it was going to be so extensive. Or so flattering.

We’ll be adding some quotes from it to our website next week – Julie’s been tied up with the ListPro release all this week – including my favorite: “If you want to securely protect confidential information on a PDA or smartphone, eWallet wins the battle of the wallet wars hand down“.

Many, many thanks to PDA Essentials Magazine, Andy Nott and Andy Betts for the fabulous writeup.

3 thoughts on “Extra Thanks for an Extra-Great Writeup

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  2. Jennifer S.

    It’s funny because I didn’t even know that that magazine exsisted and when I went to the store two days ago I saw it and opened it up just out of curiosity and I saw the article on the E-wallet and I thought oh I have to get back and post about it maybe they don’t know about it. Silly me! Of course you guys would know about it. Congratulations Ilium!!

  3. Judy

    Just to add – wasn’t sure if you noticed………
    They have also included a demo version of the software on the CD. Hopefully that will bring about some more custom!

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