Apples2Oranges in the New York Times!

I always love it when our products get on TV or into one of the big newspapers. I’m not sure if it sells more software, but it is definitely fun. You get that giddy “Woo hoo! We’re famous!” feeling. It’s just a blast. Anyhow, I just found out that Apples2Oranges got a mention in today’s edition of the New York Times (B5, lower right corner).

Bob Tedeschi wrote an article about Free Internet Calling services and at the end did one of his “Quick Calls” sections, where he highlights a few cool apps he has come across. It’s there that he mentions Apples2Oranges! You can pick up a copy at your local brick and mortar store, orĀ read the whole article here. (You might need to register.)

So thanks, Mr. Tedeschi! We really appreciate it! I’ve got to go hit the newstand to pick up a couple extra copies!