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I have to share a great article about the iTunes AppStore over at AppleInsider. I don’t have much to say that isn’t already covered in the article, but I will share a quote that I think highlights a very real danger:

“In some respects, the App Store has taken its place alongside YouTube, where poor taste is the defining metric,” Wolf wrote. “More ominously, it has led to a deterioration of the entire pricing structure for iPhone applications. The risk is that developers who hope to build quality applications that have a long shelf life may be discouraged from doing so because prospective development costs exceed the revenues they expect to earn on the applications. In short, this race to the bottom has the potential to degrade the overall equality of the applications sold at the App Store.”

Not only is this something Apple needs to think about, but all the other device and OS manufacturers out there should keep this in mind as they launch their own on device stores.

You can find the entire article over at AppleInsider!

8 thoughts on “Great AppStore Article

  1. Tom from Herbal Fiberblend

    It is true that the App store has gone downhill in terms and quality and increased in quantity but i think in an ‘immature’ industry that is inevitable and it will stablise at the industry moves forward in the future – right now there are a lot of people involved, too many perhaps, this will change I believe.

  2. John

    I hope this post is not a precursor for why there is no longer a plan to release eWallet for OSX and ListPro for iPhone.

  3. Marc Post author

    @John: No no. That’s not it at all. It’s an observation that I think is relevant. In fact, I think it is likely that (based on past experience) Apple will do SOMETHING to address this – but bringing it to their attention is the first step.

    As for ListPro and Mac OSX, we still plan to release them. No change there.

  4. Kevin White

    My personal take on this is that Apple is very slowly fixing the app store. I think they’ve basically gone and done the minimum required to make the store usable, and are slowly trickling in improvements, much the way they did with the phone’s OS in general.

    Maybe that’s just the fanboy in me…

  5. Boon Chye

    The reason why the app store is a success is that there are many free and low price apps sold.

    If the pricing is going to increase tremenously over time, it will add up to the overall cost of owning iPhones.

    That will decrease the popularity of iPhone for me. I still cannot understand why I need to pay much more on windows mobile compare to iphone.

  6. Marc Post author

    @Boon: Except that we made as good of a living selling software at twice the price and we’re not doing significantly better on iPhone than we did in other markets (that is to say, it’s doing well just like our other platforms do well).

    I’d argue that the success of the AppStore is more about placement and publicity. Windows has had mobile devices with great software for more than 10 years, but have you ever seen a “There’s an App for that!” ad for Windows Mobile?

    At the same time, even if we thought we could charge more and not get priced out of the market, without a method of trialing software, it’s REALLY tough to get someone to shell out $20 blindly.

    @EVERYONE: I have to close comments for this post. For some reason the words of the post draws spammers in like flies to a picnic. I spend every morning whacking spam comments that are clever enough to bypass the spam filters.

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