Wanted: Ten Good Captions

Left to right: Julie, Marc, Sheri, Ken, Ellen, Matt, Kevin, Dan, Lee

Are you ready for another giveaway? This one should be pretty fun. All you have to do is think of a caption to go along with our tenth anniversary picture, above. We’re going to choose our favorite 10 captions as the winners, so be sure to put on your thinking cap and get creative! The winners will get an Ilium Software swag pack – 2 click-pen styluses, one stick stylus, and one luggage tag. Again, make sure you enter a valid email address when you comment, so I will be able to contact you if you win.

Because of different time zones, I want to make sure you guys get enough time to see this and play along, so I’ll let this run for a whole day before we start the judging. You’ll have until 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday to submit your caption. You can submit more than one caption, but each person can only win once. We’ll announce the winners on the blog as soon as we’ve chosen them.

One more thing…there is still one party hat on our site unaccounted for, from our scavenger hunt yesterday. Read the blog post about that contest to find out more.

35 thoughts on “Wanted: Ten Good Captions

  1. Jaimie Birk

    It was a banner day at the Ilium Home for Wayward Programmers.

    Just kidding,
    Congrats on 10 years.

  2. spmwinkel

    lol – as I said at the first post with this picture, something like:

    “The Ilium Software team shows the result of another productive day”

  3. melvyn

    “Support Ilium and help us buy an office with walls and a roof”

    [From off camera] “You over there – GET OFF OUR LAWN!”

    “At midday the patients are allowed some outside time to exhibit their craft projects”

  4. Kerim Satirli

    photographer to armed guy: “Seriously, this doesn’t look natural, look at them. Their smiles, they just don’t look real.”

    armed guy “well, the gun was the only reason why they “agreed” to let you take a picture in the first place …”

    “Alright people, let’s move it, I think I tripped the wire and … oh no. Are those dogs I’m hearing?”

  5. spmwinkel

    “Julie, Mark, Lee and Dan tried to organize a Limbo dance contest, but without much luck”

  6. melvyn

    Marc [Through gritted teeth]: “Do you think any of the readers will care that NONE of us has a PDA on our hips or in our hands?”

    Ellen [Also through gritted teeth]: “Shut up and hold the paper sign. We can always claim *our* gadgets are so advanced that they’re invisible to the naked eye.”

  7. Judy Dye

    The Harry Potter Wizard theme party got off to a slow start. Only 2 people managed to conjure up non-standard hats………..

  8. David B

    The “Dilbert Point-Haired Boss” appreciation society gets its annual meet off to it’s usual riotous start…

  9. David Tucker

    Don’t laugh at our thinking caps. When all 10 of us touch the tips of our hats together, our brainpower is amplified beyond all human imagination.

  10. Joe D

    Kirk to Enterprise: Scotty, we have installed NewsBreak 2.0 on our tricorders. Nine to beam up.

  11. Melvyn

    The new range of Ilium Garden Gnomes promises to make your lawn the talk of the town.

  12. Brian

    This is the best picket line I’ve ever been on! Hats and streamers! Just wait until those scabs at Developer One show up to work!

  13. melvyn

    Having forgotten the cake, table, chairs, chips and dips it occurs to certain members of the Ilium team that perhaps a *list* would have improved the celebrations.

  14. Julie Post author

    Okay, it’s actually a little bit past 2 p.m. now, so I’m closing the contest! If you guys want to keep posting here to pick on us 🙂 go ahead, but we’re going to start choosing our 10 favorite captions based on all the comments above this one.

    Thanks for playing!!

  15. Ran

    “Oh man. another picture at the same exact spot!
    I wonder if anyone would notice…”

  16. Noah Wahn

    Jackson Pollock’s latest work, titled “Celebration of Cones”, highlights his use of curvilinear undulating rhythms and the use of rural American subject matter. It has been widely panned by the artistic community.

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