ListPro for iPhone Update

When we asked for your comments on ListPro for iPhone, I was thrilled with the response we received. You guys gave us a wealth of fantastic ideas and insight. Based on those comments, our own experience in the iPhone market, and quite a bit of heavy thought, we have a tentative plan. Note that this is in no way a guarantee of what we will do, but rather an estimate of what we hope to accomplish.

So if you want the inside scoop on ListPro for iPhone, read on after the jump!

ListPro Reader

My plan right now is to have us develop something I’m tentatively calling the ListPro Reader. At the very least, the ListPro Reader will let you publish your favorite ListPro lists to your iPhone and read them there. Other features we MIGHT include in the first release include:

  • Ability to check checkboxes
  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Search

These additional functions all depend on how much time it takes to make them happen. I also have a few more tricks up my sleeve but at this point I need to keep those a little closer to the vest.

Release Date

Sorry, folks. I just can’t say exactly when it will be out. All I can tell you is that we ARE working on it, and the second it is available you’ll hear it from me in a BIG way.

Should You Wait For It?

You know, I can’t give you advice on this one. I just don’t have an exact release date. I won’t take it personally if you feel that you need to find an interim solution. 🙂 We fully understand that people need a solution to their listmaking needs on iPhone.

Full-Featured ListPro for iPhone

In all honesty, this will depend a LOT on how well folks like the reader and how much interest it generates. As a HARDCORE ListPro users and an iPhone user as well, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want full featured ListPro on my iPhone. Unfortunately, in the end I have to make the best decision for the company. If it looks like the iPhone market isn’t going to embrace ListPro, we might not be ABLE to do more than the Reader.

If, on the other hand, people show a strong interest I’d like to look at a full featured ListPro for iPhone. Most likely, we’d do a slightly advanced version of the Reader for pay, and then slowly add new features over time.

ListPro for Mac

We don’t have specific plans for this right now, but if the Reader gets popular I could definitely see a Mac version in the future.

35 thoughts on “ListPro for iPhone Update

  1. Kevin

    I’m just going to chime in here… when I had PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices, I used ListPro all the time for packing lists and shopping lists.

    When I switched to my iPhone, I initially switched to Remember The Milk, which had a decent web client. I then switched to Appigo ToDo when iPhone 2.0 came out, which let me sync with RTM. I then switched to ToodleDo because I like their web client more than RTM’s, and eventually switched to their iPhone app.

    (I still use ListPro constantly here at the office; we keep daily checklists and phone logs in it.)

    I really, really, really think cloud sync for something like ListPro is a big important feature. For eWallet, maybe. I don’t really change eWallet that often. I totally love ToodleDo’s web-based syncing, though. I love being able to change something from any PC – or even let my roommate add something to a shopping list from wherever – and have it appear the next time I open ToodleDo on my phone.

    In fact, now that I’ve been using this setup for months, I can’t imagine having to be tied to only accessing my shopping list from one computer with installed software, or at least not being able to have it sync independently without me having to push a button in two places while I’m next to a PC with my phone.

    I even think some kind of interim cloud solution would be nice even if it required me to have some existing space. For example, I have MobileMe, which provides me with a WebDAV account. I just love the idea that I can do something on my PC, and then magically it appears on my iPhone without me having to remember to do anything.

  2. Spmwinkel

    I’d say that the ability to use checkboxes is a must, even for the reader. That makes it possible to use simple lists like for grocery shopping and for packing stuff for a trip.

    If you need any testers, please contact me. 🙂

  3. David Via

    As an iPhone and MacBook user, how would this publishing take place? i assume since the future of a Mac version is uncertain, it would have to be published from the Windows version?

    By the way, I currently run the Windows version of ListPro under WINE on my MacBook and with the exception of one or two annoying inconsistencies it works reasonably well…

  4. Paul D

    Again, thank you for being so upfront with us regarding the status of ListPro for the iPhone. As a member of the “Ilium Software Advisory Board”, I’d like to have a bit more information so that I could provide better comments on these posts. I would like you to clarify what criteria you will be using for evaluating whether or not the iPhone community embraces the ListPro reader. By definition, the ListPro reader will not be a stand-alone iPhone application since it will require ListPro on the desktop to create a file for it to read. This means that right from the start you are dealing with a subset of the iPhone community. i.e. iPhone users who have ListPro running on Windows. How are you defining “how much interest it generates” based on this subset of users?

    Additionally, you have made your position on release dates clear. However, I would like you to commit to a time frame for communicating updates on the application’s progress. At a minimum, I would like a once a month update even if it is a generic, “still working on it!” message. The first Thursday of every month works for me. (Hey, you posted this on a Thursday.)

    Finally, there were some good suggestions from the first, and only, Advisory Board assignment (we are hard workers; you can ask us to do more). A few people mentioned surveying current customers regarding things like how much would you pay for an iPhone version of ListPro. Where do these efforts stand?

    Please note: I’m Paul D not Paul H (from “Release Dates” comments). I’m a completely different person. Honest!

  5. AndrewM

    I second the motion for some info regarding time frame. I have been in IT for years so i understand the dilemma around publishing a date, but I would hope that you could commit to time frame -“due out end of 1st quarter 2009”. You must have an internal commitment of some kind.

    Please don’t let the bad apples that moaned about the eWallet date cause you to not say anything at all. There are plenty of happy customers that hold quality more important then date, but we would still like a swag of some kind.

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents.

    As member of the “advisory board” in good standing, as well as a majority shareholder in “imaginary ilium stock” (better then preferred but only traded on the imaginary exchange), I wanted you to share in my opinion. 🙂

  6. NorbertB

    The ability to use checkboxes, to sort and search on the iPhone-application is a must. Only these functionalities make sense to use all the lists, created on the Windows-PC.

    I use ListPro on my PC for all my packing-lists, for projects, and for the planning of my journeys.

    In the past I used Listpro on my Windows-PC and on my Pocket-PC, at time only on my windows-PC and I´m anxious for the iPhone-version of ListPro.

    Best regards

  7. Jim

    As a long time user of listPro for PC and smartphones, I support your decision to bring out a ListPro reader version that allows you to move the listPro lists from desktop to iPhone. If full editing on the iPhone is too much to do now, maybe produce a separate standalone app for iphone to let user input some data, sync it to PC and then add it into listPro at the destop.
    You really don’t want to make many edits on an iPhone and I think it would clutter the user interface to even try to allow that.

    Then at least I can get access to my extensive lists. By the way, I use lisPro as a semi secure way to keep a confidential database of information. I really like it because it is at least scrambled if not fully encrypted and allows multiple lists. I only wish that it allowed full encryption like eWallet.

    I boutht eWallet for my new iPhone and hand translated the most important info from my desktop PC to eWallet. Alas, if only eWallet could import a csv file. I actually think eWallet, if it could import a .csv could replace most of the features of listPro so that a listPro reader only might be the only listPro solution you would need.

    By the way, there are several major things that separate both listPro and eWallet from all the other iPhon apps.
    1 – encryption or at least scrambling(listPro)
    2 – multiple lists or wallets. Useful for having buisiness lsts, personal nonconfidential lists (no password required) and confidential personal lists.
    3. – full syncronixation to a PC so that info is always safe, backed up, available on all devices, and editable in a friendly PC desktop.
    You will find no other app on the iPhone that does all 3 of these.

  8. Steve

    I’m a windows mobile user of list pro and I love it! I’m so pleased to hear that there are plans to port of over to the iPhone. One of my hesitations for getting an iPhone was having to lose my great apps like this and ewallet. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more news on release target date

  9. Bill H.

    Thanks for the update. I would support the idea of monthly updates, and also understand the rationale behind not wanting to set a firm release date.

    I have utilizing the Toodledo program while waiting for List Pro to come out. I have come to like the cloud aspect of that program, but am not satisfied with how they attempt to use sub-tasks, and miss the lack of an ability to have templates.

    While a reader version would be good, and the idea of being able to check items off would be great, it won’t really work for me until I would be able to add items to a list on the iPhone

    Thanks for the update. Now get back to work on List Pro for iPhone!

  10. Jeffrey Kaplan

    If the “ListPro Reader” for iPhone does not have sorting and at least one of filtering or searching, I for one will not buy it until it does. I have lists ranging from just under 200 items to over 10,000 items. I absolutely NEED those features to make a database usable.

  11. Jan Martin

    My Palm TX on/off button has quit working (I use a quick-launcher that’s getting me by for now), which means I need something new SOON!

    Looking at the iPod Touch, since Palm isn’t releasing new stuff, but a must have is my ListPro program. Please, please, please develop one for the Touch soon.

    A loyal customer
    Jan Martin

  12. Gary Z.

    Thanks for the great news. I know software development depends on the support of your clients, and I for one, am happy to hear the news, and equally happy to wait & let you develope the product as resources permit. In the interim, a limited functionality reader for the Ipod touch will be eagerly awaited. Furthermore, I think that great software like Litspro is definietly worth paying for. I’d happily pay in the vicinity of $50-$75 for a full functionned version on my Touch. I’ve learned that you get what you pay for, and although the hundreds of apps for .99 or 1.99 are fun to play with, none of them come close to the full functionality that Listpro for the iPod would, so keep up the great work.

  13. Joe McConnell

    For some of us, the question is how much the ListPro community will embrace the iPhone. Right now, the PDA/smartphone/other device I carry is determined by whether or not it runs ListPro and eWallet. Otherwise, a phone’s a phone.

  14. Wyatt

    Thanks for the update but unlike all the other posts I have read here I for one am not happy about the companies present decision. A read only ListPro with some checkbox features just seems like a waste of time, money and development. From the beginning you had the “Coming Soon” sign posted just to turn around in the last quarter of the year to say there were unforseen difficulties in development. You then asked for suggestions which I did participate in but at the same time found very odd. Many people posted their thoughts on the matter which to me shows great interest in ListPro. Now after careful thought I suppose, you say a read only version will be made available, date unknown and if there is enough interest a full version may be released at a later date. Somehow, this just sounds like an ill conceived plan from the start that totally collapsed and now your trying to conceive a new plan and asking us if it’s okay.
    I’ve been following this from day one and right now I am very dissapointed to say the least. Though many here would still use this version I know many more including myself that require list creation from the device itself. So while I am obviously not happy with this I respect the fact that you are at least upfront with it.

  15. Prashant P

    Thanks for being upfront about your plans – wish more developers would do the same. I’ll definitely checkout the Reader when you release it –


  16. Andy Whiteford

    I’ll be up front and say eWallet and hopefully ListPro (always said coming soon) are the reasons I swapped from Windows Mobile to the iPod Touch for my PDA needs as these are the two biggest applications I use on my Pocket PC. eWallet works great on the Touch and I have been patiently waiting for ListPro to be released – I didn’t realise it wasn’t actually in development until today so there goes my hope to use it for my Christmas Shopping lists.
    For the reader, I do agree being able to check items is a must as is ordering and think searching is a nice to have. I sincerely hope a full blown version makes it to the iPod Touch though as there is currently nothing like it (its so much more than a list program) and while the desktop is more convenient for data entry, I like the ability to use my PDA as an autonomous device. A full blown version of ListPro would end up being ‘the’ list program for iPhone imho.

  17. Roger Levy

    Back inthe DOS days I used Tornado Notes. I kept up when it became InfoSelect for Windows. I was thrilled when they made Palm version. I was disappointed after switching to a Windows Mobile phone that InfoSelect was not supported on that device. I switched to ListPro, which has been a very good substitute, although much more limited than InfoSelect. Now I’m on the iPhone, and I NEED as full-featured a version of ListPro as you can give us.

  18. Dean Roberts

    It would NOT be functional if you couldn’t check off the items on your iPhone.

    Entering items on your PC changes the whole dynamic of ListPro. Why not just start small (start over) with ListPro for iPhone and include a wireless sync like eWallet? Once it catches on you can offer small updates and sell upgrades as time goes on.

    People would need to be able to import their current list into the new app or you could just offer a reader for users current list until there is more support and you can afford to build up to the current complexity ListPro is today.

    Did I mention MAC for eWallet yet 🙂

  19. Whitney Roberts

    I love the idea of Listpro for the iPhone, but please reconsider continuing work on eWallet – it needs to be ‘finished’ first….a desktop version of eWallet for Mac OSX is really necessary at this point!!!

  20. Ernie

    I never used ListPro on my Treo to build lists, and only rarely added to lists. Most of the time, I was using the Treo application in a read-only fashion (except for checkboxes). So, I think a read-only version would probably be just fine. The sooner, the better, though!

  21. Larry

    I believe that a read-only listpro will be as useless as google docs is on the iphone and you will not have many initial sales…thus, have no belief there is interest. The only use I had for listpro was to keep track of things that happen when I am NOT at my home computer to enter them. There are a BILLION iphone list programs. The only thing the market needs now is the exact equiv of the windows mobile listpro ported to iphone. Nothing else of this genre is worth the developer’s time.

    I suspect so many programs with data-entry capability are NOT hitting the market (ie a “good” spreadsheet) is that the OS has very limited support for data entry and validation. If it were easy, Dataviz would have been out by now! Perhaps the developer community can exert pressure on Apple to enhance the OS further.


  22. Frank


    I’m curious as to why you switched from Appigo ToDo to Toodledo? I’m looking for a good GTD app for my iPhone since I just got one. My boss raves about ToDo and how it does what he wants but I never asked if he tried ToodleDo’s app. I need a GTD that has web sync capabilities and that allows me to manage many individual projects, ie work, personal, web stuff, etc… I’m curious as to what you think.

  23. George Littlejohn

    I agree with the Reader concept (with checkbox support). I never wanted to use my palm for full-featured GTD, weekly review, list-making etc. I always used the desktop version for that.

    I just wanted an ability to look up stuff while out. and the Reader would be wonderful for that.

    I am switching from my Blackbertty to an Iphone and I can’t wait until ListPro for Iphone is released.

    I love my ListPro and I will love it even more when I can use it on my iPhone.

  24. Anthony

    Just wanted to chime in with my $0.02 worth. I am an avid PC and Pocket PC user, and have been closely watching the iPhone/Touch market, since I typically upgrade when new devices come out, but only when it makes sense functionally to do so. I’ve decided to go with a Touch now exactly becuase of the fact that many great PPC apps or their equivalent have been releaed for the Touch. (That is your motivation). Of course eWallet will be top on my list to get when my unit arrives, and am chomping at the bit for ListPro as well. Of course if you think about it, something a little more than just a reader would be necessary – at least checkboxes, sorting and filtering.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to another great product release.


  25. Pam

    Thanks for the update, and for moving forward on this project. Like others, I think the ability at least to use checkboxes is a must even for the Reader.

    As you (hopefully) move forward with other versions of Listpro for the iPhone, I hope you will consider the same syncing solution you have adopted for eWallet. I think its the perfect solution, as syncing with “the cloud” is exceptionally unappealing to me.

    Finally, have you considered a solution that sits in between what might be a pure Reader (no manipulation on the iPhone) and a full-featured version of Listpro?

  26. Adrian

    I am a current user of List Pro (which I really like) on a WM (which I hate) TyTn II (which I also hate).

    I use both MacBook and Windows Laptops and will be really pleased to see List Pro released in both reader and full versions for my newly acquired Ipod Touch.

    I have already bought e-Wallet and am eagerly awaiting a Mac desktop synch version but will be happy with Windows for now.

    Now I just need a good Note organiser.

  27. Andy Whiteford

    I commented on this a few days ago but since then I have been thinking about how I used ListPro and had a look at my most common lists. The main uses I have had for ListPro are:

    Tracking expenses when away on business.
    Hierarchical Outlining (similar to mind mapping projects).
    Packing lists for Travel.
    Shopping lists.
    Christmas gift lists.

    Now while I could find different tools that covered each of the above with different levels of success, ListPro is the one application that does all these and does it well. For tracking expenses or hierarchical outlining, a reader is of no use, it needs to be a fully editable application that I can use on the go. The other 3 for the most part would suffice in a reader format but the ability to tweak these when I am out and about is very handy indeed, especially when you get a moment of inspiration for someone’s Christmas gift. I would be thrilled if a full version makes it to the iPod Touch / iPhone and strongly petition you to create such a tool; my fear is that a reader version would be limited and not as greatly received as the full version so might not be the best way to gauge interest.

  28. Paul

    I use ListPro instead of MS Outlook… for all Notes, Contacts & personal information. ListPro is flexible and general, and so useful for much much more than just grocery lists and to-do lists. If you put this app onto the iPhone, even if just a reader, it would be a killer app. What makes ListPro great is that it is a GENERALIZED PIM for any kind of information… Toodledo is just a to-do list. I see no general purpose Personal Information Managers for iPhone out there… this is a tremendous opportunity for IlliumSoft… you guys should be all over this!

  29. Steve

    As a lifetime listing fanatic, I find Listpro ideal and love every feature; especially the drop down menus and ability to check items as needed such as a grocery or packing list. Since moving to the iPhone, this is the one application I truly miss from my WM Treo. For me, I just want access to my lists as reminders to make sure something vital doesn’t fall through the cracks. Given the other applications available, it seems that ListPro would quickly find a prominent place as a leading application on iTunes.

    You have been extended your release date several times and apparently have no application release on the horizon. Therefore, I will regretfully find an interim solution while I anxiously await your product. By the way, during recent meeting, our company sent out a general broadcast message and all 10 people checked their phones – all were iPhones.

  30. Gary

    I use Listpro on a iPAQ as one of my most used programs. I am converting to the iPhone at the end of January. I additionally, import my Collectorz book, music and DVD lists. I do all my editing on the PC and would very much like the Listpro for the iPhone. I also use and will buy eWallet for iPhone when I make the change. I have enjoyed using both programs for years.

  31. adamb

    I love listpro- I first had it on my moto Q and it was great, then installed the desktop version and it made the program even that much better…

    Now I’m on a nwew iphone and I just don’t understand why listpro is not already ported to the iphone-

    LISTPRO would blow away the competition as well as probably land itself in the top 25 or top 10 apple store products…

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