eWallet for iPhone OS 3.0 Awaiting Approval

I figured I’d drop a quick post about this. Over a week ago we sent a new version of eWallet with minor OS 3.0 compatibility updates to Apple. As you might have guessed we’re still waiting on approval. I’m sure they’ll get to it soon. In the meantime there isn’t anything about eWallet that doesn’t work ion 3.0. There are just a couple of oddities we smoothed out. For example, in one screen the keyboard *pops* into view as opposed to sliding into view. This new update lets it slide again. That sort of thing.

Anyhow, we’ll let you know (as will Apple)

15 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone OS 3.0 Awaiting Approval

  1. Phil

    my ewallet is NOT working on my iphone since I downloaded OS 3.0
    is there a way to reload it without loosing data?

  2. Jan

    Works on mine (German Iphone 3G 16GB).
    No problems so far.
    Thanks to cut and paste I can now use my passwords by “editing” a card an copying it.
    Looking forward to a siplier version in the new release.

    One thing that’s annoying: Templates.
    Editing templates on one machine, syncing with another device and all templates must be recreated on the new device.
    Isn’t there a way to get this solved during sync???

    Best regards.

  3. Victor

    After 3.0 upgrade!

    My eWallet will not synch with the desktop. Desktop program can not see the iPhone in the network. Other applications work fine so it is not a network issue.

  4. Kevin

    To fix under OS3 I just removed the sync on the desktop, went to iPhone and recreated i t- back to desktop setup, add and keyed in new code. Works again fine!

    Now get to work on Listpro for iPhone! :0

  5. Dean Roberts

    I too just established a new partnership in setup. I deleted my old one and then added a new one. Just to be on the safe side I edited it to overwrite iPhone to make sure my desktop wallet was not erased.

    Any other new features you can disclose? Text bigger or do card rotate or zoom?

  6. Christian Sarrasin

    Just bought an iPhone 3G S (which comes with 3.0) and thought I’d post my experience:

    1) Restored backup from my old 1G iPod Touch using iTunes (it prompted first time I plugged my new iPhone into it and just accepted)
    2) This managed to restore not just the eWallet app, but also the wallet that was on the touch directly onto the new iPhone.
    3) All I then had to do was to recreate the sync partnership with my desktop

    Now everything works out of the box. Brilliant – and Kudos for the ease of transferring over (I guess that praise is partially owed to Apple).

    Now: for my eWallet 3.0 wishlist 😉

    Hgh: copy/paste support (or even better, Safari integration if possible, like on desktop version)
    Medium: Sync via craddle (I undestand the SDK will now allow this)

  7. LexLuther

    ewallet works fine for me on 3.0 OS. Just waiting for Mac desktop version so I can get rid of the last Windows PC in my house! Quick!!!

  8. Paul

    I know the mac desktop version is on it’s way, but you guys might be beaten to the punch by the 1password crew, whose next major version will offer much of what I’ve been waiting for in the ewallet mac os x version. At which point I may stop caring about ewallet. 🙁

  9. Marc Post author

    @Everyone: I’m going to try to answer a bunch of questions at once here!

    1. If you are having problems drop us a line. support@iliumsoft.com is your best bet but you can call us also. We’ll help you through it. As far as we can tell everything should work fine under 3.0.

    2. Copy/Paste: Yep, we’re working on this one. No time table I can offer but suffice it to say it’s on the schedule.

    3. Card Zoom/Landscape: Same story as copy/paste.

    4. Templates: Broken record – same as copy/paste.

    Our core iPhone guy is focused on ListPro at the moment but once he gets that done, some updates for eWallet are next on the list so keep emailing us your requests.

    We actually keep every single request posted here or anywhere else we can find them in a huge ListPro file – we tally numbers of requests, keep specific comments, and rely heavily on that list when making decisiosn about new features – so as I said – definitely send us your ideas and requests!

  10. JoeDr

    Found the 3.0 update on the iPhone store this morning. Would have been delighted to see List Pro there. It’s getting close to “mid-year” and my anticipation is rising. Mac eWallet would be excellent as well. Above all, thanks for the great software. We are anxious because of that fact.

  11. blake

    I had an iphone 3g and just upgraded to the new iphone 3gs. I have been using ewallet for my iphone for over 6 months and have almost 100 passwords stored on the iphone. My question is how do i get this information on the new iphone. I synced the new iphone and it transferred all of my apps but the information did not transfer. It was like it was wanting me to start over. Also, I have a mac desktop, not a pc.

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