UMPC Beta Test About To Begin

UMPCWe’re getting ready to release a new program for the UMPC and we’re looking for a few good beta testers! If you’re interested in giving it a shot, please email us as soon as possible. Due to a tight deadline it’s going to be a short beta so we’d like to get people started as soon as possible!

Just email us at with your name, the model of UMPC you are using, and any other info you think would convince us that you’d make a good beta tester! Slots are limited so please let us know as soon as possible! Thank you!

And special thanks to James Kendrick over at jkOnTheRun for posting the announcement on his site as well!

2 thoughts on “UMPC Beta Test About To Begin

  1. Kim Slaughterbeck

    I would be interested and I’ve posted your request for testers at my website. My name is Kim and I have a TabletKiosk eo.

    Full specs:
    TabletKiosk EO V7110
    Ultra Slim 7 ” TFT-LCD Resistive Touch 800×480 Native (Zooms to 1024×600)
    VIA C7M NaNo 1.0GHz
    80GB Hard Disk Drive Upgrade (5400RPM)
    Optional Accessory
    Standard Battery – Standard
    AC Power Pack – Standard
    Integrated Ethernet – Standard
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
    QCOM 802.11b/g 54Mbps Wireless
    Standard One Year Limited Warranty
    Single Digitizer Pen – Standard

    P.S. I have Beta tested for several software companies in the past.

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