Ilium Software is Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatible

Microsoft Windows MobileWindows Mobile 6.1 is officially out and we’re pleased to report that all of our products for Windows Mobile 6.0 are 100% compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1. We’ve put the products through their paces, tested the software, and verified that when you move to Windows Mobile 6.1 you can count on your Ilium Software products being there for you.

9 thoughts on “Ilium Software is Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatible

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  2. J. Wagner

    @spmwinkel – Agreed. I have a Verizon-based Samsung SCH-0760 smartphone and am not optimistic I’ll see WM 6.1 on it anytime soon.

  3. Marc

    All the Windows Mobile 6.1 people care! As for Blackberry it is coming. The process is taking longer than expected but I’ve used the beta version and it looks great so far. It’s on it’s way.

  4. Marc

    None of our applications are tested for compatibility with “unofficial” ROMs. They might work, but we simply don’t verify this.

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