eWallet 6.0.1 Released!

wallet120_thumbnail.jpgI’m happy to announce that we just released eWallet 6.0.1. If you aren’t having any trouble with eWallet 6.0, don’t worry about getting this one. It just cleans up a few things, corrects a couple of specific problems, and improves on a few things like graphic installations. Here is a short list describing some of the things we changed in this release:

  • – Improved startup speed
  • – Added an extra Vista icon
  • – Plays nicer with UAC in Vista
  • – Humanized some error messages
  • – Fixed a couple problems with FlexWallet conversion
  • – Auto Backup now does a backup whenever you close the wallet (as opposed to before when it only backed up if you exited the program)
  • – Optimized FlexWallet icons for different devices and now FlexWallet Icon Pack only installs the icons you need for your device (which should speed up startup time as well!)
  • – Plus a bunch of minor tweaks

And as some of you know, we’ve had a few folks who, when they install the full FlexWallet icon pack, see a slowdown in the startup. The changes in this version should help but we’re still working on this issue for 6.1 as well. We’ve got some ideas that we think will speed things up even more.

 Anyhow, you can download the latest version from our here and 6.0 unlock codes will still work with 6.0.1.

7 thoughts on “eWallet 6.0.1 Released!

  1. Brandon

    WooHoo! Finally someone realized that they should “Humanize some error messages” — You guys should call Microsoft and tell them about this new found light bulb that popped up over your heads. They might actually benefit from it as well. Better yet – Patent the idea of “human readable error messages” and sell them the technology!!

    Just kidding. Keep up the good work folks – still one of my favorite products!

  2. Marc Post author

    Thanks Brandon! We’ve been slowly updating error messages throughout our products, trying to make them mean something to people who don’t have the error code list. 🙂 We aren’t done yet but we’re getting there.

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  4. Gianou

    Ive also been using ewallet for many years now and consider it one of the #1 programs I use and need daily on my Pocket PC. What I was just wondering, is there a plan in a newer version to be able to toggle on/off the new ‘gradient background’? since I converted the old version of my wallet file to the new 6.0 version, the new file is not displaying the cards well, it is throwing off my installed graphics/clip art in the cards.

  5. Marc Post author

    Hey Gianou. Either you have an Axim (some models have a display bug that messed up the gradient) or your background graphics just don’t look good on a gradient. Either way, version 6.1, due out around June or July, has that feature.

  6. Judy

    Hi there. I’ve upgraded my desktop and Palm versions to 6.0.1 and like to think I can notice the difference in load times 😉

    I went on to upgrade the U3 version as well (I like to keep everything at the same level) and noticed that it is significantly faster opening a wallet – wonder why that is? Is the speed of loading inversely proportional to the size of the device or something?!

    Keep up the improvements! Thanks

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