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Results #2: How You Evaluate Apps

appstore1Today I’m writing about the questions that asked how you evaluate apps. And yes, I’m still surprised.

The longer version follows. In case you missed it, last week we posted a survey about how people use the iTunes App Store. I published results about how people find apps a few days ago.

So you all do a lot more reading than I’d have thought. I really thought people skimmed descriptions, looked at screenshots, and pretty much ignored reviews.

I was wrong.

For the question about what you look at when evaluating apps, screenshots and descriptions got the highest score, but reviews were very close behind, and even other apps scored between “sometimes” and “usually”.



But in answer to how carefully you read the descriptions, almost 70% said you read them completely, with only about 27% choosing “just skim”. I’ll admit it – I’m a skimmer.



And most people read reviews. Over half read enough to get a good consensus, another quarter read or skim a few. Only 11% just glance at the average (read later this week for info on why the averages don’t seem to be accurate), though only about 6% read a lot of reviews.



Again, more results, plus the prizes, soon! And the survey’s still open so jump in if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “More App Store Survey Results

  1. Kevin White

    Reviews are frustrating on the App Store because of how they get seemingly picked at random to appear on the main app page. I hate seeing those one star reviews from some idiot months ago (“WHY DOES THIS COST MONEY?!”) back when you could review anything you wanted, or a review for a 1.0 version which has been massively updated since then.

    For example, eWallet didn’t sync when it came out, you couldn’t search, nor generate passwords, and there were a few bugs we couldn’t find in our limited beta testing. If you wrote a review then that said, “This just has too many shortcomings,” that review might still be right up there on the main page, alongside a great review of the _current_ version which addresses all of the bad review’s issues. That’s unfair.

    On the other hand, if I see all good reviews, I start to wonder if they’re just shills. (Thankfully, a weird but cool game I bought yesterday has almost all good reviews, and they’re very warranted.)

  2. Tint Man

    Hi Ellen,

    I have not taken your survey yet but you were right when it comes to me. I tend to skim everything in life including apps.

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