Final App Store Survey Results

What One Change You’d Like

appstore1Here’s the result of the final question in our survey (check the archives if you want the rest), as well as the winners of the gift cards.

To the question: “What one change would you like most to see in the iTunes App Store?”, over 60% of you picked free trials. I guess given that so many of you indicated that you bought apps regardless of price (or at least didn’t just buy the $1 and $2 ones), trials makes a lot of sense. 18% opted for better categorization, with just under 10% wanting better find. Specifically:

App Store Survey Results

Of the “other” replies, you asked for:

  • All of the above!
  • All of these, app store is almost unusable
  • General change to the style how people use (browse) the app store
  • More serious apps like eWallet and less junk
  • “Best of breed” featured apps, regardless of popularity (# of downloads)
  • Better search and iTunes like search playlists (to exclude junk devs)
  • Less crap!
  • Moderated reviews
  • Review moderation. Many reviews cite problems that are due to apple
  • Dated reviews with version reviewed
  • Sort by rating
  • Rankings based on revenue
  • functionality: wish-lists, similar-apps-bought, order-by-ratings
  • A wish list to keep track of apps, music, etc. until I can decide on them
  • Wish List capacity to store for later purchase
  • A way to save a list of apps I am interested in.
  • Robust wish list (as at Amazon)
  • More game options
  • Would be nice to have a VIDEO review on apps (esp games) rather than on YouTube
  • Demo capability
  • The original ability to see all aps by post date
  • Canadian redeem codes, for the love of Bob!

I grouped those for better readability, but otherwise didn’t edit them at all.

I’m happy to see that Apple took down reviews from non-buyers late last week. I hope – and believe – we’ll keep seeing improvements to the App Store. Find and trials would be great ones!

OK, and now for the 12 gift card winners. Congratulations to: Ken M., David B., Robin C., Addison H., Gina G., Dennis B., Drew C., Terry W., Louie L., Susan L., Nicole T., and Paul T. You’ve each won a US$10 gift card. People in the U.S. will get iTunes gift cards; people outside the U.S. will get gift cards from your local Amazon site. I’ve sent out emails about these already; if you think you’re one of the winners and didn’t see one, please be sure to whitelist emails from I’ll re-send them to anyone I didn’t hear back from.

Once again, thanks to everyone for participating!

4 thoughts on “Final App Store Survey Results

  1. Kevin White

    I wonder what will happen to revenues through the App Store when free trials are implemented. If you can download trial versions for everything, why buy tons of apps when you’ll poke them a couple times and realize they aren’t useful?

    IMHO, the App Store is like one giant gimme rack at the grocery store; the only reason you buy a pack of gum for a buck or a bag of ten cat treats (ten? that’s like, one cat serving) is because it’s there and you have to distract yourself from the reality of being in line.

    Did I say this somewhere else already? I swear I did…

  2. Glauco B. G.

    Cloud is THE word.

    Please. Another GREAT way of syncing would be syncing with the Cloud, and then, the Cloud would sync with every other pc, notebook or device we have with eWallet installed.

    Thanks for the good app i’ve been using for years.

  3. store coupons

    I think the free trials will definitely hurt iTunes store at first when people can try the crappy apps for free, and decide they aren’t worth the money to buy them. But it will increase consumer confidence in the fact that people will buy what is good and be less bitter about the crappy app they just paid for. By eliminating unhappy purchases, iTunes creates a more positive and more willing buyer.

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