Still More App Store Survey Results

Results #3: Everything Else

appstore1Here are the results of most of the rest of the questions on our App Store Survey. Earlier results are here (how you find apps) and here (how you evaulate apps

To start – I’m not going to publish anything about the pricing questions. Not because I want to keep the info to myself, but because too many people wrote to me that the questions didn’t make sense. I think the answers are probably pretty useless, except to say that people really don’t insist on free or even inexpensive apps, at least not the people who took the survey.

For the question of How do you browse and shop on the iTunes App Store?, the result was split so evenly between on a desktop, on a device, and both that the chart’s really boring:

Ilium App Store Survey Results


For the question of about how many apps you add to your iPhone/iPod Touch per month, almost 80% of you said 1 – 10.

App Store Survey Results


Of those apps, most of you said that 30% to above 60% were free, rather than paid:

App Store Survey Results


and that same number will still installed:

App Store Survey Results


This seems to contradict Pinch Media’s really exellent presentation analyzing how people use apps on their iPhones. I’d believe them, rather than me. They have a lot more – and better – data. If you haven’t seen it, check it out; it’s really interesting.

OK, very soon I’ll post the response to the question of what one change you want to see most, as well as the names of the gift card winners. I’m closing the survey today; once again, many thanks to everyone who participated.

2 thoughts on “Still More App Store Survey Results

  1. Greg Yardley

    Not so contradictory, in my opinion – just because an application isn’t used much doesn’t mean it’s uninstalled. I think most iPhones out there are rather cluttered with applications that are rarely opened.

    Thanks for the kind words and for sharing a really interesting survey. Most fascinated by the free vs. paid stats, with +95% of people willing to buy something, and the majority paying for a large percentage of their applications.

  2. Villa

    Interesting survey … iTunes is one of those applications that actively encourages you through default to buy something offline. I hate programs like this with a vengeance. But the survey doens’t follow my view.

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