iPills is Out and Free!

ipills_logoI wanted to let everyone know that our latest iPhone offering, iPills, is now available in the AppStore. The best is that it is FREE!

So what is iPills anyhow? I’ll describe it by explaining WHY we made it. In this day and age it seems like everyone is taking something. From allergy and cholesterol meds to fistfulls of asprin and “little blue pills”, we’ve all got something we’re on. At the same time, we’re all busier than ever and when someone says “Did you take your pill?” it’s easy to go “Um, well, maybe?”

Enter iPills! With iPills you can easily keep track of what you’re taking and when you take it (or miss it!). You can even email a history to yourself or a caregiver showing exactly what you took and when you took it.

Now to answer the inevitable “Free? Seriously, dude. What are you thinking?” question. I’m going to be honest – WE like this idea but we don’t know if YOU will like it. By making it free, we can find out if this really is something people need. If it is, start sending your requests! If the app is popular enough, we’ll take those ideas, expand the app and create a Pro version (available at a reasonable price of course!)

So go ahead and check out the web page ,or just grab a copy today! It’s FREE so you’ve got nothing to lose – and who knows – it just might make your life a little bit easier!


PS:And no, developing this had no impact on eWallet or ListPro. Both of those products are handled by different teams – and to give you an update, we’re all using ListPro on our iPhones here and it rocks. I can’t WAIT until it’s finished and we can fire it off! I’ll definitely keep you updated!

9 thoughts on “iPills is Out and Free!

  1. Evan

    Blackberry port? I started hacking something like this for tracking meds on my blackberry but didn’t get very far before getting distracted by other demands of life.

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  3. Dean Roberts

    I cant imagine what would take so long for a Mac version of eWallet?

    This application better be able to enter data by mind control! Just think about what you want to add and it appears (in the top secrete version of Mac for eWallet).

    It’s not like you don’t have a working version of sync.

    There has to be other reasons your holding off?

  4. Andrew

    But how many pills does it track? Did you take into account the shear volume of medication that some people are on? 🙂 Just having some fun.

    Looks like you guys are really enjoying iPhone development.

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