MacWorld Bound!

MacWorld is just a couple weeks away and both Ellen and I are planning to attend. If you’re going to MacWorld, or live in the area, let us know, or just look for us in the main hall. We’ll be wearing our Ilium Software apparel so we should be easy to spot!

We’re even bringing some presents, so if you catch us before our bag is empty, we might have something cool for you! The Expo runs January 5th to 9th and we’ll be around for the whole thing. See you there!

2 thoughts on “MacWorld Bound!

  1. Ami MLM Leads

    That is a great initiative, but getting to MacWorld isn’t as easy as it seems. I don’t have any chance of getting there this year, but maybe you will take a few pictures and videos and post them here or somewhere else so we can see exactly how everything worked out. I hope you will have a great time, good luck!

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