Latest Update: eWallet for Mac Beta Preview

eWalletI have some good news for all of our Mac users today. We’ve released another update to the eWallet for Mac Beta Preview, with even more new features and improvements!

Note that if you were using the 30 day trial (which you can download here), installing this version will give you another 30 days.

So what’s new? Hit the jump to see the lists!

This time around, we’ve added the following features:

  • Added Search
  • Added Recent Cards
  • Added Shortcut Cards
  • Added a Help Center interface (No Mac specific Help yet – sorry!)
  • Added Context Menus
  • Added Trial and Registration info to About dialog
  • Reset the 30 day trial period (so new downloads get 30 more days)

And the following fixes have been made:

  • Fixed problem creating root level categories
  • Fixed problem with date field display
  • Not to mention other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

That’s what we packed into this new version of the eWallet for Mac Beta Preview, and there are more updates to come. You’ll find the 30 day trial version right here. And if you don’t already own eWallet, when you buy it you’ll get a registration key to unlock the Beta Preview and continue using it after the 30 days are over. Plus, you get eWallet for any mobile device we support, and any Windows PC, laptop or netbook you use – for one low price. You can buy eWallet on our store.

8 thoughts on “Latest Update: eWallet for Mac Beta Preview

  1. David

    Awesome to see updates taking place more often. I hope this means the full release for the Mac is coming soon (really really really looking forward to iphone sync with the Mac version so I won’t have to use VMWare to sync).

    Thanks for the recent focus on reviving the Mac port of eWallet!!

  2. JoeDr

    My thanks for the Mac version as well and I am looking forward to the Mac sync too.

    I know this is a bit off-topic but I don’t know where else to ask…

    How is the ListPro for iPhone coming along. I am still looking forward to this and hoping to see it soon. I’m not trying to start any word wars just hoping to get an idea of where things stand.

  3. Whitney Roberts

    This is GREAT to see the Mac updates dropping like this. I really appreciate it, and it’s nice to see the features fleshing out! Thank you!!

  4. Whitney Roberts

    Just a few requests since using the new version… first of all the context menus are great to now have in place – thanks for getting those in!

    Would it be possible to put keyboard shortcuts in for the find (command+F) and the recent cards (command+R) panes? That way we could use the keyboard to bring up find and immediately begin typing.

    Also, would it be possible to put a keyboard shortcut in for zoom (like there is for minimize)?

    Thanks, and I’m greatly looking forward to Mac-native sync… I can get rid of a VM once that feature is in place!

    Also – is it safe to edit the wallet file on the Mac preview and then edit the same wallet file in the Windows eWallet at this time?

  5. David Moss

    In answer to Whitney, my own customer experience:
    Since the Mac beta came out, I’ve been using it to access the same wallet file as with the Windows version – simply put the wallet file in a folder that’s shared with Parallels on the same Mac, and open the file either from Windows or from Mac. I always use the Mac version to retrieve my information, and I run eWallet for Windows under Parallels only when want to synchronize the wallet with my iPhone. Works great, I’ve been doing that for months with absolutely no problems.

  6. Fadi

    come on guys. The full mac version is taking way too long. I appreciate your hard work but it is seriously overdue.

  7. Julie

    @All: We’re glad you like it! We’re very excited about the progress.

    @JoeDr: All I can say right now is that the product is still planned. I don’t have a lot more I can share right now. Sorry.

    @Whitney: Your requests have been passed along. Thanks!

    @David: Thanks for jumping in to help. We appreciate it.

  8. Whitney Roberts

    @Julie: I do appreciate the consideration on the keyboard shortcuts… they will make life a bit easier…. I find that the Mac is great for keyboard shortcuts and allows you to do a lot of things quickly that way, and this will be a big help.

    @David: thank you for the confirmation. I was hoping that would be the case!

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