eWallet for iPhone Answers III

Well, I think this is going to be one of the last “answers” blog posts for a little while since we’re hitting the point where most questions have been addressed. If you still have a question though, definitely contact us! You can email our support folks at support@iliumsoft.com or call them M-F, 9AM to 4:30PM toll free at 1-888-632-5388. We’re always happy to personally answer any questions you have.

So, that said, here we go…

If I enter data now, will it be retained when the new version comes out?

Yes. Anything you enter now will be retained when the sync update is released. Changes will be synched with your desktop.

Isn’t there ANY way to stick a wallet on the device?

We haven’t found any shortcuts. Although some folks have said that you can do it if you jailbreak your phone, we don’t reccommend or suggest this! You can certainly try but as far as I know you are voiding your warranty and could have other problems. That’s why we won’t officially publish the details on how to do this. Sorry.

The problem is that Apple is VERY strict about how applications can interact, who can place files on the device, and where those files can go. They’ve got the phone locked down about as tight as you can lock it without making it unusable. The reason, of course, is security. If applications can’t stick files anywhere they like (or pull files from anywhere they like) you never have a malicious app that gets stuck where it shouldn’t be.

Unfortunately, this means that unless we come up with something clever before August, you’ll have to wait for sync to move your wallets over.

Can I be a beta tester on the iPhone?

Not yet, sorry. We can authorize a limited number of phones as test devices in-house but other than this there is no way to beta test an unreleased application. This is part of Apple’s system of controlling distribution. We’re still exploring possibilities and if we come up with a clerver way to support beta testing, we’ll definitely do it!

Where do I get a receipt for my eWallet iPhone purchase?

Apple will email it to you. In my experience it can take a few days.

Do you have a Search feature?

Not right now. Search will be available in a future update.

Do you allow customizable templates?

You can customize your cards (a LOT) but we don’t have template customizing yet. It’s coming, though.

Why is eWallet crashing?

We’ve never been able to get eWallet to crash here at Ilium Software, BUT we’ve crashed a LOT of our other iPhone applications. There is a bit of suspicion that there might be some sort of instability in the 2.0 OS that is causing this. We’re still exploring things on our end though to see if we can pin down anything we can do different. I’m sure Apple is doing the same on their end.

When will ListPro be out?

It will probably be at least a couple of months before ListPro is available on iPhone. We’re working on it though!

Why do you allow all those nasty reviews on the iTunes site?

We don’t have any control over that. We can complain as a standard user with the “Report a Concern” button but beyond that Apple is in charge of reviews.

Is there a help document?

Not yet. We like to think that eWallet for iPhone is pretty intuitive, but we’ve had a few requests for this so we’re working on one. In the meantime, we’re going to start adding many of the most common questions to our support database. ( http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/support/kb/ )

34 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone Answers III

  1. Ellis

    You left out one very important question: Will the August update allow me to get my wallet syncing on my iPhone when I use OSX as my desktop app (Not Windows). Is the “cloud sync” totally off the table now for the August timeframe? If so, will there be an OSX desktop app come August?

    Will search be in the August update?

  2. Mike R.

    I’d really like to see the password generator in the iPhone release. Honestly, I was a bit surprised to find it absent.

    But, yes, syncing w/ my Mac (or windows) would be great yadda yadda yadda.

  3. Jay

    Can you expand on Ellis’ question an tell us how you will be supporting sync? You must have the plan already in place. Am I required to sync via a 802.11 wireless network? Can I use bluetooth? Will you support USB syncing via Activesync the way syncpro does now?

    Sorry to nag you about this but I’d like to know this before purchasing ewallet for iphone

  4. Marc Post author

    I posted this on the other blog post as well, but we’re having a number of sync meetings over the next few days. I’ll try to post some additional info later this week. I would just really hate to say “we’re doing X” and then do something different – especially if you’re basing a purchase decision on this information.

  5. Brett

    When will we get to see eWallet for the Mac OS? I have recently switched to Mac from Windows, I have installed a VM of Windows solely to be able to continue to use eWallet. It sure would be nice to not have to do that anymore!

  6. Alexander Cepeda

    I agree with Brett, i vmware fusion user and almost the unique application i use under Windows is eWallet. Im sure would be great to have a Mac OS ewallet desktop version.
    Meanwhile… i’m quite entertaiment re-typing my old cards on my new Iphone eWallet version.

    Thanks Marc for your explanations,

  7. John

    Wow! The Mac users are starting to make some noise. I really think a Mac OSX version needs to be high priority. I am also disappointed that ListPro will take 2 monts (at least) to appear. I almost have to go with a competitor. I am like the above posters. I use boot camp to dual boot so I can use Windows to run eWallet, ListPro, and Quicken. Once those 3 are running on OSX, I am donw with Windows.

  8. Ian

    Thanks for answering all these questions! I have eWallet v4 for desktop and it was one of the first things I missed when switching from my Dell Axim to the iPhone. Now that I see sync is coming, and w/the offer for the desktop version, I’m buying it right now. Thanks again for such a great app, and can’t wait for ListPro!

  9. Jim

    As a long time user of eWallet (since 2003) on various pda’s and on the desktop, I purchased through the app store today.

    I am not disapointed, the team at Ilium have done a great job with the port!!.

    It’s too bad that Apple are so anal about locking down the phone as this is the only negative experience I have had (typing in all my data from the pda).

    I’m eagerly awaiting listpro, but it MUST have a way to sync with the desktop at launch.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Ruslan

    Will there be any way to import data to eWallet from Handy Safe application? I’d really hate to retype or even copy/paste hundreds of records. Handy Safe imports eWallets without any problems, how about the other way around?

    I used to use eWallet several years ago with a number of devices, but for some reason that slips off of my mind (lack of support for Sony Ericsson P990 may be) I switched to Handy Safe. And now I have to switch back, which I don’t really mind, since eWallet was a very solid app!

    But I need two things:
    1) Sync with the desktop/laptop (Windows)
    2) Import data from Handy Safe.

    Looking forward to using eWallet on my new iPhone 3G! 😉

  11. Dave

    I know you can’t answer some sync questions yet, but I wonder if you might know the answer to this one. I’ve read through your blogs and haven’t seen the answer yet:

    My wife and I both have iPhones but we want to have just one wallet on our PC. Will we be able to sync both iPhones with the same wallet and will it be easy?

    Hoping for a yes…

  12. JFA

    Beta Test: There is a way!! (if Iliumsoft chooses so)

    Ad-hoc distribution is already available and working. Developers can create ad-hoc provisions through the iPhone Developer Program site today.

    Developers and users need not use the App Store for testing. Ad Hoc distribution goes directly between the developer and the user. The user needs to supply their iPhone’s unique device identifier. The developer then sends a specially compiled version of their app along with a mobile provisioning file. Users drop these into iTunes and they’re good to sync.

    Developers can take advantage of this technique for ad-hoc delivery now to accomodate beta testers (and reviewers!), without any beta program established through the iTunes store.

  13. Marc Post author

    @JFA: We’re aware of the Ad-hoc option. One problem was that it only just started working (it didn’t work before.) The other problem is that this is not an unlimited program. You only get a limited number of ad-hoc licenses. You might be surprised at the number of review copies we provide to folks. At some point you run out of licenses for this option. It also isn’t 100% clear how to “legally and officially” add and remove people from the program without getting Apple upset about you distributing without them. So yes, it is a way we can do it, but it falls far short of a true “beta” in the way we typically do it.

    @Dave: Yep. I’ll talk more about this in the blog today but you can set that up just as easily as any other sync option. Create a partnership for each phone and you’re good to go.

  14. JeffA

    I’m a new user, I won a copy of eWallet for Palm/Win/U3 from the Gadgeteer website and Ellen sent me the info. I setup the U3 version fairly easily. I am however an OSX user and can hardly wait for the Mac version to release! I bought the iPod App and entering the info via the screenpad is a real slow process. Looking forward to it soon! Thanks!

  15. Raymond Ho

    I purchased the eWallet for iPhone today, even downloaded the Windows 6.1 version for free. But now the wlt file will not sync with my Pocket PC because it is a different version. I had asked about that before but got no answer so I guess I now know the answer. I upgraded the wlt on the PC in hope that it will sync soon with my iPhone since I do not plan to enter anything manually into the iPhone, I guess now I can toss my Pocket PC or manually copy the backed up version on to the Pocket PC and not sync it.

  16. Raymond Ho

    I am speechless, you guys are awesome. One business day after I kind of complained that I cannot use my Pocket PC anymore (not that I want to, but I cannot sync the wlt files to my iPhone yet), you sent me the PocketPC version 6.1. Instead of milking me for more money (technically you could), you just helped me out. Thanks, thanks and thanks. Looking forward to iPhone syncing and OSX version.

  17. Andrew

    I would not switch to iPhone from WindowsMobile until eWallet was available. One reason I ditched Blackberry was because the similar apps were implemented so poorly.

    Now i have an iPhone, and I love what you have done. One comment though – there seems to be no global preferences regarding the display. If I want to turn off the gloss, or display/not-display the image on the card, i have to do it one card at a time.

    Think of this as a feature request.


  18. Marc Post author

    @Andrew: Check! I’ve added it to the request list Andrew. In fact global options is something I’m moving us toward. If you check out the latest desktop version there is now an Options dialog. Expect to see more global options getting added there as we move along (and then replicated on the mobile versions!)

  19. Martijn©

    I am thinking about buying eWallet, but
    I have got exactly the same problem as Ruslan (http://blog.iliumsoft.com/?p=422#comment-29206) and I am sure there are more people that would like to see the Import-option from a HandySafe-file. It looks impossible to convert this TXT-file to a CSV-file that you can just import in eWallet. That is because the data is all in one column. The category names I can rename manually, so that is not the biggest problem.
    I would appreciate your help !

  20. Robert T

    An answer to this may answer half of the other questions. If you have your iphone synced to Itunes on a mac, but have eWallet desktop on your PC will you be able to sync from the PC to the Iphone via wifi? In other words, can you sync to a computer that does not have itunes?

    If yes, most problems are over for most of us that use a mac for home and a PC at work yet need the desktop version on a PC as well.

    Second Question: If yes to above, will the Mac version that may be web based allow the three way sync? PC Desktop sync to Iphone….then Iphone sync through wifi or itunes to Mac desktop or web version????

    Thanks in advance. It would be a huge advantage to sync to a pc without having your iphone/itunes synced to that machine. If so I am imagining you could sync to several computers if you wanted to.

    Anxiously awaiting…and thanks in advance.

  21. Kevin White

    @Robert T:

    Yes, the eWallet sync will be independent of iTunes. You will just need *a* Windows PC on a wi-fi network that your iPhone/iPod Touch can connect to. It can be your friend’s PC, a work PC, a random stranger’s (NOT RECOMMENDED 🙂 ) etc.

    @Martijn: I’ll look into it!

  22. Kenneth

    I feel that you should not be able to delete a wallet unless you have already unlocked it. This would help ensure that only the owner of the wallet can delete it.

    Also, is there a way to permanently delete the defualt “My Wallet”? Everytime I remove it from the list, it shows back up after I relaunch the application.



  23. Alan

    What is a help documents? I have to spend like 10 mins to read all 3 part of the blog to find (still unable to find) answer? I mean how hard it is to create a help file? I understand the idea of having a blog it is a great communication channel but as an application company you can’t just develop a half function app and release it as expect people to come back and check all the doucments! You need an FAQ!

    So can I sync or not sync my PC ewallet to the iphone? All these answer blog is making things more confusing.

  24. Marc

    We never requried a password for deletion for a simple reason really. If the person already has your device in their hand, it’s probably better to let them delete it than leave it hanging around ont he device. At that point you’ve already lost the wallet by having the device taken.
    We are going to make a chance to the next version althgouh I couldn’t say if we will require a password or simply offer an “are you sure” confirmation.
    As for the My Wallet – that’s a bug. It is getting fixed int he next update as well. eWallet keeps recreating the sample wallet and it shoudln’t.

    You can’t sync your wallet to the phone yet.

  25. Marc

    @Alan: It’s coming Alan. I’m certain we said August for the release and while I was shooting for mid-August that was never a firm release date. We’re still on track for an August release, however. I’ve seen nothing to suggest otherwide.

  26. David F.

    I have a couple of questions concerning templates. I’ve used several different wallet programs over the years, and the one I like best allows me to customize templates in almost any way I want. I can create fields, delete them, have multiple password fields, and I can have as many fields as I want. On the “card” view, I can even move them around to place them where I like. One of the other things about this software is that if I make a change to a card template, then any cards based on that template will inherit the template changes (which really saves a lot of time).

    So, will eWallet off this kind of flexibility with modifying templates, or will it be limited to a fixed number of fields and the ability to just change the “description” for a field?

    If it can, then I’ll be interested in moving to eWallet for the iPhone.



  27. Marc Post author

    @Juan: We’ll notify folks if they’ve registered their software with us. In addition, you will receive the usual “app update” notification on the phone side.

    @David: eWallet already offers much of this. You can have multiple password fields, you can’t have “as many fields as you want” but some cards have up to 40 fields. You can’t move fields around but then again you can make different fields used for different things – so if it is Password URL Phone you want Phone URL Password, just make the first field a Phone type and the last field a password type. Same basic results in the end.

    Template changes aren’t inherited and at this point we don’t have it setup so you can save your own templates but we’re working on this for future versions. (We offer the template saving on our other platforms.)

  28. David F.

    @Marc: Yes, eWallet offers similar functionality to the wallet program I was referring to, and I used to use eWallet. But after finding the other program and getting used to the ability to save templates, and to have template changes inherited by existing cards based on that template, it’s going to be hard to go back to the old way of doing things. Kind of a moot point anyway since the desktop sync isn’t available yet anyway. Speaking of which, for the desktop version, do you have any plans to support Firefox?

  29. Marc Post author

    @David: Although we support FireFox for live links, we don’t support it for AutoPass yet. The reason is that IE gives us a handy API that lets us talk right with the browser very easily. FireFox doesn’t. We are looking for AutoPass solutions for FireFox but I don’t have anything I can say concretely yet.

  30. David F.

    @Marc: Thanks for the reply. I’m sure you know this, but if not, Firefox support plugins, which should enable “AutoPass” functionality.

  31. Ken

    Very nice software to have on my iPhone. Since you are coming out with an update, my I suggest the following-

    With the “card” format of eWallet, it really should display in landscape mode. Just displaying in portrait mode, the text size often is about 5 point or less and the text only uses up about 1% of the screen. Use that fine iPhone screen with bigger font sizes in landscape mode. Make it easily readable.

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