Screen Capture Update Available

Screen CaptureIf you’re using our free Screen Capture utility for Windows Mobile , we just released an update to it. The main goal was to bring the UI up to date with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS. We also made a few tweaks to fix a couple bugs we found, and we gave it a new icon (woo hoo!) Yes, I know the MS Paint style icon we had before was super retro cool, but we figured it was time.

For those of you new to the application, Screen Capture is a free utility for Windows Mobile. We first built it as an internal utility back in the days when there¬†weren’t any screen capture apps. After sending it to a couple folks for support purposes (“Can you do a screen capture of that error message?”) we found that people liked it. We decided we’d share it.

You can find the free download of Screen Capture here!

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10 thoughts on “Screen Capture Update Available

  1. Dave Beauvais

    It’s nice to see a little update to this useful app, and it’s awesome that it now saves as PNG files rather than bloated bitmaps! Thank you! That will make e-mailing images directly from the device a lot less painful. (I used to zip the bitmaps before mailing, which was quite tedious.)

    I do have a problem the new version, though. (Version 1.2.1018) On my WMP 6.1 Palm Treo Pro, when going into the options page to change the hotkey and timer duration, the “Select Key” drop-down doesn’t show the currently selected key, and the “Timer” drop-down list contains no values at all. Once in the options screen, I can’t close it without force-closing the Screen Capture app, presumably because one of the values is null. It does accept my key setting, though, which is nice. (I prefer App3, the Calendar button on my Treo Pro.)

    I uninstalled the old version of the Screen Capture app before installing the new one. I have screenshots of the options dialog to illustrate the problem if you’re unable to duplicate it.

    I haven’t had a chance to try the new version on my WMS 6.1 BlackJack II yet, but I’ll give it a shot tonight after work.

    Thanks again for the new version! Despite the little technical problem I’m having, simply changing to PNG files is worth it.

  2. Andrew

    Just a shout out to Mark…………..

    Can we get a blog update regarding eWallet for Mac? I know you won’t commit to dates, but it would be nice to hear of a late summer versus next calendar year type answer. You must be getting close.

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