ListPro 5.0 is here!

listpro-app-graphic300.jpg It’s been a long wait for many loyal ListPro fans but ListPro 5.0 is now available. We’re very excited about this new version and we think you’re going to like what it offers. The “main event” of ListPro 5.0 is a feature that we received more requests for than any other. Pictures!

That’s right! With ListPro 5.0 you can add pictures to all your favorite lists. Link to pictures of people for your contacts list, book covers for your book collection, or maps for a list of your favorite restaurants. With a couple clicks you can easily add pictures to the notes pane of any list item.

The next big feature is the second most popular request, and that’s rich text formatting in the notes pane. Change the font, size and style or add bullets and numbering (plus the subtle, but long requested, ability to enter a TAB!) This new version completely changes the way you’ll use your lists. Plus we’ve thrown in the ability to add live links in the notes!

And of course we have a bunch of other great new features. Like HTML export! Now you can export your lists in an attractive html format file making it easy to email a list to a friend that doesn’t have ListPro (yet!) You can also export lists as XML (even selecting RSS format for those of you who would like to try using ListPro to build your RSS newsfeeds!) Throw in an updated appearance and a number of other features and fixes and we think you’ll really enjoy ListPro 5.0!

You can find out more here, or grab a copy of the new version here!


(Click this one for a full size screenshot!)

29 thoughts on “ListPro 5.0 is here!

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  2. spmwinkel

    This is great! Updated immediately, I didn’t want to wait for extra promotions or contests – I’m leaving for holiday soon and I wanted to just play with this. And you deserve the money, Ilium has been good to me! 😀

    Congrats on the new release!!

  3. Mitch Olson

    a very disappointing release. This feels like a point release rather than a full version release. There’s not much more than a man-month or 2 of development gone into this. Was hoping for more after 3 years.

  4. Marty

    Just curious why a field-level synchronization technology like eWallet’s SyncPro was not added to ListPro 5.

  5. Mark Jones

    I too am disappointed. My problem remains. When I make the desktop font large enough to read, it is huge on the pocket pc. Reducing it on the pocket pc makes it too small on my laptop. I had hoped for the ability to reduce font size like on other programs on my pocket pc. I had also hoped to move the notes pane to the right side of the screen on the desktop as an option. Also the ability to word wrap the text in the “item” column as in Bonsai. And perhaps some way to build filters that are remembered. Oh well, maybe Listpro 6?

  6. Brandon

    Any chance of a U3 version like there is for eWallet? I love having eWallet available on my thumb drive … and I think Listpro is another program that would fit that use as well.


  7. Marc Post author

    First, thanks to everyone who is liking it. We’re very excited about it, especially since we’ve added a number of features that were the top requests by ListPro users!

    Mitch: I’m sorry that it seems like a lot of time wasn’t spent, since that simply isn’t the case…a lot of work went into it. On the other hand, while we DID spend quite a bit of time, please don’t mix the time passed with the time spent in development. There wasn’t someone working for 3 years straight on this. As most of you have seen from our ‘team pictures’ we don’t have dozens of developers. We do, however, have many products. We also don’t send our work overseas. Everything we do we do in house with full time employees. So some projects take a little longer and most developers wear multiple hats.

    Mark: Sorry we couldn’t add the features you’ve asked about. They too are on the popular list but just didn’t make the cut…BUT…they are still on the list. They are all things we’ll keep in mind for 5.1…in fact watch the blog…I’ll be posting something about this soon.

    Brandon: We haven’t ruled a U3 version out, but to be honest, we don’t have plans for it right this second. We’ll definitely add your vote though!

  8. xdalaw

    I like the new version a lot, but was hoping for a today screen plug-in (as an option) to quickly access my lists. Any plans to include such a feature?

  9. Marc Post author

    I don’t think you’ll see that in the next minor (.1) release but it is on the list of things people have asked for. We’ll add your vote!

  10. Tim Sharrock

    Sorry to add another “I wish you had included” item… but I cannot resist, and at least it follows on from one of the new features 🙂

    I would love to be able to import a whole file-full of lists from some format – such as your new XML output, that I can create programatically. Then I could List-pro as a wonderful way to carry round and work work with lists of information created elsewhere – my library from, FAQs, reports from databases and the sky is the limit.

  11. Mitch Olson

    I’d like to see in a future release;

    in list view:
    * the option for word-wrap for items with a longer description – ie. wrapping onto a “second line” (or third)
    * formatting options on the text beyond 4 colors of highlighting – eg. bold, color, perhaps even font
    * an indicator to show whether there are any notes entered against an item. So when deleting an item you don’t have to check item view first to check
    * ability to easily save & retrieve filters (incl sort order)

    in item view:
    * freehand drawing mode
    * option to have multiple tabs where each column can be assigned to any tab – eg. I would typically put my notes in a separate tab, but might also wish to put secondary importance columns in their own tab
    * more flexible image & linked document access – from any folder

    * automatic url detection – so any well-formed url is converted to a link whether in notes or one of the columns
    * Browser plug-in for easily clipping & adding content from the web to a list

  12. Mitch Olson

    also the ability to have more than one notes column (esp in conjunction with tabs idea above) – eg. I might have a picture in one notes column, freehand drawing in another & typed notes in another

  13. Hans

    I think it is a great software but I have to agree with Mitch Olson.It would be great if I hade the possibility to link pictures, documents from any folder in my Pocket PC. I have a HTC Advantage/x7500 with lots of phots and documents on the harddrive.

  14. I can not wait to try this out

    I have been very impressed with iliumsoft software, everything is easy to use and does an awsome job. Newbreak is great I use it every day to get caught up on all the latest and greatest info.

  15. Kevin White

    Hans: You can configure the Pocket PC version to use whatever folder you want for ‘linked files’. Just go to Menu -> Tools -> Link Options.

    If you change the linked files location, then just make sure you put your graphics in that particular folder. If the names match up with the ones you use on your desktop, you’ll see the same graphic on both devices.

    If you aren’t synchronizing with a PC, or are syncing but don’t mind if your links don’t work on both your PC and PDA, then you can un-check the “Only show files int he Linked Files location” checkbox on your PDA. If you do that, you’ll be able to browse to any file on your PDA (or desktop) to link it.

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  17. Yvan

    Interesting upgrade but… I use ListPro on My Treo650 and I would like a change of action. When I am seeing a item in the item list and I press my enter button, my item becomes strike. I would prefer if Listpro shows me the detail of the item.

    I’m waiting for the 5.1…

  18. Marc Post author

    That’s a tough one Yvan and it has come up before…the trick is that there are two camps on this; the click and check and the click and details camps. Now one solution might be to offer a “change how a click behaves” option, but the problem there is that it adds another layer of complexity (every additional option limits ease of use.) So we haven’t given up on finding middle ground but we haven’t come up with a solution we’re happy with yet!

  19. Taccy

    I raise my hand (and Treo 680) as a vote for the ‘click and details’ camp.

    If a checkbox is the first item in a list then I could click to see the details, but a double click would check (strikeout) the item (by opening the details with the checkbox highlighted – as it does now – and the second click would check the box and return to list view; but all to quick to see)

    I think that this does not make the interface any more complex, in fact for me it would add a better safetynet for the times that I accidentally strike out items that I did not mean to.

    I think that this could easily be incorporated as an option without increasing the complexity of the interface. It could be a property of the list itself – just an extra checkbox on the list property settings. For example make the default to be ‘click for details’ – but have a checkbox on the list properties – ‘settings’ tab labelled ‘single click strikeout for those that don’t want to go to the datils view on a single click.

    This would be a really big improvement for me.

  20. Taccy

    As it seems that this is becoming a sort of sounding board for ideas – how about the option to save filters. I could then set values for all of the column filters via a single name.

    For example when using a single large master task list as I leave work, I could select the ‘Leaving’ filter which would show my home to-dos, errands and ‘flagged – must do before leaving ‘ items.
    Coming in to work the next day I could slect my ‘Arrive at desk’ filter whch would filter all of todays to dos, quick desk calls etc.

  21. Jennifer S.

    I don’t really know what goes into making a rpogram but I’m sure that if it took 3 years for you ghuys to come out with a new program that it must take a lot of time to do it. I understand that not everything everyone asked for ccan be put into a program and you guys choose the ones that people asked for the most and if they were doable. What I wanted was put in there but for those that didn’t get it have some patience I’m sure Ilium is doing all they can do make everyone happy and has hard as I try to think I don’t think I can remember another company that tries to please their customer’s as much as this company does.

  22. Marc Post author

    Thanks for all the comments! We’re definitely going to keep developing and improving ListPro and your comments help a lot.

    A couple things I’d like to clear up are the release schedule and “how long does it take to make this thing?”

    ListPro 4.1 came out under 2 years ago. I’m not arguing that it wasn’t a long wait (we are acutely aware of how long it has been between releases!), but we didn’t hit the 3 year mark (thank goodness!)

    Also, we didn’t spend that whole time working on ListPro. As you may have seen in the “team pictures” we post every now and then, we aren’t a big software house. Bigger than some, sure, but we don’t have 70 people on staff. We also don’t contract out any of our work or send it overseas. Every program we release is a product of hard working, full-time staff based right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That means that everyone here wears more than one hat. Our developers not only work on multiple titles, they also handle a lot of our infrastructure work, from online stores to sales databases.

    Either way, the good news is that we are working towards more frequent release cycles in the future. I can’t offer dates but a lot of what changed in both eWallet 5.0 and ListPro 5.0 were things that will let us work more efficiently (and thus more quickly) in the future.

    Thanks again for all your comments and support!

  23. George

    Once feature which appears missing is a default setting for the notes font size, especially for lists migrated from version 4.1. All my notes are shown in 14 point font, which is huge compared to the 8 or 9 point default I normally have set on my IPAQ2210. As far as I can see I have to change the formatting of each note individually?

  24. George

    I also find that the blue tick on grey background for the flag column is a lot harder to see than the old dark blue filling on white flag, when using a PDA in daylight. It looks nicer, but I think is less practical. Maybe newer devices have better screens…

  25. George

    One more comment – if I select/deselect the “show only flagged items” button, the scrollbar jumps back to the top of the list. I’m sure 4.1 didn’t do this. This means quickly checking to see if there are any flagged items by using the button looses your position in the list.

    At version 4.1 I thought listpro was great and it did exactly what I wanted. If you don’t really need the new features of 5.0, you might want to try it before you upgrade.

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