Waiting for Apple

Wow. If you think waiting for eWallet is painful out there, try being in here. We were really fired up for the big launch and now we’re just pulling our hair out wondering what is happening (and if you’ve seen pictures of me, additional hair removal is a serious problem in my case.) We were told that the app would appear by the 11th, talked to “thrice-removed from the actual AppStore” support personnel, emailed every person we can think of, and stared endlessly at the status screen willing it to change. Still, nothing.

All I can say is that we have a finished application that we think rocks and we REALLY wish Apple would hurry up and put it in the store. There is nothing wrong with the export approval (we’ve been doing this for awhile now – all paperwork is in order) so we can’t begin to guess (although we’ve tried) about what is wrong.

I’m not going to complain about Apple yet. I’m sure they are swamped. And let’s be honest, despite what a great device the iPhone is, Apple is a new-comer to the mobile software market. As the discussions about “Spam Apps”, name-change line jumping, and the uproar about the lack of trials shows, Apple is still learning.

And frankly, every reseller in the mobile market has things that drive developers crazy. We didn’t go into this thinking Apple would be perfect. For now, I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. But Apple…get eWallet processed and into the store! You’re killing us over here!

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  1. Jay

    What is really pouring salt on the wound is that this morning a new app showed up that purports to do the same thing as ewallet, but it is not ewallet! Don’t worry Ilium, I am waiting for ewallet. Like I said before, I have used ewallet for many years. I am not about to trust my most important financial data and social security numbers to anyone else. Someone at Apple dropped the ball on this one. Maybe today….

  2. David

    it is real downer than there is such a delay by the Apple guys, there are some nice apps in the AppStore, but a whole load of dross (how many tip calculators DO you need ?).
    Why Appstore support can’t concentrate on real apps is beyond me (apart from wanting to bump up their ‘number of apps available’ figures).

    we need real apps, we need eWallet !!!!!

  3. Greg

    This is too bad for all of us. You because you have a competitive product already released and us because you will undoubtedly loose money that could be used for further updates and improvements.

    You have a great program. I only hope people will wait for it

    Thanks for your work.

  4. Marc Post author

    Thanks everyone. We really appreciate the support. I saw that new app as well and it was a real kick in the pants. Maybe other companies didn’t check off the “encryption export” box like they were supposed to? I have no idea. We can’t figure out what the hold up is. I certainly hope Apple works it out soon because yes, we are losing money every day the app isn’t on the store.

  5. Kerim Satirli

    Apple is known to drop the ball on this kind of stuff more often than not but the problem is that they are so big in this part of the ecosystem that there is no way around it, not right now in any case.

    It is a pity that they make you suffer under it.

  6. karl

    I’m waiting for eWallet.

    Who do we send our emails/phone calls to at apple?

    The squeaky wheel….

    PS Thanks for a great product. (And try not to let this apple snafu distract you from getting sync going 😉

  7. kaolin

    I sympathise guys, especially when an inferior app appears first. I also have 2 apps awaiting approval – one serious(not free) and one brain squeezing totally non-serious(free). Along the approval road I managed to pick up some info about the testing procedure and NDA not withstanding, I can tell you that the metrics of the procedure are quite mind boggling. If we assume(my figures) that all submitted apps are perfect in every way, which they are most definitely not, the testing regime might return(require) 1 day per app per man say. Now do the math: 800 apps in the store to date…. with 10 guys – 80 days, with 100 – 8 days. Only when 1000 bums on seats are utilised does the process dip below 1 day.
    Now factor in say 5000 apps submitted + updates and then those that don’t pass muster and thus waste time that could have been spent on ‘good’ apps… and you get the picture.
    Not wishing to let Apple off the hook entirely but some delay is inevitable. My little bird also told me that when the program was opened up from the initial selection, the deluge was off the scale so self-flagellation is all part of the game when you sign up ;->>

  8. Matt

    Is the eWallet encryption stronger than what SplashID uses? I noticed their app is up and uses 256 blowfish which I thought was also on the export list.

    Regardless I’m a long time dedicated eWallet and ListPro user so I’m not going anywhere. 🙂

    Thanks for all the effort and communication!

  9. Tom

    Probably there is high demand for iphone app, and they didn’t have enough time to post it yet because everyday I check on Apple, there are new software updates.. so check it.

  10. Marc Post author

    We use 256-bit AES encryption. When we submitted our app we let them know about the encryption we are using as well as our approval for export. All we know now is that we are “waiting for export compliance sign-off.”

  11. bob

    Yeah, Apple has some growing pains to go through. New iPhone user, long time Palm user. I keep checking for eWallet so I can finally ditch my Treo…as it is I have to carry both until I can get eWallet for the iPhone!

    I am overall happy with the iPhone but it is of course not perfect. And I am so far somewhat dissatisfied with the app store. Many, if not most, apps are not even worth the trouble. And the interface to search for apps leaves something to be desired. Even Handango is better!

    Anyway hang in there Illiumsoft, I am sure eWallet will get out there. I am going to have to find a temporary replacement until you guys/gals can also get ListPro ported over too. Grrrrrrr.

    I don’t suppose there will be an easy way to export my wallet or my lists from the Palm, eh? 😉

  12. Manish

    Longtime ewallet user….love, love, love the program. I check every few hours on the Apple site to see if they have the program loaded onto their store.

    No worries because I will only use this program and have told numerous collegues about the functionality.

    Good job Ilum!!

    Waiting patiently…though by the time they load it you might have the sync update finished which is really the icing on this cake 🙂

  13. Joshua Tretakoff

    Looks like NormSoft has an app up, Mecrets, with 256-bit AES encryption, so it looks like Apple’s excuses are not really correct.

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  15. Aric Harris

    Is it only me but is there anyone else not impressed by the offerings so far. There is none so far to wear the mantle of Killer-App.
    Looks like we are doing the same things we did , on the desk-top or as web apps. So what’s the point ?
    New thinking is required here.

  16. Doug

    My department is dedicated to the eWallet product. If Apple will ever put this product out, we’ve got about 25 users that will purchase it ASAP and I plan to purchase around 20 copies myself for my staff. Had to wait on activating my phone, just another waiting game with Apple!!!

  17. Dean Roberts

    I’ll be buying two copies for the wife and I. I look every morning with high hopes!

  18. Dave

    I’ve been using eWallet for years and come to expect nothing but the best from Illium. It’s worth the wait .. hurry Apple you don’t know what you’re missing.

  19. Jay

    Well, I had enough. Tonight, I sent the following e-mail to sjobs@apple.com. (I hope I got the right address – and, I hope ilium software doesn’t mind!)

    “Mr. Jobs,

    I am a VERY satisfied iphone customer (from the 7 hours I waited on line over a year ago right up to today!) But, there is a program out there that I have used since my palm and ipaq days. It is called “ewallet” by ilium software, inc. They now have an iphone app out. For some reason, it has yet to appear in the app store on itunes. Please take a look at their website (iliumsoft.com). If you look at the blog, you’ll see all the loyal customers waiting for ewallet to appear in the app store.

    The thing is, I can’t understand why other “safe-like” programs are in the app store, and not ewallet – a program I trust immensely.

    So, if you can, please, please take a look. This is really a “must have” application for many of us.

    I am NOT affiliated in any way with ilium software or anyone working for them. I am just a country lawyer from Long Island, New York that loves my iphone and loves ewallet.

    Thank you so much for your consideration of my plea.”

    Who knows? Maybe he’ll take a look….

  20. Det. Garcia

    Thanks for the daily blogging which provides some comfort after the constant disappointment with Apple and their “feet dragging” methods.

    I am a huge eWallet user for years and even though I actually downloaded and am currently using Splash Id, I cannot wait to get it off of my iPhone and replace it with the long awaited eWallet for the iPhone!!!!!

    What you boyz shoud have done was disguised it as a “turn your iPhone into a flashlight” application and you can bet your !@#$ we’d all be happy campers right now…hahaha!

    On a serious note…someone asked earlier if current eWallet users will have a smooth transition of current data transfer?

    Keep up the good work..I will tell all my friends of this application!!!

  21. Jay

    I received a response for Steve Jobs himself – just a half hour after I sent him my e-mail. Here is his response:

    “Maybe they are not done with it yet…”

    That’s it. From the man himself. I’m not sure what he means, but, its a response.

    I tried.

  22. Jay

    Jay – maybe you should have written to him explaining that its just awaiting the approval process for 2 weeks. Not that ilium isn’t done with it.

    So write back and say “No, they are done – they are waiting for 2 weeks on Apple to approve it”.

  23. Jay

    OK, I wrote back: “No, they are done – they are waiting for 2 weeks on Apple to approve it. Please check. Thanks so much for your response.”

    I’ll let you know of he writes back.

  24. G-A.G

    Do not worry, eWallet is an AMAZING soft so Apple will have no other choice to add it to the App Store… Now I just hope that we will be able to get eWallet here in Japan even in English… I saw some difference between the US and JP App Store… For example I cannot get Crash Bandicoot here with my JP Account…

    Anyway Good luck !

  25. iPhone Fan

    I’m in the same both. I’ve been using eWallet for many years now but I am based in Ireland. I’m hoping, praying eWallet will be available on the Appstore for Irish users or all International markets for that mattter!

  26. Marc Post author

    Thank you everyone for all your support. We really can’t thank you enough. And Jay, thanks for the email to Steve!

    Regarding Mecrets, we are aware and we actually got a very nice email from Tim at NormSoft about the problems we’re having. (Thanks Tim!)

    Finally, a quick note on putting your own data on the phone. As I mentioned a few posts back, we are definitely going to support this and the update with that feature will be ready around the middle of August (sooner we hope.) The upgrade will be free and at that time you will get full local synchronization as well. And as promised I’ll post more info about this soon.

    Again, thank you everyone.

  27. Andrew Kessel

    As a long time ewallet user on windows smartphone, and I love the u3 version. I am betting that apple probably would be faster if there was a mac version of ewallet. Annoying I am sure, but it would surprise me if it weren’t the case. Of course you may only be stuck in a long queue.

  28. Jay

    Sorry, no further response from Steve Jobs. And, still no ewallet. Maybe Steve is still sleeping – it’s only 7am in CA. I bet as soon as he gets into the office, he is going to be screaming at everyone, “I want ewallet in the app store NOW”. I’ll check the app store at 12:15 (9:15 CA time).

  29. Ron

    That’s great to hear. I wasn’t sure if the wait was for a finished product or Apple’s approval process. I have not purchased the iPhone yet, however, my decision to buy one is definitely influenced by the fact that eWallet will be available for it. Has pricing information been made available?

  30. Greg

    So Marc, If we’ve signed up for notification, how much delay is there before we are actually notified. I check iTunes about every hour or two and I’m afraid my employer may start asking me questions. If it’s a minimal delay I will stop checking. Not…….

    Can’t wait.

  31. Marc Post author

    @Ron: $9.99 for now. Apple doesn’t have a way for us to give discounts to existing users so we’re pricing it at the “add-on” price so that everyone can get it at the discount.

    @Scott Lindsey: Not the initial release but the free update we’re releasing in a few weeks will allow you to do that. All of your existing wallets will be fully compatible. And if you have more than one wallet, we support that too.

    @Greg: I assume we’ll let people know within 1 business day. We’ll also post it in giant capital letters all over the blog too so if you have the blog as an RSS Feed you’ll definitely know!

  32. Marc Post author

    BTW – for those of you watching, the “thrice-removed” support line people have escalated our case! We don’t know what that means but it sounds good!

  33. Mike Z

    Still waiting…well the good news is there doesn’t seem to have been any new releases to the apps store since early this morning…the count still holds at 15 for iPhone today. Maybe that’s good news, and a slew of new apps are coming soon, including eWallet!!! There’s always eternal hope!!

  34. Jay

    “escalation” is just not all that it used to be! Apple is letting us down here. There are about only 3 or 4 new apps that appear each day. It just doesn’t make any sense. A sinister take on this would be that someone at Apple may have a vested interest in one of the “other” two apps that would compete with ewallet in the app store, that is, if ewallet were in the app store. This has gone from an annoyance to being quite disgraceful. I’ll check back in the morning. Hang in there Ilium.

  35. Jay

    sorry for this post. but, an obnoxious thing just happened. yet another “so-called” competitor to ewallet just appeared in the app store. This is getting ridiculous.

  36. David

    [QUOTE]sorry for this post. but, an obnoxious thing just happened. yet another “so-called” competitor to ewallet just appeared in the app store. This is getting ridiculous.[/QUOTE]

    Damn right, come on Apple whats the delay !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ray

    I am also not impressed at all with the current offerings of products on the APP store. So many of the products seem to be quick slap togethers with not much thought as to actual features and functionality. As a very long time windows mobile user I find this very frustrating. I have moved over to an iphone but would really like to get my traditional windows apps… like ewallet… going on this new platform.

    I cant imagine what the delay is. I mean how long does it take to post a link in reality.

    Please, please make sure that your ewallet for iphone/touch can import old data files somehow. I really do not want to enter everything in again.

    Heck, if you could provide an upgrade path cost wise for current customers of your product that would be a bonus :)… but I am fishing there…

    Thanks for the great products….

  38. Calvin

    Like so many others who have posted, I to am a long time user of ewallet. I have been very pleased with the performance and functionality of your product. Simple stated it has worked perfectly for me.

    I sympathize with you for the delay at Apple and hope that ewallet will be released ASAP. I’m waiting and I’ll be one of the first to download ewallet when it released from Apple.

  39. Ken

    Clearly Ilium is not the only company experiencing delays in having their products approved.

    Learning that eWallet, ListPro and VoiceDial were going to be available was the final nudge that had me lining up at 06:00 the first day the iPhone was available in Canada.

    Unfortunately in spite of expectations to the contrary neither Ilium nor Makayama have their flag ship products available.

    Well I waited for the phone, waited to get it activated so I will wait for my favourite apps (eWallet & ListPro) to appear.

    Oh yes add my name to the list of people who are not impressed with the dearth of serious applications. Then again maybe we should not be surprised, after all how long can it take to test that an app can calculate a tip correctly???

  40. Dan

    As someone who has used eWallet daily for many years, I am also waiting on this release.

    I think we can safely rule out conspiracy theories on why eWallet is not listed. It is in Apples best interest to get as many apps on the store as possible because they make money on them. I don’t think there is any favoritism because they make the same amount of money on the $9.99 “Bob’s Password Doo-hickey” as they do on the $9.99 eWallet. In addition, you know Apple is tracking the app count, just like they did with the iTunes store. Expect to see an ad at some point saying “We have over 10,000 applications available in the app store”.

    The problem, I believe, is that Apple is new at this app store biz and their validation process is not streamlined yet. It is not in Apples best interest to slap apps up that don’t work and I think that they are straining to meet demand without lowering their quality standards. Also, apps like this one, which have export restrictions, probably take longer because a team of lawyers have to scrutinize everything to ensure they can post it without the feds knocking on their door.

    I hope eWallet gets posted soon and I hope they get this app submission process fixed. I was considering writing a few apps myself and I don’t want to have to go through some nightmare processes to post it.

  41. Bob

    I hope ewallet gets releases asap just like many others, but I also hope iliumsoft gets on the ball with the upgrade that provides synching of passwords. Is wireless synch being considered? After one crash of the iPHone resulting in complete restore any data I would have had that wasn’t synched to the cloud or somewhere automatically would have been lost. That means all my passwords. Synching via iTunes is barebones almost acceptable, but I am not sure. Given how long an iPHone takes to synch on iTunes and the manual process….please please please provide wireless synch over ssl to the cloud or a wpa2 network at home!

    On another note, I see people complaining about the dirth of good applications … and in fact I have been one of them. But then I started thinking back to the early days of Palm…..and the early days of Windows Mobile. Yeah, 3rd party apps were not all that great for awhile. Give it time.

  42. Fred

    For now I carry two phones with me – a smartphone where my ewallet is and of course the iphone. I did download a similar prog at app store but it’s just not the same and I didn’t want to re-enter everything and be dissatisfied. I rather re-enter everything to ewallet where I know it’ll be just the way I like it. So Apple needs to hurry up ’cause I’m tired of looking like a dork with two phones.

  43. Sam

    Perhaps you should have supported Macs a long time ago with your Palm products, like some of your competitors did.

    Sorry, you lost this Macintosh-based user to other solutions long ago…

  44. Jake

    I already purchased SplashID, not knowing there was a possibly-better alternative waiting in the wings. Sorry. Thank Apple.

  45. Eric

    I purchased splashId as well not knowing ewallet was coming out with an iphone version, however even though splashId is functional and gets the job done in terms of storing passwords, it’s just not a pretty application. I will most likely switch over to ewallet when it’s released.

  46. Robert

    clicked over from TUAW. ewallet looks nice. Since the iPhone version is awaiting approval are there any plans for a native OS X application that could be used for syncing data with? A previous comment was asking about “syncing to our current desktop version” but I’m not seeing a native OSX app. or am I just missing something.


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  49. Vincent

    I totally understand your frustration, it’s been almost 2 weeks since we submitted our flagship product VoiceDial, still not listed. It seems stupid flashlights are being admitted within days. More usefull software is being held up. Getting tens of requests from customers each day. Thinking seriously about Android. regards from Makayama

  50. Tore

    been using Listpro since my Journada 680 (a little bigger than the iPhone..). Great news that I can buy me a version for the iPhone. I want something I can trust. In Ilium Software I trust.

  51. Jon

    Love Listpro and eWallet.

    Don’t worry folks — when Apple finally certifies, I’ll be buying. An earlier poster nailed it, I think — to do a reasonable job on QA, you probably need at least one man day per app, more if there are complexities like location or accelerometer interactions. If the deluge of candidate apps is anything like people suggest it is, Apple has had to do some triage and I’m guessing they chose some simple utilities, a couple of games and some heavy-hitting commercial stuff for the rah-rah of release day. Everyone else got queued.

    Now that we’re starting to get some insight into the real situation, it’s interesting to see how understaffed the App Store testing team must be.

  52. Alan DeRego

    Add me to the list of people who will wait for ewallet on the iPhone.
    It will be worth the wait.

  53. Ray

    I am starting to feel like I have made a serious mistake by moving to an iphone. Is this the kind of situation I want in terms of user experience, having a middle man control what I can put onto a product I purchased vs being able to install the developers product directly. Kind of frustrating. As I already stated, I am finding the quality of most apps to be cack, and there is no way to demo this stuff and/or get your money back unless you go through the report a problem process. Which ya, is also easy considering I live in Japan and the stupid store will not display in English.

    It seems like they have not fully thought through some things.

  54. Jay

    Still here and hanging on. Nothing new to add – I just didn’t want you to think I jumped ship. And, no, Steve never got back to me again… 🙁

  55. Greg Friedman

    Looks like you guys are finally live at the app store! Congratulations on the release, and best wishes for big success with the new release!

  56. Bill Hoile

    All is well with the world…eWallet now resides on my iPhone. Can’t wait for it to be able to sync to my PC!!

    Keep us in the loop on ListPro as well.

  57. Paul

    It’s great to see ewallet coming to the iPhone, but what about for Mac OS X? I moved from Windows to Mac a few years back, and I’ve got to say ewallet was one of the few applications I missed. If I could run it on my macbook pro along with the iphone, well then, I’d be a returning customer! Fingers crossed.

    PS. Despite what Larry says above, I don’t see it on the US AppStore yet.

  58. Paul

    Ooh – I take that back. It just wasn’t showing up in an AppStore search, but it’s definitely under the Productivity section. Cool.

    Now get on with a Mac OS X release already! 😉


  59. Shane

    Sweet! It’s finally here.

    However, typing all this data in manually with the iphone keybpard is killing me. When will you have the sync done? I really need to use a computer to type all this in. (about 60 accounts)

    Plus, if I lose my phone I’m screwed. Having a backup on my Mac would be nice. (it will sync with Macs right? I am assuming so since it’s an iphone)

    App looks great though!!! Thanks!

  60. Chris

    Been waiting since I got my original iPhone to have eWallet again on my iPhone and I just purchased it from the app store! Looks awesome so far, can’t wait for the desktop sync to be added.

  61. Dave

    Just downloaded it, you have got to make this available for Mac OS X. Been using since I had an iPaq, through smart phones and now on the iPhone. Dumped PCs for the most part 6 months ago. Ewallet is by far the best app finally made available for the iPhone. Congrats!!

  62. Leo E

    I just logged into APP store and saw Ewallet listed at 10:24PM PST July 18th. Just FYI for those who are waiting for this.

  63. Henry

    Finally. Excellent, looks great. All we need now is someone to come up with a way of copying a wallet onto the iPhone as a one off to keep us going until August… Any ideas?? There’s just got to be a way??

  64. G-A.G

    I Just download the APP it is running like a charm !!!!! But now I have to figure out how to upload my PPC wallet to my iPhone…

  65. David Garthwaite

    Just for those that haven’t noticed, eWallet is finally available on the App Store

  66. luz

    Congratulations to Illium!

    However, as a developer waiting for our long submitted app to appear at the store myself, I wonder what did the trick.
    Is it really just making enough noise in high profile blogs and public fora that makes Apple put something into the App Store bypassing the queue? I mean, the original blog entry is from July 16th, but once it was referenced by TUAW yesterday it only took a few hours for eWallet to appear in the App Store!

  67. David Garthwaite

    Whoops, I should have read the last entries of the blog before posting! Anyway, I have purchased it, it is looking good. I won’t really get the benefit of eWallet until it is able to sync with my desktop but happy to know that it will be coming soon.

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  69. Francois

    As exspected, nice software, but probably useless for long-term users of eWallet who have accumulated pretty large ewallet files. How to import existing data? Typing? Not really! Support, wake up and give us some hints!

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  71. Jay

    CONGRATULATIONS ILIUM! WELCOME TO THE APP STORE! (Sorry I was sleeping when the happy moment arrived). It’s beautiful. All the best….

  72. Dale

    Apple needs to do a better job screening its reviews that people submit. One guy gave it one star because it was “obvious” that the company was posting its own five star reviews. Well, obvious to him maybe, but not to me.

    Unfortunately, too many people use the review system to gripe about things that have little to do with the product. And what’s with all the 1Password ads?

  73. Mike

    lol – you guys got a lot of nerve…

    I just bought eWallet for iPhone, and even though the potential is there, the app isn’t even fully ready yet. I had it crash several times when trying to save a card, the app seems buggy. There is also no OSX sync app, nor workaround for MobileMe at least. And lastly, your web page dosn’t have updated iPhone support info, etc. – it’s all just a splash page advertisement.

    Don’t get me wrong, eWallet looks great… but kind of hypocritical to be complaining about Apple when you guys don’t seem to be quite finished yourselves yet…

  74. Marc Post author

    @EVERYONE! THANK YOU! We’re extremely excited about the release! I’ll be doing a number of blog posts in the very near future answering the many questions folks have!

    @Mike: We’ve never had a crash Mike. Drop us an email and we’d be happy to take a look at the problem with a little more detail! As for OSX, sorry, we’re a longtime Windows developer. We now have plans to add OSX but Windows has always been our focus. Also, as we mentioned in a previous post, you can expect to see the sync update next month.

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  77. Mike

    @Marc – Sorry, maybe I jumped the gun too quickly re: the crashes… Seems that it was only happening when I tried to edit the sample cards for some reason… but after an iPhone reboot, eWallet is working great now! Love it – thanks.

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