eWallet for Apple Newton!

wallet120_thumbnail.jpgIt’s been a year of big announcements for Ilium Software and today is no different! We are extremely pleased to announce our plans to release eWallet for the Apple Newton!

With the overwhelming success of the iPhone we’re certain that it is only a matter of time before the Newton makes its big comeback. That said, we think it makes a lot of sense to make sure that we’re ready! The Newton is a fantastic platform and the opportunity to be the first to offer our products with full Newton compatibility is something we just couldn’t pass up!

Some of the great features you can expect to see include:

  • Full Calligrapher support
  • 25 Artistically crafted gray-scale icons
  • Cross-soup database support for adding alarms to cards
  • Synchronization using the NCK!
  • And much more….

We’re awfully excited about this one and we hope you are too! Here’s a screenshot of the beta so you can see what you have to look forward to!


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9 thoughts on “eWallet for Apple Newton!

  1. Kevin White

    Wow, that’s sweet! Lemme call my friend about it. *pulls out his DynaTAC* “Hey, guess where I’m calling from!”


    (For those who don’t remember, the DynaTAC is the ‘brick phone’, made into a cultural icon by none other than Zack Morris of “Saved By The Bell”.)

    Or maybe the Newton is more MicroTAC/StarTAC era?

  2. doug

    I thought you guys had been awfully quiet lately. I can only imagine how eWallet would look on that kind of screen resolution. 🙂


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