eWallet Lite for iPhone Now Available!

walletWe just got news that eWallet Lite for iPhone has finally been approved! You can get it for free in the App Store today! eWallet Lite is exactly the same as eWallet except that it only supports one wallet and ten cards and IT’S FREE! Other than that, it offers every feature the full version does, from the 256-bit AES encryption to the many choices for customizing your cards to the rich security options. You can even try synching your information by downloading the Windows desktop trial here.

As you’re probably aware, one of the challenges of the App Store is that they don’t offer a method of providing free trials for customers. It’s very hard for a customer to drop $10 on something they’ve never used before. We tried videos, and while we like the results, it just isn’t the same as actually getting your hands on the product.

So we create eWallet Lite. Now I realize this won’t be a big help to our existing eWallet customers, but for people who like the looks of eWallet but really want to try it first, it’s a great solution. In fact, it’s a pretty darn good solution for people who only maintain a small wallet. If you’re only keeping track of a handful of passwords or other important information, eWallet Lite is a great way to do it for free! All the quality and security of eWallet at the best price around!

So if you know someone who has wanted to try eWallet but just wasn’t ready to take the plunge and buy it, let them know that eWallet Lite is now available!

18 thoughts on “eWallet Lite for iPhone Now Available!

  1. JoeDr

    Marc, I appreciate your effort to gather some new customers but as a long-time, dedicated Ilium customer I would rather spend money for List Pro for iPhone and eWallet and ListPro for the Mac desktop than have a free iPhone app. I know this has been re-hashed many times on the blog but I want you to know we are still waiting (patiently?).

  2. Dean Roberts

    Are you kidding me!!! Well your just asking for it…

    “So if you know someone who has wanted to try eWallet but just wasn’t ready to take the plunge and buy it, let them know that eWallet Lite is now available!”

    Do you really think we are not the best advocates for your software?

    How popular do you think your blog is to the general Internet community? I would imagine that the only people who continuously re-visit your web site and read your blogs are your dedicated followers and we do not know anybody who is not willing to “take the plunge” after were done explaining and showing off your product!

    I cant believe you have not released a MAC desktop version yet!

    Step outside your protective bubble and give us some details on the release of the MAC desktop software.

    An idea might be to hire another company to produce it for you.

    For some reason, a free (lite) version of ewallet was not the post I was hoping to see!

  3. Robin

    I agree that is a good step for you, is there any news on the web companion launch?

    A fully synch’ed web facility would helpa number of exisiting users!

  4. Bill H


    Can you give us any kind of an update on ListPro for iPhone? Are you coming any closer to handling the sync issues?

  5. Dean Roberts

    Interesting article I read that looks like it will apply to ewallet lite.

    Hopefully you don’t have to re-invent your “lite” application but can just tweak it. This approach, on many levels, will be much better than a company having two versions of their application in the app store!

  6. Marc

    @Chris: Regarding the missing posts, I emailed the posters personally, Chris. I don’t mind talking about other products we’re planning, but I REALLY would like to stay on topic for the sake of folks who want to learn about eWallet Lite and in respect to the team members here that worked on it.

    @Dean: I saw that – ironic that it came out the day after eWallet Lite! 🙂 We (all developers) have been BEGGING for a trial system since the SDK came out. We will take advantage of this at some point in the future but for now we’ll leave things as they are. LOTS of challenges in making that switch – namely making sure that existing users don’t need to repurchase.

  7. Henry

    eWallet Lite sounds good, but what about the Mac version. Even your loyal followers (like me) have just about given up. We’re talking 16 months ago you released the iphone version a promised Mac version…….

    Please advise – this side of Christmas or not – so that I can make an informed decision to re-enter all my data or wait. No answer will ultimately mean I make an uninformed decision and move. Having to go into Parallels/vmWare just to copy/paste passwords into Safari x number of times a day is no longer acceptable.


  8. Marc Post author

    @Mido: You can insert a photo as a background image or as a picture card in eWallet on the iPhone, but eWallet on iPhone does not support inserted attachments (yet!)

  9. Kimberly

    I only hope that after the iPhone, you will be making eWallet and ListPro for Palm’s webOS. I LOVE your products and am having some serious withdrawal after switching from a Windows Mobile device to my new Pre. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support webOS!

  10. mattia

    I tried installing ewallet on a 2G iPhone and itunes on the phone said the app is not compatibile with this device. is this possible?

  11. Marc

    @mattia: Do you have the latest version of the iPhone OS on your phone? If not, it won’t install. That’s my best guess (I have a 2G phone so I know it works!)

  12. drosene

    Time to raise the Android question again. It has been several months since your last comments on Ilium’s strategy. Given the number of new Android phones launched by all the major carriers don’t you think its time to commit? I have been waiting since June for the WinMo Omnia 2 from Samsung/Verizon. The Verizon forum on this phone has over 5500 posts but still no official word from Verizon on its release. I see more and more WinMo fans throwing in the towel and moving on. In my case ListPro, eWallet and of all things Mortplayer, are my last critical WinMo apps. Please enlighten us on WHEN Ilium will embrace Android.

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