ListPro 6.0?

listpro-app-graphic300.jpgListPro 5.0 is officially out and so far the response is great. We’re really glad that so many of you like it. One tricky aspect of ListPro, however, is that the flexibility that makes it so popular, also allows each person to use the software in a completely different way. As a result, the feature request lists for ListPro are longer and more varied than for any other product we’ve ever released. Each person wants different features based on the way they use the software.

Something that many of you already know is that we place a lot of weight on the opinions of our customers. We keep careful track of what you are requesting, and when it comes time to create a new version we use those lists (made in ListPro I might add) to guide us in our development.

So, ListPro 5.0 out, you’ve given it a try, and you discovered we didn’t include the one feature you reallywanted to see. Now is your chance to chime in with “Next time you have to add this!” or”Please fix that!” or even “You’re perfect! Never change!” (Hey, we can dream can’t we!)

 And finally, if you don’t feel like posting here, always feel free to email your ideas to us at .

42 thoughts on “ListPro 6.0?

  1. Rodney

    So far so good. Listpro looks like its going in the right direction, but what I’d like is easier ways to import pictures, through html links or something….Better integration with softwares.

  2. Michael

    Two quick comments on v5 (I’ve only had a brief chance to really play with it):

    1) I would still like to see more than 4 different colors for highlighting.

    2) I’ve been using the stoplight icon for some of my Yes/No fields. However, the new icon has made the red and green dots so small (in a large gray stoplight) that it is very difficult to tell whether the field is set to red or green.

  3. Stauff

    I’ve been using ListPro since it’s inception. Just installed version 5 and the first thing I noticed is the new graphics. They may look cool, but they’re very difficult to read. The red/yellow/green stoplight is so small that it’s hard to tell which color is illuminated. The blue flag icon is even worse. On my desktop PC, it’s very difficult to tell the state of the blue flag because it’s so small.

    These two problems alone will probably prevent me from upgrading to version 5 because I use the red/yellow/green indicator and the blue flags extensively in all my lists. Go back to the old graphics – or fix the new ones!

  4. PC Phil

    I would like a relationship field that could call a list from within the same master list file. Yes, getting a bit data-basee here but it would greatly add to the functionality. I could then have families of lists from a master parent all in one .clf file.

  5. Z

    I have recently switched from a Palm device using BrainForest for managing tasks and lists to a Windows Mobile device. The first software products I purchased and installed were Spb Mobile Shell, Spb Pocket Plus, Spb Diary, and Pocket Informant. After grepping the internets, I found ListPro and purchased it. I am hoping to use ListPro for GTD and to expand/complement/replace the Tasks and Notes synchronization between my WM5.0 device and MS Outlook on WinXP. The main features I am looking for are setting up subtasks with start and end dates, completion percentages, prioritization, context(s), and Next Action planning.

  6. Marc Post author

    Thanks for the comments so far! Regarding the stop-light, we’ve heard that a few times now. In testing it didn’t come up as a problem but I can certainly understand your frustrations. We’re looking at ways to improve it for when we release a .1 version update (and don’t worry…it won’t take as long as the last update!)

  7. Hans

    I would like to make it possible to link to word/excel document in my handheld. In the same way I can do with websites, but it should open mobile word/excel/Acrobat reader, instead of the webbrowser

  8. Marc Post author

    Hans…if you have a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone you can already do this. Just enter a path for the file location. In fact, if you store the file in the Linked Files Location on the desktop, you can even have ListPro automatically publish the file to your device. If you have trouble setting it up, just drop our support folks a line ( ) and they can walk you through it.

  9. Bob Shapiro

    I have used listpro for years but stopped when I moved to a smartphone from a PPC. Without synchronization between my phone and my PC, I don’t find that listpro is useful to me.

  10. Phil

    I have been using ListPro for several years and love it. However I have not upgraded to V5 as I need more D-Pad support. I use the shopping list feature using the checkbox and the flags. I can use the d-pad to check off items however the stylus has to come out to flag an item.

  11. DeanH

    I was trying out ListPro when in San Francisco on vacation. I put together this awesome list of attractions with lots of details. I was devastated when I went to view the list when I got home and it was gone! I later learned that the memory card I used was acting up. It would disappear then reappear. If it’s possible to harden the error handling and code around storing and retrieving it would be a good thing. I’m much better with backups now (but still can’t backup a card when travelling). Note that I also lost my RSS feeds in Newsbreak too.

  12. Tim Sharrock

    And while you are tweaking the stop-lights, please can we have the old high-contrast flags back? Pastel-blue and grey are almost indistinguishable on my axim in poor light. Like Stauff I may have to revert to the old version for this reason.

    On the 3-state graphics, can we have some options that are good for signifying low-middle-high, rather than low-high-middle?

    and finally, as I mentioned in the other blog-thread I would like to use ListPro as a portable reading system for whole families of lists created programattically from different sources, so would like to be able to create a file-full of lists for xml, or some other documented format.

  13. Jennifer S.

    I think the upgrade is great except for the two obvious reasons which are the stoplights and the flags. Hopefully in the .1 version this will be fixed and I will be happy because I found nothing else wrong with it.

  14. Ron Campbell

    A little off topic, but I purchased ListPro within the upgrade window however haven’t received info on how to get a new key. Just want to make sure I haven’t missed out on the upgrade- palooza. Do we need to apply for anew key or just wait for an email notice?

  15. Kris

    I love ListPro and I definitely think version 5 is very well done but there are some things I would like changed/fixed.

    For one, many people have mentioned that the Flag icon is too hard to read. I agree on both my desktop and my WM device. I think the best solution would be to have a standard set of icons that we can choose from or add our own. Simple things like a red and green box, stoplight like mentioned above, or maybe allow us to customize it so we can choose from the words “yes” or “no” or whatever we would like to come up with. That would be really cool and useful!

    My second item is some sort of summary screen. Make it highly customizable and it includes a summary of our lists. Perhaps the highest priorities and/or completed, etc…

    Also, can we get a today plugin? I really miss not having one like the built in tasks.

  16. Kris

    Ron Campbell, I also didn’t receive mine so I e-mailed them and the next day, I had a reply with my new upgrade keys in it… as well as an additional e-mail with completely different keys, lol.

    Just send support an e-mail

  17. Kris

    Something else I thought of! I think we need some methods/functions in ListPro for different fields.

    Perhaps like a Date or DateTime kind of thing so I can have a field that automatically inserts a value when I add an item (a value that can be read only if I choose). I guess this is kind of taking ListPro into the Database arena but I think it could be great to have dynamic fields like that. Maybe even some advanced fields that could even grab a value from a remote place (i.e. internet address) for, perhaps stocks?

    Also, I think server synchronization would be great! Perhaps there could be a web application component that could be installed (this would be GREAT for corporate users) that ListPro could connect to and synchronize. Then we could check our lists from anywhere in the world whether it’s from a desktop, mobile device, or just any web browser. I would love this feature because I’m not allowed to synchronize with my device at work but I could update my lists from my work machine and have it updated to my WM phone and my Desktop at home.

    I am a professional web developer so if you needed any guidance on doing some sort of web application I would be willing to help. I was actually thinking of working on my own application to do this but the ListPro format is a Binary format and I don’t have experience deciphering formats (that can be dangerous anyway). If you have any kind of SDK or specification document on the ListPro format I would love to check that out.

  18. Tim Sharrock

    A “SDK or specification document on the ListPro format” as Kris suggests would satisfy mty “generate lists” wish-item too.

    Kris, would the XML export in ListPro 5 be a useful first step for your requirements? With a one-list-at-a-time rather than one-file-at-a-time interface, and only available from the GUI it would not be ideal for automatic publishing to a web-site, and coming back would be non-trivial (again only available from the GUI, and importing-items-from-file again works within a single list and does not allow merging)

  19. Marc Post author

    Tim is on the right track. Although we don’t have exactly what you are asking for Kris, you could export to HTML format and get a really good looking list that will display great in just about any browser (I tried it myself). This would, at least, satisfy the “anywhere access” you are asking about.

    As for an SDK/spec that is another request that we’ve received quite a bit. I am writing all of these down and we’re compiling them (along with our other lists) as we finalize the lists for the next version. (And yes…I’m planning a change to flags and stoplights for 5.1…sorry about that!)

  20. Mark

    Record-level synchronization between a Smartphone and a PC (like e-Wallet) is the only feature that will ever get me to buy a new version of ListPro. I was sorely disappointed (and a bit shocked) that this wasn’t included in v5.

  21. Kris

    It’s great to see a software company actually listen to your suggestions. Thanks for responding!

    I do have one additional question/possible request. How scalable is ListPro? Lately, I have been using it for everything especially tracking tasks at my current job and these items add up rather quickly. I don’t want to delete any so I have a record I can go back to but how many items can I realistically add to a ListPro list? Is there a specific limit or a certain point in which is becomes unreliable or slow?

    If ListPro can’t scale up to really large lists (perhaps with entries over 100,000, though very unlikely I’ll even get to that point), are there are plans to do so?


  22. Kris

    Sorry I keep adding comments but I completely forgot about one item. What about reoccurring list items? This is the only feature that forces me to still use tasks on my phone and if ListPro included it… well, so long tasks!

  23. Marc Post author

    Here is the short, non-technical answer Kris. For the typical user, the limits are so high that they will never hit them.

    Now, slightly more technical. The nature of the software demands that we have some limits in place. There is a rough limit of about 33,000 items per list. In addition, a list has a 3MB size limit and a file has a 16MB size limit. Also, each list has a limit of 1,572,864 characters.

    So you can see that the 100,000 item list you are asking about wouldn’t work. The way I’d personally handle this sort of thing isusing a list template that fits how I work and then archiving lists as their data gets older. Are we going to bump up the limits? There hasn’t been any talk of this yet. As it stands we’ve only rarely run into people who hit these limits BUT we haven’t ruled an increase out.

    If you want the full blown technical description of the limits, drop the support folks a line. We’ve got one and we’re happy to email it to you.

  24. Mark

    One feature I’d like to see is the ability to group items by category in a collapsible form so that e.g. if I had a list of console games I wanted I could group them by console and easily see which ones correspond to which console.

  25. Jorge

    I would love to see more actions with menu keys (accelerators).
    For example, you have the “T” for duplicating an item and “F” to Find.
    So, add “N” for Notes, add an option for editing (E), deleting (D) and inserting (I). etc…
    The more actions are available with menu accelerator keys the better for Treo users.

  26. Frisbee

    The new graphics are great, but could be tuned a little for instant recognition on the small screen of the Pocket PC.

    The new Flag is not as clear as the old one. The color seems lighter so the contrast isn’t as great. The sawtooth cut out of the flag makes the small icon on the Pocket PC less instantly recognizable as a flag: I liked the old flag better. Also, the 3-way check-box does not have enough contrast to make the 3 states instantly identifiable. You want to be able to interpret your list at a glance. Some of the new graphics make you look twice.

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  28. Andrew

    One vote for a U3 version – or at least a version that will run from a USB device. I basically do my editing on the desktop … several desktops (work and home) but ‘use’ the lists on the go.

    I would also like too see an option for an automatic toggle to switch the screen from portrait to landscape on opening listpro. Currently I have it slaved to a hardware button.

    I’m also with the old flag crowd.

  29. HenryV

    The biggest thing I would like is that Find & Find All search list name, item name & item text.
    -find/find next finds everything except in list name
    -find/find all does not find within note

  30. Andrew R

    One other thing … I’m leaving my current job in a couple of weeks and thought I’d set up a countdown timer to celebrate. I thought I’d be able to deduct todays date from a fixed date to allow me to do this. I haven’t been able to achieve this yet so I’d like the ability for date field calculations to be able to deduct or add a fixed date to the system date (or a manually entered date). I know my application of this is trivial, however, it has the potential to be a start of a very simple project management type capability (I’ve never got on with complicated project management activities!)

  31. Marc

    Henry – Actually in ListPro 5.0 find should work fine for information in the Notes Pane. In fact I just did a find now to make sure and it works. You are right that we don’t search the list names. I’ll mark that down as a request.

    And to everyone else, great comments all around. We are definitely listening.

  32. Per F

    One more vote for a portable version, but not U3 which isn’t necessary, just portable. If Ilium can make eWallet portable, why not ListPro?

  33. Alain

    Just testing it at the moment. Congratulation it looks like really promising.

    Be able to protect items from being edited on a single tap.
    The action of a single tap on an item in the list could customizable.

  34. Alberto

    Just wanted to point the one missing feature that makes ListPro totally unusable for me: the ability to wrap the item field.

    Of course, there are other improvements that would be great, but this wrapping ability is ESSENTIAL.


  35. Andrew

    … Related to the flag colour problem is traffic lights. As I’m now firmly in middle age the ergonomics of squinting to see a tiny pixel colour is less appealing and a nice obvious splash. Hey, if you wan’t creative make is a ‘blob, or a splash of paint please, but don’t try to squeeze a vertical picture into a horizontally dominated paradigm (ok, in English, text based). I’ll have to change from using traffic lights while this remains the same.

  36. Peter Koch

    It would be useful to add a “Prevent Deletion” checkbox to the List Properties. I have clicked OK at the confirm deletion prompt a tad too quick and ended up reaching for a backup copy to restore a much-needed list. The concept could be extended to folders too.

  37. DeWayne

    While I wait desperately for th 5.1 icon color update here are a couple of other requests for 6.0. I would like to be able to save multiple “Views” of a list where each “view” would contain various filter, sort and outline level compression settings.

    I have created a form of GTD template that works well for me but find it frustrating to have to manually reapply filters, sorts and outline compression/expansion settings all the time.

    Another use for such a template would be to facilitate an archive function which I have implemented using a flattened outline and completion filter together with a Cut and Paste (into another list) operation.

    I could go on about other things like calculating priorities from subordinate outline entries or macro’s but that might me to much to hope for!

    Thanks for a great product.

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