eWallet 7 Released! (Update 2)

walletHey, everyone! The response to eWallet 7 is overwhelming. Thank you to everyone for your excitement about this new version of our flagship product! (If this is the first you’ve heard of the release of eWallet 7, definitely check out the post here that gives all the details!)

And I’d like to repeat something:  a special “THANK YOUto everyone who has gone to iTunes and either added a positive review or updated a review! We really appreciate that!!! Honestly – I can’t thank you enough – around here we DO NOT feel that posting positive reviews as a customers “job”, so we see every positive review as a kindness – thank you again!

On to the updates! The biggst update is this:

We fixed the BlackBerry unlock issue and the eWallet Crash for Non-English Windows Installations!

If you download the latest version from our site you’ll get the fix! Again – VERY sorry for the trouble there – like I said – rewrite an application from the ground up and you’re going to hit some snags.

If you want the rest of the details (some of which are repeats that I want to keep around for new visitors to the blog), read on after the jump!

“I updated iPhone. Do I have to update Windows PC?”
NO! Just because you updated your iPhone version to eWallet 7, you are not required to upgrade your desktop version. We hope you will, but if you don’t want to, you can download a special version of eWallet 6 (eWallet 6.2) here that will let you keep using the older version with eWallet 7 on your phone. NOTE: If you installed eWallet 7 – please uninstall it before installing this special build of eWallet 6.

“eWallet on Windows PC Crashes When I Start It!”
We’ve resolved this problem and we’re very sorry to those who ran into it. You can download the latest version from our site to fix this!

“My BlackBerry Unlock Codes Don’t Work!”
We’ve resolved this problem and we’re very sorry to those who ran into it. You can download the latest version from our site to fix this!

“Sync Isn’t Working After I Upgrade”
We aren’t seeing a lot of this, but certain events on the PC can cause problems with the sync partnership. A really simple solution to this is to just delete the sync partnership from Sync Setup and then add it again. Not the most graceful solution but if you want something quick and easy that’s the route to go!

“When Will Support Call/Email Me Back?”
As soon as they can. To give you some perspective of what we’re dealing with – since the release of eWallet 7 we doubled our one day sales record. Yeah – things are a little busy here. 🙂 We are working as quickly as we can and we will contact everyone – unfortunately it may take a couple of days. In the meantime, please watch the blog! I’ll post updates like this to help folks that are running into common issues so you don’t have to wait!

“When will the full Mac version be out?”
As before, we have not set a date. We are continuing to work on it and will let everyone know when there is more news we can share. Please note that the 30 day preview is limited simply because unlimited use is part of the complete eWallet package – not because eWallet will be out in 30 days. Again – we’re working as fast as we can on the Mac version but we haven’t set a release date.

“Where do I send Mac comments/requests/bug reports?”
Send them to info@iliumsoft.com with the subject heading of “Mac Report”. We’ll take all of these, put them into a mailbox, and go through each and every one once we get past the release! Thanks!

“Where do I get the Palm OS/U3 version of eWallet 7?”
Unfortunately we’ve had to discontinue support for both of these platforms. The demand for these versions was so low that it just wasn’t financially possible to keep producing upgrades for them. We’re very sorry that we can’t offer solutions for these platforms at this time.

“When Will I Get an Upgrade Email?”
We’ll send out upgrade emails starting next week. The entire process takes 5-7 days (we have a LOT of people to contact!) If after that time you still haven’t heard from us, please drop us a line!

That’s it for this update! If there is more new information I’ll post again tomorrow!

Thanks Everyone!

–  Marc

22 thoughts on “eWallet 7 Released! (Update 2)

  1. Scott

    I LOVE ewallet and have been using it for years. I am very disappointed U3 support is no longer offered! Guess it’s just my iPhone and PCs for now

  2. Isaac

    I just waiting for the Mac version be usable. Right now it is just too unstable to be consider as beta version, more like an alpha. But so far I like the iphone version. Just hurry up with the Mac version.
    By the way I’m old eWallet user since the very first versions on palm…

  3. Marc

    @Scott: Sorry, Scott. Between U3 dropping all developer support and the lack of demand, we just couldn’t do it. We’re really sorry.

    @Issac: Fortunately this isn’t the case for everyone. A lot of people can use it with success. At the same time – it’s a Preview. As I described, it’s just a chance to get an early look at what we’re working on! And we ARE working on it! 🙂

  4. Jason

    During the install of eWallet 7 on Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit I get an error saying: “Microsoft .NET Assembly Registration Utility Stopped Working”. Once eWallet starts for the first time I get: eWallet Has Stopped Working. The same errors happen on uninstall. I have not attempted to sync yet as I am concerned the software is unstable and could corrupt my eWallet data from 6.0. Just an FYI, this is a clean Win7 Pro install and clean eWallet 7 install. What should I do?

  5. Nenad Blau

    I was able to install eWallet on XP (running on iMac under Parallel Desktops), but is crashes after each start. Previous version was running perfectly inc. sync with my iPhone. Reinstalled several times with the same problem. Any clue what to do. Illiiumsoft is not responding.

  6. Joseph Caulfield

    I sent this to Iliumsoft at 3:56 AM this morning after I was up all night fighting their software:

    “Lenovo X61s with Win XP Professional
    Verizon Samsung Omnia i910 with Win Mobile 6.5
    eWallet v

    I purchased eWallet 7.0 upgrade from you. It continually crashed.
    I then purchased the full version. It continually crashes.

    It crashes when I try to upgrade my existing wallet giving me a blue screen.
    It crashes when I try to create a new wallet giving me a blue screen.
    It crashes when I try to create the sample wallet in the Omnia II giving me a blue screen.

    I have been your customer since your first eWallet.
    I now have no access to years of passwords, credit card info, and bank account numbers.
    What is wrong with v. 7 of your application? I note that you posted that your 1st release of v. 7 crashed on non-English PCs.
    Please support. I’m in desperate straits.”

    And received an email with a ticket number.
    How long have you been waiting for a response?

  7. Larry Carr

    I have a Macbook Pro and have been running eWallet in a VMWare PC virtual window for quite a while. I downloaded the Mac beta version and since it can’t sync and is basically a read-only version….. I moved my eWallet out of the VMWare environment and into my Mac Documents folder. This way I still have full access from the VMWare PC environment of eWalllet and can sync and all the other functions…. and I can now open the wallet from the Mac side in a read only saving the time of going into VMWare when I just want to read something. One wallet shared by both PC and Mac versions. I can’t wait for the full up Mac version. Thanks guys. /lc

  8. Mark

    I believe there is a bug in eWallet It cannot see FlexWallet 2006 “My Wallet.fw2” file and hence you can not upgrade FlexWallet 2006 to eWallet.

  9. Guy

    I have the eWallet version 6 right now and probably I never upgrade it again in the future because there is no new U3 version come along. U3 is my best friend and go everywhere I go. Other small screen devices like iPhone, it’s for look up the information only, not to enter data. U3 is my 2nd desktop on the go.

    Good luck everyone!

  10. Darryl

    i also tried to import a flexwallet file without success.

    i even navigated to the file in windows XP and selected “open with” from the right click menu.
    ewallet did not recognise the file.

  11. Frank Apple

    You rushed your product to market and it does not work! I tried eWallet 7.0 on three Windows 7 Pro Machines [mix of 32-bit and 64-bit] and it does not work! When I install it on a XP Pro machine it installs, but crashes constantly. This product feels more like an ALPHA build than a product I should pay for. I want my money back!

  12. Joseph Caulfield


    That’s actually not what Marc said:

    “In the meantime, please watch the blog! I’ll post updates like this to help folks that are running into common issues so you don’t have to wait!”

    Also, what is the source of your information that:

    “Many people are using 7.0 with no problems.”?

  13. Charlie

    I’m running the Mac beta with no major issues so far. The only feature that seems to not work (not sure if intentional), is clicking a hyperlink in a stored card in order to link to a site and have it fill in username & password info directly. I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with Safari 4.0.4.

    I just switched to a Mac about a month ago from my PC, and eWallet was one of the apps I missed the most.

    Thanks for the Mac release. Keep up the good work!!

  14. Marc

    @Joseph: Sorry you’re having trouble. I’m not through all the posts but it is clear you’ve hit a snag. What Dean has said is true however – we’re talking to a LOT of people here – we broke our old one-day sales record every day this week – if EVERYONE was having trouble we wouldn’t even have time to LOOK at the blog much less post.

    So I’m VERY sorry you’re having trouble and we will help you – fortunately, most people aren’t having this much trouble.

    Charlie: Yep – that one isn’t working yet, Charlie. Thanks for the feedback, though!

    Let me be very straightforward on this – we rewrote a complex, feature-rich program from the ground up. Although we test like crazy and ran a beta for more than two months and used it in house longer than that we are SURE bugs will come up – short of spending a year in QA there is NO way you release a rewrite of a program like this without hitting bumps -0 unfortunately a few of these are bigger than others (ie: Joseph and Jason) but most people aren’t having any trouble. BUT we take every issue seriously and just like we resolved the non-English language issue in about 24 hours (we were sending advance copies a day before we released it live) we will resolve the other issues.

    SO again – I’m VERY sorry if you’ve hit a bug but we will work with you to make things right – and if you’d rather just revert to version 6 we can help with that to. Just drop support a line and given the chance, we will help you!

  15. Marc

    As I said in other blog posts, I cannot provide support via the blog. It isn’t setup for that. We are answering every person who has contacted us – it might take us slightly longer than usual but as of Friday we’re managing to keep up. There has been a LOT of interest in this release so again – it might take us an extra day or so but we will respond.

    So if you aren’t getting a response here regarding your problem, it’s because I can’t do ongoing teceh support via blog comments. Please email support@iliumsoft.com or call our toll free number (and leave a message if we don’t pick up right away – phones are very busy too.)

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