NewsBreak and ListPro Get More Action

A great review of NewsBreak by Todd Ogasawara showed up on Microsoft’s website. Thanks very much, Todd, for cheering up a day that really needed it (though the weather’s beautiful) (though not as beautiful as it no doubt is in Hawaii).

ListPro got a bunch of sales from being featured on Bits du Jour, and one very nice comment about how well it runs on Kubuntu under wine. I’m fuzzy about what that is, but am very happy it works!

One thought on “NewsBreak and ListPro Get More Action

  1. Ellen Post author

    OK this has been explained to me:

    Kubuntu is an offshoot of the extremely popular Ubuntu Linux distribution ( Ubuntu ships with the Gnome X11 windowing software while Kubuntu ships with the KDE X11 windowing system. WINE is an Open Source Microsoft Windows emulator that lets you run Windows software under Linux (any Linux distro) under emulation mode.

    I had no idea any of that existed. Thanks, Todd!

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