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Do you like Internet Radio? Click Here to help!I’m interrupting our “regular” blog to post about something I feel very strongly about. And while we have a rule here (as much as we have any rules, we’re not big on them) that blog topics need to be at least somewhat related to what we do, one of the perks of being an owner is that I can break the rules and no one gets to say much.

So I’m jumping on a soapbox to urge everyone to read about how the new copyright rules really threaten the future of Internet Radio. This site has a lot of info, as well as links to another site that makes it very easy to send emails or even real letters to your congresspeople.

Please check it out, and, if it’s something you believe in, sign the petition, send the letters, and add the banners to your own site. And of course, come back here and post that you did, so we can add you to our monthly giveaway, and to the extra giveaway that I’ll be doing among people who reply to this specific post and say they’ve sent letters or added banners to their sites. So even if you’re not that interested in helping out internet radio, you’ll have some extra chances to win our software and swag by doing so.

Thank you! And we now return you to our regular Ilium Software blog.

8 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog …

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  2. Brandon

    Petition signed.

    I listen to Internet Radio all night at work – losing these stations would be a big blow…

    Besides – Internet Radio doesn’t have (for the most part) the “I feel like talking for 20 minutes” DJ’s. Internet Radio wouldn’t be nearly as popular if local radio station DJ’s would learn to shut the heck up. When I wake up the last thing I feel like listening to is half and hour of some air-head bubble brain ramble on about the things that her kids did last night…

  3. Sara

    Amen Sister!! Is there anything left that has yet to be regulated &/or taxed “to death”?

    Petition Signed!

  4. spmwinkel

    I signed, I’m not from the US so I don’t have any representative to write to in this matter.

    There’s nothing wrong with occasionally ‘interrupting’ normal blogging if you want to raise awareness for something that you feel strongly about.

  5. Rick Derks

    Hey, thanks for the heads up! While I am not an avid streaming listiner, I do listen/load many, many podcast. If they attempt to block/tax/control streaming then podcasts can’t be far behind.

    So, I signed the petition and slapped a link to my web site, http://www.jczoo.com.

    Thanks, Rick

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