eWallet 6.1.3

Hey, everyone! We just released a new version of eWallet for Windows PC. Based on some of the great feedback we got from iPhone customers, we were able to make a couple of tweaks that should help to avoid some of the iPhone sync problems some people have seen.

We’ve sent this version to many users now and it does seem to help with the following issues:

  • Some cases where it can’t find the iPhone.
  • The problem where it can’t find the wallet on the phone and tries to create a new one there very time.

So, if you’re running into either of these issues, give this new version a try. Just install it over the old desktop version and it will auto-register. You can download it here. And this way, if you’re still having trouble, it will let us eliminate a variety of problems.

We don’t plan a mass email about this. The reason is that while the problems are insanely annoying to the folks that see them, the iPhone sync issues are really quite rare. We hate to have people go through an update process when there is really no advantage for them in doing so. Not only that, but even “there is a new version” emails feel like SPAM to many folks. Despite the fact that lots of people like to get these, even more don’t like to get them. Even opting-in to get the notifications, people still view corporate email negatively.

So there you go – your ‘insight into the mind of an Ilium Software product manager’ for the day! And for those of you with sync issues, hopefully this will solve some problems!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we’re also working on a minor iPhone side update that resolves the ‘invisible keyboard’ issue some people have run into with the 2.1 iPhone update. While we aren’t entirely sure what Apple changed that resulted in this problem, we did manage to fix it! Probably a week or two and it will be out.

22 thoughts on “eWallet 6.1.3

  1. Brian

    Is it possible to use eWallet 6.1.3 with Firefox? I have eWallet 4.1 and it only opens IE, not Firefox. I was thinking of upgrading to the latest ewallet but I wanted to know if I have the option of using it with Firefox.

  2. Marc Post author

    @Brian: Even 4.1 should work with FireFox if you just want it to open links. AutoPass is the part of eWallet that auto-enters usernames/passwords into sites you access from your card. This only works with IE. If you have AutoPass turned on, it will always try to use IE. If you turn AutoPass off, it will use whatever browser the system has registered as your default browser.

  3. Marc Post author

    @Scott: All I can tell you Scott is that it really is going to come out. We’re still working with WebIS on this and hope to have it done soon.

  4. DavidB

    Sweet, all working nicely, but saying that I didn’t have a problem with prev version, but thanks anyway.
    The “invisible” keyboard does appear (sorry wrong choice of words) on my iPhone bit annoying but no harm done.;-)

  5. Scot

    @marc FYI I reinstalled my vista 64 w/ itunes 64/bonjour 64 and 6.1.3 and everything is syncing great (before I had to use 32bit bonjour).

    I know you’ve got other things you’re working on, but as I’ve used ewallet these are the biggest ways I feel you could improve the program:

    Syncing from iphone direct to WebDAV folder(iDisk) (thus not requiring a PC)
    Allow longer text in notecards
    Syncing of attachments, and have native-compatible attachments viewable on the iphone(xls/doc/pdf/images) etc

    also, I want it to sync everytime I close even if I forget to close it and the security setting auto-closes it (this happens way too often, heh)

    Thanks for your hard work, I plan on being a lifetime customer!

  6. Jonathan Jensen

    I found that suddenly the web companion ceased to work, claiming it couldn’t open my wallet because it was an old format, despite being 6.1. I upgraded to 6.1.3 & re-synced. That solved the problem.

  7. David F.

    Feature Requests:

    * Ability to have cards based on templates be updated when changes are made to templates. IE, when you change a template, all cards based on that template get the changes.

    * Ability to add/remove fields on template. Renaming fields is not always sufficient.

    * Ability to re-arrange fields on template, both on the “card face” and fields outside of the “card”. This would include the ability to move a field up and down, for example.

    * Ability to change font/color of fields and field names.

    * More choices for field types (Proper Case fields, Radio Buttons, Pull Down menus, etc). For radio buttons and pull down fields, ability to modify choices.

    * Ability to use Firefox as well as/instead of IE. “Autopass” functionality can be implemented via Firefox plugins.

    * Multi-user support for the desktop client. A master password could be assigned for the main Wallet, but have access to categories controlled by users/groups. Integration into Active Directory would be a plus. Ok, I know I’m reaching on this one, but man, would it be nice.

    David F.

  8. Cheryl

    THANK YOU!!!! with the new update…. FINALLY I can backup my wallet on my iphone to my PC. Completely effortless sychronization & error message free with the new update.

    Never was able to get it synching with 6.1.2 and I tried every single tip/suggestion mentioned in this blog

  9. Glauco

    Feature request:

    Sync iPhone with desktop PC via USB.

    (I don’t have wifi network on my work. And I beleave many don’t have either.)

    Now I have to email my .wlt file from my work to my home pc to have it synced to my iPhone.


  10. Zoran

    I managed to make a first sync with my W2000 and latest eWallet for Windows PC, but I have problems syncing second time. I do open the eWallet on the iPhone, start sync and than start sync on the desktop… however, after a wile it prompt that Phonse is not found ore not ready… tried everything else… restart, re-paring, Bonjour reinstall, etc. but no succes in syncing secon time…

    Any suggestions or solution.

  11. Marc Post author

    @DavidB: Thanks! That was very nice!

    @Zoran: Our support folks are sending you an email so we can help you with the problem.

  12. aierfalomn

    Request for an upcoming version of eWallet iPhone:

    * Have Sync always On as long as the eWallet application is open. It’s a bit too much of a hassle to make sure both the PC version and the iPhone version are on the right screen to have sync happen and not spit out error messages.

    Thanks for a great program! Keep it up!

  13. Eric

    I downloaded an update to ewallet tonight, however there is no version number change or update description? is this the “side” upate that you mentioned to deal with the missing keyboard? if so, you REALLY REALLY do need to increment the version number so people are fully aware what version is what and does what if they have such problems.

  14. DavidB

    re the iPhone update, the description on Tunes says it solves the missing keyboard issue. Maybe the version number is to bring it into line with the desktop ? 😉

    New version is working well though, thanks.

  15. Marc Post author

    @Eric: We did. If you don’t have 6.1.3 in the iPhone update then it sounds like the update didn’t install properly.

    @DavidB: There was an issue where when you first opened eWallet, if it opened to the unlock screen the keyboard didn’t draw properly. This appeared after the 2.1 update to the OS. So we did want to fix that ASAP. We also like to keep version numbers in sync – helps a LOT with support.

  16. Marc Post author

    @Raymond: Yes, the new line thing is planned for a fix.

    As for the censoring, did you get a message that your comment was marked as Spam or something? The only messages that EVER get yanked here are “Ch3ap V1agra!” posts. If your comment got blocked, please let me know! I’m sure it was an accident. You can email me directly if you like. marc @ iliumsoft. com

  17. Wyatt

    I’ve been running v6.1.3 since it’s release and am glad to see my sync issues have disappeared. Will there be an update to allow custom templates to be transferred to the iPhone and created on the iPhone.

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