It’s Out!

In case you hadn’t already heard the news, eWallet iPhone sync is out! It went out yesterday evening. Thanks to everyone here who worked so hard to make this happen, and thank you to all of you out there who stuck with us and gave us your support along the way. It’s great to hit the “finish line!”

So, on to the other sync topics!

First let me extend my congratulations to Adrian,  who noticed and posted about the release a few minutes before we even got the notification from Apple! He can officially shout “FIRST!”

Second, I’m thrilled to say that sync is working great.  With a few exceptions folks are not having any trouble at all. If you’re having problems absolutely contact us. I’ll let you know that we’re getting a LOT of calls/emails right now as people rush to get the new version and upgrade their desktop versions, but we’ll do our absolute best to get back to you quickly.

Third, here is how to fix the most common problem we’ve seen.  Make sure you have eWallet 6.1.2 on your desktop. Just download and install the latest version from this page or using this direct link. You don’t need unlock codes if you’re already using a full/unlocked version of eWallet 6.0+ on your desktop. It will auto-register. This has solved the majority of issues we’ve seen.

Fourth, I’ve made a note of all the other questions folks have had and I’ll reply later today. Needless to say things are a little hectic this morning, but I’ll definitely get to all of your concerns. I just need a couple hours to sort through the couple hundred emails and blog comments. 🙂

Fifth, we’re emailing everyone who has registered! We’re in the process of sending those out so everyone should get a notification along with the appropriate link for the latest desktop version update.

Thanks again everyone! I hope you like it and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Marc Tassin

53 thoughts on “It’s Out!

  1. Stephane Fortin

    Congratulation for this official release! I’m sure there will be many users happy about this news and quite possibly more new costumers coming your way! It’s now time for me to try and convince my employer to get eWallet to us as a work tool. 😉

  2. Piet Hermkens

    Congratulations. I have just synchronized my wallet from the desktop into the Iphone. Synchronization works great. Many thanks.

  3. Kerem

    Amazing. Can’t believe how easy that was. Can you apply for a patent for your synch technology before anyone grabs it? While at it can you please apply this approach to Contacts & Calendar synch with Outlook etc? I can’t see MS or Apple supporting their competitor’s product entirely so this could be a great moneymaker for you. Anyways, well done & thanks. Amazing. It was well worth the wait.

  4. David

    I’ve got a problem installing ewallet to iphone. Sorry if this is not the place to post an issue or ask for help but I couldn’t find where else to ask

    As iTune syncs I get the ” unknown error occurred (0xE800002E)

    Any ideas?

  5. Mike Oliver

    Works great, thanks for your hard work! Now if Apple will step-up and provide copy/paste to help with getting those crazy random passwords from eWallet into Safari, I would be happy. You guys have done your part, thanks a lot. Fine job!

  6. Dave

    I’m not able to get the Synch setup to recognized my iphone. I’ll watch the board for a bit to see what others see and call support later today…

    Nice work gang

  7. Becky

    I’m on a wireless network at home, and finally got it to sync last night. At work, I’m on a LAN but there’s still wireless available. Do I have to be off the LAN for the sync to work to the laptop? It won’t sync today.

  8. alkis

    Hey Guys, good news, all works fine except that background photos, not linked and which were supposed to be incorporated within the Ewallet file simply do not transfer from the desktop to the I-touch. Any ideas? Well done, otherwise. It was worth the waiting rather than investing in competitive software.

  9. Marc Post author

    Thanks everyone! As I mentioned in the post, if you’re having trouble definitely drop us a line. So far we’ve found that the majority of issues folks are seeing are pretty easy to resolve so definitely let us know. You can still post questions here, but when things are busy we focus on the support emails/calls and get back to the blog comments after that is done.

    As I promised, I’ll post some questions and answers later today.

  10. Josh

    Our firewall is blocking this application from working correctly. Our logs show that it is choosing a random port to try to connect. It would be nice if we could just open up one port on our desktop firewalls, rather than our users having to completely disable their firewall or render it virtually ineffective by opening all ports just to allow eWallet to work properly. Any chance that a future version will just use one port, or allow administrators to select which port it will use?

  11. Todd

    I have 6.2 installed on the desktop. It can see all other resources, shared drives, shared printers and other workstations on the network. I can ping the iPhone’s IP with ipconfig. The iPhone itself is fine on the wireless network and is using all resources for WWW browsing, control of iTunes using REMOTE, etc.

    I am told by eWallet sync that it can see no Apple device when I run Sync Setup.

  12. Amy

    My eWallet database resides on a PC that is connected via ethernet cable to my router and home network. This same router also connects my iPhone to my home network via WiFi. Sadly, when I try to set up synchronization from my PC, eWallet 6.1.2 cannot find my iPhone on the network. Is this because my PC is connected to the network via ethernet cable and not WiFi? My iPhone is happily running an empty eWallet application currently.

  13. Kevin Ha

    1. Where can I see the version number for eWallet for iPhone?
    (when I hit the “i” at the bottom right all I see is v6.1 Build 108.
    2. When I go to update my eWallet for iPhone, it does now show that there is an update available. How do I force it to update?


  14. J Powers

    Sync is working as long as I let it overwrite my existing iphone wallet.

    It keeps wanting to writing a new wallet with the following message

    eWallet cannot locate a copy of the wallet

  15. Larry

    Got the Update sync works great… Nice to finnally to have all of information on the phone… Now we need eWallet on the Blackberry for my wife

  16. Mike

    Fantastic. It works perfectly. I can sync my phone with both my home computer and my office. With this release, this is the most useful iPhone application available so far. The Blog updates are a real sign of quality service.

  17. Kevin

    Conflict with ZoneAlarm.

    After I completely shut down ZoneAlarm, I was able to sync my desktop with my iPhone. Even if I left ZoneAlarm on, but turned off Internet security, it wouldn’t let the sync happen. I’m just glad I have the wallets synced. If anybody knows what setting to make in ZoneAlarm to keep the connection between the desktop and iPhone, please post it.

  18. Paul Gale

    Great – unfortunately Apple’s updater and store seems to be as buggy as hell here 🙁 updates showing as available on the applications menu item but then saying none available when trying to actually get them 🙁 VERY unimpressed with Apple! Always impressed with iliumsoft though 🙂

  19. Kevin Duffey

    This rocks! It was fast, simple and just worked. No confusion no problems. I am ecstatic this is out!



    PS workaround on app store not updating. Update from App store. Then plug in iPhone. Go to the applications tab and DESELCT E-Wallet – click APPLY. Let it remove it from iPhone. Re select it in iTunes, then click APPLY – it will put the updated version on the phone. For ZA, you should allow an exception: To do this open Zonealarm and go to the ‘program control’ panel, then click the ‘programs’ tab. Scroll down the list of programs until you find EWallet. Left click on the question mark in the ‘server/internet’ section of your application’s row. Change the setting to ‘allow.’

  20. ktula

    Updating eWallet from the App Store on my iPhone removed my personal wallet (called Wallet.wlt). Fortunately, i had backed up the Wallet.wlt on my jail-broken iPhone prior to updating it. So all i had to do, after eWallet was updated on my iPhone, was to create a new wallet called Wallet.wlt in eWallet and then over-write it with Wallet.wlt that i had backed up on my Mac. The first time i opened my wallet, it was updated automatically by eWallet.

  21. Ash

    Marc and the folks at Ilium,

    Got the email, downloaded the update from AppStore, and got the eWallet desktop update as well. I set up the sync on the desktop, and BINGO! All my eWallet desktop entries show up on the iPhone. The sync happened in a flash. AWESOME!

    Thanks a million!

  22. psywzrd

    Amazing update by you guys!!! It could not have been easier to import my wallet from my previous device and sync it with my iphone. My only wish is that the desktop client for Mac was available first since my Mac is my primary computer; however, that’s a minor complaint since the windows desktop client worked flawlessly. I’m so relieved that I don’t have to carry another device in addition to my iphone since my iphone now has all of my ewallet info. I absolutely love this program and would not even consider another product.

    Any idea what the Mac desktop client will cost when it’s released?

  23. Markus

    Excellent – It really was as smooth as written in this blog before… Finally my passwords made it to my iPhone. Thanks.

  24. Michele

    great news and thanks to iLium for always great job.

    I have only one problem!

    I’m not able to update because my itunes and my iphone doesn’t find the update.

    I have an italian iPhone with vodafone and both iphone and itunes didn’t find any update.
    The problem seem to be just for ewallet because I receive this morning update for other applications on my iphone.

    My iPhone is “regular” means under televome, vodafone, contract.

    Someone has some suggestion.

    Congratulation again to iLium.

  25. Andrew

    I emailed support yesterday about this. Same as J Powers above. Sync is working as long as I let it overwrite my existing iphone wallet.

    It keeps wanting to writing a new wallet with the following message

    eWallet cannot locate a copy of the wallet

  26. Quinten Dreesmann

    Oops. Updated the iPhone application, now my wallet is GONE? Can I retrieve this somewhere since I have done a backup recently?



  27. Paulo

    The sync worked very well and fast!
    thank you for the update.

    Just a small problem: I had a few picture cards in my eWallet. After sync with the iPhone, none of them displays the picture in the iPhone.
    Is this normal? Or are those cards not yet supported (at least to sync).

  28. Manish

    Hate to burst the bubble but the sync does NOT work for me. I get a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error that says “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information”

    This stinks! Sent ilium a request for further information but now I have to wait 2 days again to get a response 🙁

    Anyone have this problem on their install?

  29. Vic

    I now have my iPhone and two PC’s synced together, and I don’t see any problem so far. I’m still a tad confused about the sync that the app wants to do upon exit, but I can understand the logic that a sync should be executed at that time. I may have to break down and actually look at the instructions to see it they cover that subject, and that isn’t a complaint about the design or performance.

    Cudos to Iliumsoft for delivering a sync capability that actually works, right out of the gate. You clearly made the right decision to delay its release until the product was stabilized.

    The only additional thing that I would like to see you provide is a customer forum, so that we could all share our experiences and tips directly.

  30. Bert

    Simply fabulous! Having been an eWallet user forever it seems, this functionality was well worth the wait and is just terrific. It works well! A new killer app for the iPhone!

  31. Marc Post author

    @Manish: I emailed you directly as well but try reinstalling Bonjour (if you need the link check the email I sent or the new post I just put up!)

  32. Michael

    Unbelievable – I have literally been beating my brains out for about 6 hours a day for the past four days trying to get my iPhone 3G to sync with my Outlook calendar (so far without success). I have also been anxiously waiting for the release of the eWallet sync, and got really excited last night when it finally popped up on the App Store. Got to the office this morning and in about 5 minutes and three taps had the wallet I’ve built up over the past 4 years synched with the phone. Now, one final question – couldn’t you PLEASE lend some of your techs to Apple? Thanks so much for a fabulous job!

  33. Michele

    Download the update

    If could help, there a trick to update evenif iTunes doesn’t propose the update.

    Remove ewallet from the iphone, remove ewallet from itunes.

    On the same session search in the app store for ewallet end click to buy a new copy.
    Itunes ask for credential and after check the purchase.

    Because I have ewallet registered iTunes answer that I coudl have for free so start the donwload.

    Check in itunes application if ewallet is present and if it the new versione 6.1.2.

    So connect the iPhone, selected the tab application, and probably you have ewallet selected. uncheck it, click apply, check it again and apply.

    Than sync iPhone.

    Voilà the new ewallet are on the iphone.

    This has worked for me.
    Before obviously an iPhone backup and be sure not to have any ewallet file on the iphone, because on what required as fist action, “remove on the iphone” all data will be loosed, but with the sync you will retreive it.

    I sync my ewallet with Vista 64 bit and is fantastic. 3 clicks and done.

  34. vi

    Congrats on a superb job/product, Ilium!

    Long time eWallet WinMo/PPC user since 4.x days. Waited for sync feature before purchasing the iPhone version. Upgraded desktop to 6.1.2 from 6.1.1, installed on the iPhone and synced without a problem as expected from you guys. As you can see I am very happy camper and fully worth the wait.

    Now… I am in the process of switching to Macs. Looking forward to the OS X version eagerly. I know many people have been asking this question… When can we expect it?

    And thank you for keeping us users updated via this blog.


  35. Joel

    Saw the update notification on my iPod and downloaded the APP update along with the upgrade to my desktop software and after some firewall rule changes now have my complete Wallet on my iPod Touch……. most excellent!!! and well worth the wait.


  36. Per

    Guys, I have been waiting for this as many others and I have to say that everything worked fantastically when syncing. It feels great to be able to have all the eWallet desktop data now on my iPhone.

    I use eWallet every day and I am not sure what would happen if I lost the info in there. My life would be immensely more difficult with all passwords, PIN codes and creditcard no’s that I use every day if eWallet did not keep track of them.

    I have been playing around with 1password for my Mac-mini to try it and in case you weren’t going to do anything for the Mac or iPhone, but now that you are even talking about making an eWallet for OS X I can hopefully put the plans to transfer all eWallet info also to 1password, which would have been a bit of a hazzle.

    Thanks for the good work!!

    /Per, Stockholm, Sweden

  37. Scott

    eWallet sync working and fine… Thanks for your great blog site and updates. I have been an eWallet user since my Palm Vx and T3 days, but dumped my Treo 700p when the iPhone came out, and never looked back!

    Some requests and suggestions, and I’m sure that most of these you are already working on… (realizing that Apple has some OS limitations within the iPhone)

    1) Auto-Lock or Close an open Wallet on iPhone Auto-Lock… (Apple)
    2) Auto-Login with Username and Password to Web Sites… (Apple)
    3) Pictures/Icons from desktop cards should sync and should appear on iPhone (and vice versa)…
    4) Support for Desktop Shortcuts on iPhone…
    5) For more convenience in synching, when sync is initiated from either the iPhone side, or from the PC side, and after initial sync is successful (i.e. security info has been exchanged), have the receiving device auto-accept the sync connection instead of having to initiate it manually (of course, both PC and iPhone eWallet programs need to be running)…

    No hurry, though.
    Will get the Mac OS version as soon as it’s out…
    Love your products… Thanks again.

  38. Marc Post author

    @RMS: I’m really sorry. I would suggest doing a Restore. In theory iTunes should have backed up your wallets. We have no control at all over that portion of the process. We upload the base app to Apple and they build the installer/handle the mechanism/etc. Unfortunately, there is something odd in iTunes that this happens sometimes (to all programs.)

  39. David S

    Wahooo! Love the new iPhone version and the new Windows synch. Worked like a champ, despite two firewalls and antivirus software. I can finally stop carrying around my old PDA just for passwords etc. You guys have been more open, more honest, and more supportive than any other software company I have ever used. I have been in the tech industry for 15 years. I will use your blog as a case study in how to handle new releases and interact with customers in my marketing presentations and best practices. I am now an even more loyal customer, and have already been referring other iPhone users to you. Bravo!

  40. Karl Raab

    Sorry to say that but it´s not working for me. Installed the updates on both the iPhone and my Vista Notebook to 6.1.2 and the snc setup gives the error” An error occured while asking the Apple device to provide authorization code necessary to set up a synchronization partnership”.

    All firewalls virus tools are switched off and I even put my notebook to the same WLAN as the iPhone (after trying the LAN first) to avoid router problems.

  41. Jeremy

    I’m really happy with eWallet as an Apple user. It runs just great on Parallels. Now I just need Pocket Informant for the iPhone and my life will be complete.

  42. Alan DeRego

    I have the same problem as Michelle above (I could not get the latest version of eWallet… it tells me that there was an error).
    I tried to uninstall it then reinstalling it, but that just installed the new eWallet and none of my info.
    I tried an OEM restore and then restore using an older backup (I have a lot of info in eWallet on the iPhone).
    I at least got my info back, but no new eWallet.
    I will try the new iPhone firmware 2.1 and see if I can install the update of eWallet.
    Also, if I buy the PC version of eWallet will I need to buy it again for the Mac version (whenever that comes out)?
    Sorry…one more thing…
    Is there a way to get those new security photos (you know choose a name for the picture) on to eWallet? Is there a provision for that?



  43. Alan DeRego

    I installed the new 2.1 firmware and the update still does not install.
    I am sure this is not Ilium Software fault, but do you have any ideas or a way to work around this?



  44. Marc

    @Alan: Hey Alan. Yeah, there is something odd about the update process and clearly there are some things Apple has to iron out. One thing that has worked for folks is to go to the eWallet listing in the AppStore and redownload. Do this from the desktop version of iTunes.

    Now here is the catch – it will SAY that you have to pay again. When I tested this myself and clicked OK it said “Oh wait, it’s free for you.” BUT I CAN’T PROMISE THIS FOR YOU – the reality is that this ball is in Apple’s court and while this SHOULD work I can’t promise it will.

    The other option is to email Apple and see if they can fix the problem!

  45. Dave

    Purchased the eWallet desktop suite for my vista machine. I cannot get it to connect to my iphone (with updated eWallet). My laptop is connected to my wireless router/modem via ethernet. My iphone is connected to the wirless LAN with no connectivity issues. I can ping my iphone, so I know the two devices see each other.
    When I attempt to make a partnership with eWallet desktop, it cannot find an apple device.
    I have tried the same process with all firewalls off even set up the DMZ with no luck.
    I need some help guys, your followup emails are not forthcomming (appreciating your are really busy), phoning isnt really practical from Australia.

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