The Ilium Software Advisory Board – YOU!

I just wanted to take a moment to reinforce how much we appreciate all the input we’ve received from all of you. Even if we aren’t able to add something that you’ve been waiting for, much of what we do here is based directly on customer feedback. From features, to fixes, to new applications, we always look to what our customers tell us as we go to make decisions.

Does this mean that we can always do the things you ask for? Unfortunately no, if for no other reason than that for every person who asks for Feature A there is a person asking for Feature B, and at some point we have to make a choice. At the same time, we never take requests or comments lightly, even if it only comes from one person.

So thank you again for all of your feedback, and absolutely keep it coming. And over the coming week, expect to see some posts where we specifically ask you for your input on some of the challenges we’re facing!

19 thoughts on “The Ilium Software Advisory Board – YOU!

  1. SBell

    I’m sure this isn’t the type of response you were hoping for with this post, but could you please let us know the status of the BlackBerry version? I am a huge fan of eWallet and had been using it for several years before getting a Berry, and now I’m stuck using Keepass for the moment and am about to go crazy waiting for the BlackBerry version of eWallet.

  2. Marc Post author

    @SBell: I know, it’s turning out to be a long wait. We are continuing to work with WebIS. If we didn’t have faith in the project I can assure you that we wouldn’t have added a BB button to desktop (and no, we didn’t do that to taunt you 🙂 We thought we were closer!)

  3. David McDanal

    Marc, I am loving how much Listpro is helping me out daily. One feature that would be helpful on the WinMo smartphone version is a hot key for expanding or collapsing a sub list. Its really annoying to have to go into the menu each time to do this. BTW the hot keys make a HUGE difference for Listpro on the smartphone. Keep up the great work!

  4. Marc Post author

    @David: Hey David! One thing I’ve been looking at for PPC/WM Prof. ListPro is the ability to display a toolbar above the two WM 6.0 buttons at the bottom. This would have useful tools like filter by checked/flagged, expand collapse, etc. Sort of like you used to have in WM 2003 in ListPro

  5. David

    @Marc: Sounds like a great idea! If you need anyone to beta test it for the smartphone (standard), let me know.

  6. David F.

    At the risk of annoying the developers by posting this again, I’m going to post my request of feature requests for eWallet again.

    Feature Requests:

    * Ability to have cards based on templates be updated when changes are made to templates. IE, when you change a template, all cards based on that template get the changes.

    * Ability to add/remove fields on template. Renaming fields is not always sufficient.

    * Ability to re-arrange fields on template, both on the “card face” and fields outside of the “card”. This would include the ability to move a field up and down, for example. Right now the placement on the “card” face is fixed, and renaming fields doesn’t always give the result I’m looking for.

    * Ability to change font/color of fields and field names. This ties into the bullet above.

    * More choices for field types (Proper Case fields, Radio Buttons, Pull Down Menus, check boxes, etc). For radio buttons, pull down fields and check boxes, ability to modify choices the choices available for these fields. Right now, there are some pull down fields, but the choices for those fields can’t be modified.

    * Ability to use Firefox as well as/instead of IE. “Autopass” functionality can be implemented via Firefox plugins.

    * Multi-user support for the desktop client. A master password could be assigned for the main Wallet, but have access to categories controlled by users/groups. Integration into Active Directory would be a plus. Ok, I know I’m reaching on this one, but man, would it be nice.

    David F.

  7. Scot

    Great work! Here are some things that come to mind while I’m using the app…

    Longer Notes field length
    Ability to sync with WebDAV drive idisk/SSL
    Option to automatically sync when closing from security timeout
    Syncing of attachments
    Multiple attachments per card
    Viewing attachments on iphone version excel/pdf/txt(built-in viewers)
    ability to use firefox for autopass
    Checkbox as a fieldtype
    Option to delete Wallet after the wallet gets locked a certain number of times
    Ability to import website account info from firefox
    More interaction when a sync conflict in is detected
    Ability to store and sync the ewallet logfile inside the wallet itself(including sync attempts, invalid login attempts) etc
    Ability to _Search_ for information on the iphone
    Ability to email a card
    Alternate encryption algos
    Better printing of a single card
    rich text-like support for notes fields
    Support for larger file attachments

    Keep up the good work!

  8. John

    Bought the app. for my iPhone, but it’s not much good to me until I can sync. it with my Apple laptop. Hard to imagine that you support the iPhone but not Mac OS X.

  9. Marc Post author

    @All: Thanks for the great feedback. I’ve made notes of everything posted!

    @John: We plan to support Mac OS X. In fact we’re working towards that now. As for supporting iPhone and Windows first, we already supported Windows (we have for 10 year) so that was easy enough. As for the iPhone + Windows combo, that’s actually the most common scneario. Apple still doesn’t have a significant share of the desktop market. The vast majority of iPhone users sync with a Windows machine.

    That isn’t to say that we don’t like Mac. We do, but with limited development resources we had to focus in on the largest number of customers first. Mac is, as I’ve said, on its way though!

  10. Kenneth E. Linger

    I have eWallet for the iPhone (used it on Microsoft devices for years). I have access to Windows but would prefer to sync with my Mac. If I buy the Windows desktop version of eWallet just so I can sync, will I be able to transfer that license to the Mac version when released?

  11. ronald zonneveld

    i think we need the iphone version(look and feel) on windows mobile 6.1
    the current ppc version is really only for ppc’s and not for al the newer wm6.1 phones like the omnia i900

  12. James

    I’ve used eWallet and NewsBreak on my Dell PDA from your company for years now. Both are great products. Recently I upgraded from my PDA to an iPhone for obvious reasons and would like to continue using your products. I was able to purchase eWallet for my iPhone but you don’t have NewsBreak available yet. Are you planning on developing NewsBreak for the iPhone as well?

  13. Marc Post author

    @Kenneth: Our policy has always been that we can do an exchange within 30 days of purchase. After that it is the standard $9.99 or $10 to add a new platform – in this case Mac. We are far enough out right now that I’m not sure what the exact policy will be but we’ll let everyone know.

    @Ronald: We’re looking at that Ronald. Here is the key problem there – on WM we have to write ALL the “cool UI stuff” from scratch. It’s still a lot of work on the iPhone, but they offer a lot more built-in that we can take advantage of than WM does. So while offering cool/reflective/etc. visuals on iPhone is a lot of work, doing the same thing on WM is a HUGE amount of work.

    @James: Hey, James. We don’t have specific plans for NewsBreak at this time but I’ve added your vote!

  14. Charlie

    Request for eWallet on the desktop:

    Every so often, I accidentally start eWallet when there is already an instance running, usually minimized. The response from the program is a series of confusing error messages and offers of bad choices, and lots of hassle before I get back to where I need to be.

    My suggestion: If I start eWallet when its already running, just quietly “forgive” me by activating the current instance, and restoring its window if minimized. My guess is that’s what just about everyone who commits this blunder wants.

  15. Charlie

    Request for eWallet on the iPhone:

    I hate entering my password every time. How about letting me log in by taking a picture of my face and recognizing it?

  16. Douglas

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, you really didn’t answer the question posed on the status of the BB version! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting on this update for months now. You’ve pushed this back much further than I anticipated and now it’s just frustrating having to carry a phone and a PDA to retrieve my passwords. I really like the application, but if we won’t see this version before the end of the year, I’m going to look elsewhere.

  17. Marc

    @Charlie: Regarding opening the same wallet, we’ve got that in 6.2. It annoys us too but wasn’t something we’d had time to address up until now. As for facial recognition, very cool – honestly, I wouldn’t expect to see that any time soon though. Sorry!

    @Douglas: I wish I had a better answer Douglas. All I can tell you is that we’re working with WebIS to get it done. We got another new build Monday and it’s being tested now. We all want to get this thing out. I certainly understand your frustration and I just don’t have a better answer. Sorry.

  18. Lace

    Are there plans for a similar advisory board for the next version of NewsBreak? (ETA on that?) I’ve got what I think are some pretty good ideas, if so.

    Also, a version of NewsBreak for Blackberry might do well. My boss recently switched from Palm OS to a Blackberry and asked my advice for a RSS reader. Unfortunately, my hands-down recommendation — NewsBreak — wasn’t an option. He found a solution, but he would have purchased NewsBreak if it had been available.

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