R.I.P.: Ilium Software email server

So here we are, fielding hundreds and hundreds of email questions, desktop software requests, and much more, and guess what happens?

The email server dies.


OK, to be fair it didn’t die on Monday. It just went down for awhile which put us behind on our email responses. Today, however, the thing finally went belly up. Although we didn’t lose any emails

UPDATE: It looks like we COULD have lost some emails if they came in between 12AM ET and 8AM ET. If you think you may have emailed us during that period you might want to resend!

We are working hard to get replies out to everyone in a timely fashion. Fortunately, the trouble on Monday got us moving in the “Get a replacement, STAT!” direction, so recovery won’t be too bad.

The bad part is that email replies will likely be slower than usual, and we’re very sorry about that. We pride ourselves on quick email turn-around, and this is just the sort of thing that makes us crazy. We’re even bringing in a temp to help get things rolling again, so hopefully we’ll get to everyone before the weekend!

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard from us yet, at least you know why. And if it’s an emergency, remember that you can always give us a call!

13 thoughts on “R.I.P.: Ilium Software email server

  1. David

    emulating Apple/MobileMe now, then ?????? 😉
    except trying to call Apple is futile of course.

  2. Henry

    Good luck and best wishes… Hope it doesn’t delay your work on iPhone ewallet 2… (only kidding).

  3. Marc

    @Henry: Not to worry. The developers are working away without delay. In fact I saw eWallet sync with the iPhone just the other day and it was a thing of beauty. I’m pretty excited about it.

    Now our support folks….well, things are a little harder on them at the moment.

  4. Judy

    Poor Customer Support folks!

    Want to say I’m glad that the sync part of ewallet
    is at the stage where you can see how it looks, but
    so had hopes that it would be ready before I leave
    on vacation tomorrow morning w/ my iPhone and Mac
    laptop and all my passwords at home on my PC.
    Oh well, it IS a vacation after all. I can enter the
    few essential ones manually! Will return looking
    forward to finally having all my passwords truly

  5. Judy

    Sorry the spacing in previous comment. Typed it on my iPhone and it’s not wrapping text…weird!

  6. Mike Abrams


    Moving to iphone I had no choice but to use a competing product until you get the SYNC working for iphone for eWallet as well as ListPro.

    Let me tell you, while your competing company shopper id software works and syncs with ease via Wifi… the SHOPPER list program is a dud. It has so many issues importing and syncing with their desktop program.

    Which leads me to ask.. when will LISTPRO and SYNC with iphone be avaialble? I know things ay “August” but will it nbe in 3 weeks or 2 or a few days?

    I always have been with ListPro and like it a LOT… but need to be able to sync to iphone (fgor both products)


  7. Rodney

    Sorry to be a anxious pain in the behind poster. But I too, am wondering when the new version of eWallet will be out. Aug 11 it close enough to “Mid-August” for me. Please hurry. I so so so so miss all my cards on my iPhone.

  8. Andi

    Me too…

    Longtime eWallet and Listpro-User with WM5 wants so change to iPhone-Application. But no sync, no cookies.

    Waiting for Ilium… 😉

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