How would you like a free iPhone app?

As you may have already heard, Apple just started making promo codes available for their iPhone apps. That’s right – we get 50 codes for each of our programs. It’s great news for us, and we’re very happy that Apple has decided to implement this. To celebrate we’re going to hand out some free codes right off the bat!

The first 10 people to grab one of the codes below get a free copy of Kings Corners on the App Store! Please leave a comment mentioning which code you used so others won’t try the same one – they only work once. Right now, promo codes only work in the US iTunes Store, and they will expire in 4 weeks (although I have a feeling it won’t take you that long to use yours).


After you play a few games, it’d be great if you wanted to leave your thoughts in a review on the App Store. Of course, it’s not necessary, but we always love to hear what you think. Have fun with Kings Corners, and try not to get addicted to it!

14 thoughts on “How would you like a free iPhone app?

  1. DavidB

    boo…. US only 🙁 oh well better late than never for the old Apple-sters. Maybe they will see fit to let the rest of us in on the promos soon.

  2. Chris

    I already purchased this one, but if you can post some for the ewallet for iPhone I would love that one. Want to give it a shot but with no demo I am a bit hesitant.

  3. DavidB

    Chris, just go ahead and buy it you won’t be disappointed. eWallet, one of my killer apps on the iPhone.

  4. Rodney

    I used WMLEKTPH3F76. Thanks. Merry Christmas early.

    Yes, Here’s 5 thumbs up for eWallet. Buy it. It is worth every penny.

  5. Greg

    I used FXF634F3NNHR and have used eWallet for some time now. eWallet is a great program and thank you very much for the game.

  6. Melinda

    I tried this using ipod touch over wifi and it went straight to purchase with no opportunity to enter promo code. What happened?

  7. JT

    I just tried and all the codes have been used.

    Thanks for publishing these. Maybe I’ll get in faster next time. 🙂


  8. Auto Glass

    Great game I can not get the wife to stop playing it! Iphone is so great with all these apps, really is nice to have a phone that is awsome with great apps like these.

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