eWallet 5.0: Just What Your Passwords Have Been Waiting For…

wallet120.jpg That’s right – eWallet 5.0 has been released! You may have heard us talking lately about eWallet 5.0 in the open beta, or maybe you even downloaded the beta version yourself, but now – the real deal is here!

For those of you who didn’t test drive eWallet 5.0 in the beta, or haven’t heard about it yet, let me recap some of the great enhancements we’ve made with this release. eWallet 5.0 includes a simple-to-use Sync Setup Interface, and gives you lots of options when it comes to synchronizing your information: you can sync with multiple PCs or PDAs, even USB drives and computers on a network. Plus, we’ve partnered with FilesAnywhere so you can automatically synchronize all your wallet files on your Windows PC to a secured location and access that data from any computer with an internet connection.

If you’re a current eWallet user wondering if you should upgrade, or if you’ve never tried eWallet before, version 5.0 gives you the┬ábenefits listed above, and more. We’ve updated eWallet with a great new set of icons, and added “Always-On” password protection to give you that extra little boost of security. Plus, the same great features of previous eWallet versions are still included, like nested categories, limitless wallet files, and the ability to set up your information however you want, so you’ll be able to find it all as quickly as possible.

Sound interesting? You can visit our site to find out more about eWallet, or read all about upgrading here.

7 thoughts on “eWallet 5.0: Just What Your Passwords Have Been Waiting For…

  1. Todd

    I’m a huge fan of eWallet. Love it. Haven’t upgraded to the new version yet, but probably will. But one thing Ilium doesn’t seem to do well is provide a good version history and comparison of releases so we can see the changes. An example would be like Camtasia on http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia/versioncomp.asp. I’m still not convinced I *need* the new version based on the text on your webpage.

    One other thing – Can you begin to think about card template sharing between eWallet users? For example, if someone else goes through all the work to create a great card (define the fields for something, like a Washington State Driver’s Licence, they add a logo, make the corners round and make the background color match the actual driver’s license, define a field mask, etc), I’d love to be able to see the card (without the user data), choose to import it as a template and create new cards or apply it to old ones. Maybe these could be published on your website somewhere. Would also love to use icons other people have imported for use.

  2. Marc

    “I’m still not convinced I *need* the new version based on the text on your webpage.”

    Understood. I’ve passed your concerns along. I’m sure that this is something we can look at improving!

    “Can you begin to think about card template sharing between eWallet users?”

    We are absolutely thinking about something like this. I don’t have any info as to when you might see it but it remains high on the “big list” of eWallet improvement ideas!

  3. Todd

    Thanks much Marc! That would be fantastic.

    Another thing – I’ve looked across your website and cannot find any kind of pre-sales email address for questions. I am looking to buy the new HTC 720W smartphone (from Dopod), but due to the screen size changes, don’t know if eWallet is compatible. Don’t really want to ask on a blog, but don’t know where else to ask.

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