Thanksgiving Week

horn.gifWell, it’s Thanksgiving week in Michigan, and I think we’re all pretty thankful that we have jobs – way too many people around here don’t. As well as that people are still buying our software, that we’re still winning awards (we just won 3 Best Software Awards from Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine, announced today), that the guy who broke in a few weeks ago only took the one laptop, and that our offices aren’t freezing all the time (unlike the last two). And for the internet, which made this all possible, and which has given us all so many new and improved ways to goof off. And of course for our customers, friends and supporters in the mobile world. We couldn’t have made it without you.

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week

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  2. Brandon

    Congrats on the wins!! Well deserved.

    And we should all be thankful to have jobs.. as you said many people don’t. Personally I’m thankful that I have a job, a home and loving family (not necessarily in that order).

    Keep up the good work folks …

  3. Colin

    Of course ListPro wins – an essential piece of software for any PC, let alone for a mobile device! Congratulations folks, well deserved.

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