Apples2Oranges: Now Just 99 Cents!

a2o_logo512Haven’t tried Apples2Oranges? Well now is your chance! We’ve just reduced the price to 99 cents!

Now I know this is unlikely, but there just might be some folks who don’t know what Apples2Oranges is. Let me explain it this way…it’s frustrating to figure out different conversions in your head – impossible if you’re looking at units you aren’t familiar with. You can waste lots of time standing in the store with two different packages in your hands, trying to do the math on which is a better deal, or which has fewer calories per serving.

Now you don’t have to waste time or worry about getting the math wrong. Just pull out your iPhone and get the answer in a few taps with Apples2Oranges™ – a quick and easy price comparison and unit conversion app from Ilium Software, available for your iPhone™ or iPod® touch.

(Added note by Ellen: Anyone who buys or has bought Apples2Oranges – please consider adding a review of it to iTunes. We’re fairly sure that reviews help our search ranking, which in turn helps sales. We know a lot of people find Apples2Oranges useful, but more reviews would help even more people find it. Thanks!)

2 thoughts on “Apples2Oranges: Now Just 99 Cents!

  1. Dean Roberts

    It would be nice to have a section of some sort to list product information from other stores. The application is good when comparing prices of two items from the same store but it would be nice to go into a note field where you could store product information and have it populate into the application when you tap on it.


    I’m shopping at Walmart and they have the garbage bags I buy for the kitchen, however I want to compare them to the ones I buy at Home Depot. It would be nice to go into a note field where I stored the information on the garbage bags from Home Depot, click on it and have it populate into the application.

    Currently I have to use the note application on the iPhone and try to remember the specifics and then go into Apples2Oranges and manually enter it into the application. That becomes annoying when shopping for over an hour comparing prices. Again if your comparing two products next to each other than it’s not that big of deal.

    Would love to see this feature.

    It’s is a great app to have and I have used it often to figure out what box/bottel is a better deal!

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