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eWallet 6.0 is here!

wallet120.jpgeWallet 6.0 is out and we are really excited about this one. Not only do we have a ton of great features, we also have two incredible surprises to tell you about! I hate to keep people waiting so I’ll jump right in with the surprises first!


eWallet + FlexWallet = The Best of the Best!
Ilium Software and WebIS have teamed up to offer our customers the best electronic wallet ever. WebIS is focusing their efforts on their flagship products and Ilium Software is going to take the electronic wallet helm! In eWallet 6.0 we’ve taken the best of FlexWallet and added those features to eWallet (and there are more FlexWallet features on the way!) We’re also providing FlexWallet owners with the full “eWallet Owner” experience, plus an easy migration path from FlexWallet to eWallet. You can get all the details here! (And if you haven’t tried out WebIS’s products, you need to! Check them out here!)

eWallet Web Companion (beta)
With this release we are also debuting the eWallet Web Companion, a web-based application that lets you access your wallet files from your iPhone, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, Symbian phone, PSP, Amazon Kindle, Nintendo Wii…you name it! If it has a web browser and an internet connection you’re ready to go! Read more about it here.

Also, the beta is already underway, so if you’d like to take part head over to this page and fill out an application to take part!

eWallet 6.0 Features
And of course we have a bunch of excellent new features. You can get the full list here, but here are some highlights!

  • 256-bit AES FIPS Encryption
  • SFTP Synchronization
  • Flex View grid-style card display
  • Attach files to your cards (and encrypt them!)
  • Built-in Importer
  • Free card backgrounds
  • Over 200 new icons for available for download

Like I said, it’s a great set of features and we are really excited about this one. We certainly hope you like it. With version 6.0 , we’re taking eWallet straight into the future and ensuring eWallet users everywhere that wherever the future of mobile computing takes them, eWallet will be there for them!

10+ applications for getting down to business with Windows Mobile 6

Here’s a list I like – 10+ applications for getting down to business with Windows Mobile 6 – published on the Tech Republic blog today. Not only because we’re on it twice (thank you very much), but also because it’s a great reminder – along with 10 reasons why the Samsung i760 is better than the iPhone for business users, by the same author – of how flexible and functional these handhelds can be. Thanks, Debra Littlejohn Shinder and Jody Gilbert!

The Last Winner of the Year


Time flies when you’re having fun, and now it’s already December, which means today I’m picking the last blog contest winner of the year! It’s also the holiday season – of course, according the every retail store I’ve been in this year, the holiday season started before Halloween… Anyway, since it’s December, the holiday season is officially upon us, in my mind. So today’s lucky winner is getting one of their gifts a little early this year, and let’s see who it will be!

This month’s winner is Colin, who commented on the post Thanksgiving Week. Congratulations! I just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, thanks for all the great comments, and be sure to keep coming back because somebody has to be the first winner in 2008, and it could be you!

Our Partner Store is Open

We’ve just started selling a few partner products – titles developed and maintained by other companies. You may have seen other of the mobile sites doing this already, and you’ll probably see more over the next few months. We’re still a pretty small industry, and at least some of us are trying to work more closely together and give each others’ titles some extra exposure and sales. Plus, like Amazon selling shoes and hairdryers (both of which I’ve bought from them recently), we’re hoping that our featuring other titles will make it easier for visitors to find what they want, even if we don’t make it ourselves.

The support for any partner products on our site will be provided by the company that makes it – PocketInformant by WebIS, 1-Calc by OmegaOne, etc. – but we’re only selling titles that we know are well supported, and that we know we can always reach the author of. The sales will go through the Handango engine that’s the backend for our own title’s store as well.

It’s an experiment – if it doesn’t work well for us, for our visitors, and for the other titles’ authors, we’ll take it down. If it does, we’ll add more titles. We’ll never turn into a big software portal – believe me that we’ll never turn into a big software portal – but we’re hoping we can expand just a little and help our our visitors as well as ourselves and our friends.

You Can’t Be Too Rich, Too Thin, or Too Careful

More and more, I realize you really can’t be too careful.

I got an email this morning, looking like it was from PayPal, telling me to login to my account and update my information. I have enough experience to know what to look for before hitting any link, and also to know what kinds of emails to be suspicious of in general, but I also know that a lot of people don’t. I used to think things like the personal images and extra security questions were overkill, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m taking security a lot more seriously now, because some of the tricks the bad guys are pulling are pretty impressive.

I’d bet that people who read this blog (and thanks for reading it; I really like being able to just “think out loud” on my PC and call it working) are pretty careful and knowledgeable too, but I’d also bet that everyone has at least one friend or relative who’d read an email like the one I got today and click that link that looks legitimate. So if you know someone like that, this would be a great time to remind them that emails aren’t necessarily from who they say they’re from. And that links don’t necessarily go to the site in their text.

And now back to figuring out how to get rich and thin.