This Just In: Software Site Goes Nuts for NewsBreak

golden-acorn1.gifThe site has just chosen NewsBreak as the February winner of their Golden Acorn Award. They’re nuts for software over there (get it, nuts, acorn…ah, you get it) and they think NewsBreak is a pretty cool app. After hearing the good news, NewsBreak excitedly cheered “I’m going to Disney World!”

You can visit our site to find out more about NewsBreak, our news feed reader that helps you stay informed on your favorite news, sports, weather, and blogs (like this one!) wherever you go. Try it free for 30 days on your Pocket PC or Windows Smartphone and see for yourself why the Golden Acorn has now been added to its list of awards. Oh, and I’m having NewsBreak bring me back a pair of those mouse ears from Disney World, so if you want anything, let me know….

4 thoughts on “This Just In: Software Site Goes Nuts for NewsBreak

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  2. Brandon

    As Kay said – very well deserved!

    Newsbreak is still one of my very favorites, and one of those applications that gets installed without a second thought.

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