eWallet 7 Released! (Update 3)

walletHappy Monday! The eWallet 7 release is going GREAT. We couldn’t be happier with the response to this new version of eWallet. Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback, the purchases, and the kind words! It was a LOT of work getting here and seeing how much people like it is just great. Thanks! (If this is the first you’ve heard of the release of eWallet 7, definitely check out the post here that gives all the details!)

And I’d like to repeat something:  a special “THANK YOUto everyone who has gone to iTunes and either added a positive review or updated a review! We really appreciate that!!! iTunes reviews really are very important and we’ve never seen reviews as a customers “job.” As a result, every review is an amazing favor so thank you to everyone for your support!

We released eWallet 7.0.1 last week– it’s an update that fixes a problem folks with non-English Windows installations ran into as well as an issue with unlocking the BlackBerry version. Sorry to everyone who ran into these but thanks to everyone who supplied us with the info we needed to fix them!

I just want to repeat something I’ve posted in comments. Although I do my best to answer any questions or concerns the come up in the comments, we really can’t provide tech support here. We do, however, offer email support with real people personally answering every email AND phone support with real people answering the phones. If you have a problem WE WILL HELP YOU!  The one caveat is that we’re running a little behind due to the massive amount of interest in eWallet 7 so it may take us an extra day or so, but everyone will get a reply!

Before I close out this blog I’ll hit a few of the FAQs that are coming up…so read on after jump for the rest of the story…

I can’t believe I have to pay to keep my iPhone sync working!
We’re still trying to improve the upgrade wording and site descriptions but you do not have to pay anything to keep synching with your iPhone. If you do NOT want to upgrade to eWallet 7, you can download this minor update to eWallet 6 for free (assuming you already own eWallet 6) and keep syncing

I get “Error 1010” in the Sync Log after I sync.
Not a lot of people are seeing this but it’s pretty darn annoying if you do so I figured I’d post an solution. I’d suggest is removing the partnership with the iPhone by clicking on the Setup button in the Synchronize group of the Home ribbon, and then re- adding it. It may be that during the upgrade the partneship was somehow damaged. As I said, not all that common but we’re still looking into why this is happening so we can stop it completely.

Why am I hitting bugs? Didn’t you test this?
Yes! We tested this a LOT and we did a large Beta for months AND we used it inhouse for months. Here is the thing though – eWallet is a very complex program and we just rewrote the ENTIRE program from the ground up. I’d be insane to suggest we could do this without there being a couple bugs. Now, we aren’t one of those companies who run “paid beta tests”, so we caught the majority of the issues and most people aren’t having any trouble at all – really – with the HUGE response we’ve gotten very few people are having trouble.

BUT that doesn’t mean no one will see a bug – so if you see a bug, please email us or call us! We WILL help you, and if you’ve found a bug we will attack it to find a solution for you! Most importantly, we’re VERY sorry that anyone is hitting bugs – we HATE bugs – but as I said, realistically, a release of this complexity would be nearly impossible to get out without a few bugs (unless we spent another 12 months doing QA which really doesn’t help anyone!)

Do you have an Android version?
We are seriously considering writing Android versions of our products but no final decisions have been made. We’ll certainly let everyone know if that changes!

Will I have to pay for the full Mac version if I buy today?
First, please don’t buy this just to get the Mac preview – it really is a preview and not a full version. I assure you that there will be some issues – the point of the preview is just to let people see what we’re working on in a cooler way than simple screenshots.

That said, at this stage, we are unsure if the Mac release will be part of a free update or a paid upgrade. Either way, if it is part of an upgrade it will be at a discounted upgrade price – not an extra full price purchase. And regardless, if you purchased within 45 days of the release, it will be a free upgrade.

How about ListPro for iPhone?
Not really an eWallet question but lots of people are asking so I’ll answer!  ListPro for iPhone is currently in developement and is undergoing early beta testing. We don’t have a release date scheduled for it but we hope it will be out sometime early next year.

When will ListPro for Mac be out?
Unfortunately we don’t have plans to do ListPro for Mac right now. Feel free to email us if you think we’re nuts, however! We’ll add your vote. 🙂

So there you go – the latest update – and thank you again to everyone. Whether you purchased the software, posted a positive review, or emailed us with a problem – every bit of this is helping us and we appreciate you support!

Sincerely, Marc

37 thoughts on “eWallet 7 Released! (Update 3)

  1. Tabatha Hayes

    Based on what I have heard and read, it seems that eWallet 7 is really good and a must-have. I’m still using the old version and would probably give this a try. Thanks for the info.

  2. mattbg

    I am still having an occasional problem on Windows 7 that I can’t narrow down to a reproducible set of steps, so a support e-mail is probably a waste of time.

    But, once in awhile, eWallet will cause something to go crazy in Explorer on Windows 7.

    The day after installing it, I had a one-time problem while eWallet was open where Windows Explorer (not IE) would crash every few minutes. When I closed eWallet, it stopped.

    Yesterday, after closing eWallet whenever I right-clicked a folder, Explorer would crash repeatedly. In that case, eWallet was closed so I had to reboot to solve that problem.

    I am very careful with what I install and I don’t run a cluttered system. This didn’t start happening until I installed eWallet. It doesn’t happen every time or even most times I use eWallet. I don’t even quite understand how eWallet COULD cause a problem like this… but the relationship is pretty clear.

  3. Marc

    @Tabatha: Thanks!

    @mattbg: You wrote:

    “I don’t even quite understand how eWallet COULD cause a problem like this… but the relationship is pretty clear.”

    And frankly, we don’t see how this could happen either – technically, it’s pretty much impossible BUT these are computers we’re talking about – as a result we’re working on it. We’ll definitely let you know if we find out what is happening!

  4. Larry

    Very excited to hear any news about the progress of ListPro for the iPhone. The fact that you had announced a future release of this software is one of the sole reasons I finally bought an iPhone. Keep up the good work, your software is great!

  5. Dave

    I can confirm the Windows Explorer issue. I have reproduced it on two Windows 7 64 bit systems. Hope it gets resolved soon, I need my eWallet.

  6. Timothy Harryman

    Really looking forward to the Android version… We are all required to switch over, and are one-by-one losing our eWallet capability!


  7. John

    Hey! Great news on eW 7! Can’t wait for the Android version (wishful thinking but had to get a plug in!).

    Seriously, I am glad to see you are considering supporting the A platform. My move from WM will be complete when I can begin using Listpro and eWallet again.

  8. Frank

    Another confirmation for the Windows Explorer problems on Win7. Sometimes (but not always) when I run eWallet 7, the Explorer starts crashing. Then it keeps doing that even after I close eWallet. It only stops when I reboot the computer. I have seen similar issues before with buggy software that registers a shell extension, but as far as I can tell eWallet doesn’t seem to do that, so I have no idea what might be causing it. But it is definitely real and caused by eWallet.

  9. Dennis

    Yes you’re nuts if you’re not doing ListPro for Mac! I really want it on my iPhone, but what good will it do me, as a Mac-User, if you don’t have a Mac version? Come on guys, you’ve been promising ListPro for sometime for iPhone and I thought it was understood that there’d be a Mac counterpart. ListPro is so intuitive (remembering my PC/Palm days) that it seems like a natural fit for Mac. I currently use FileMaker Pro and FM Touch for my database needs on the Mac and iPhone and though I’d hate to not use ListPro, if it’s not ported to Mac I may not have a choice.

  10. Jon

    Just hoping for an Android version of eWallet! I’ve used eWallet for years and have to carry my old WM phone just because of eWallet.

  11. Awi

    I am dependant on having access to eWallet and use it on my WM all the time. I have had it for several years now. I really love it! At work I have a locked down PC so I have been using the U3 version, so what happens now? Looking forward to some kind of support on this issue.

  12. Matthias Buesing

    Yep, +1 for android support AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    I’d love to see eWallet and listpro on my android device before I have to switch to other competitors…

  13. Marc

    We’re very sorry. Due to a lack of demand and the dropping of developer support by U3 (as in there is NOT support for developing these apps now), eWallet 7 does not support the U3 devices. Considering the lack of interest, I’m not hopeful this will change – I’m really sorry – as far as we can tell, most folks are just going with their mobile device as their “away from home” eWallet. For what it is worth, however, we are still working on the Web Companion (eWallet 7/Mac bumped it a bit) so this might be a future option for you.

    Windows 7 Explorer Issue
    So eWallet actually works fine on Windows 7 in general, but a few people ARE seeing the problem you guys are reporting here. We’re trying to figure out why (especially since it is only a small group of Windows 7 folks.)

    If you are seeing this and want to help (since we can’t replicate it in house) email support@iliumsoft.com with ATTN: KEVIN and let us know (if you can) exactly what is happening, the version of .NET you have installed, and anything special abotu your Windows installation (language/RC vs Final/unusual DPI settings/etc.).

    Again – VERY sorry you’re having trouble – emailing this to us might help us figure out what is happening!

  14. Howie

    Is the “Explorer bug” specific to eWallet (desktop) 7 (and not v. 6 desktop)?

    I have a Win7 64-bit machine and am concerned about the risks which have been identified. I would be interested in learning when the “Explorer bug” is corrected.

  15. Terry

    Hey Mark, glad things are looking better from your side of things. I purchased last Thursday, created a support ticket same day and am glad to wait patiently… just wondering what “a little behind” actually works out to as I haven’t been able to use my desktop software for 5-days now. Can you just provide a “days range” or some such thing for initial response to a support ticket?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  16. vangelis

    I was an old and happy user with e-wallet till upgrade to version 7. For more that 3 years e-wallet never crashed, was fast and reliable.

    Now I cannot write anything, cannot do cut and paste and always crashes.

    Flex view of notes do not display them all, just 1st 20 lines.

    I’m very dissapointed of how a good product went down it’s reliability

  17. Marc

    @Howie: I want to stress that although we’re discussing this here, this is not something most people see. In fact we cannot even replicate it here at the office on any of the machines we have which is part of why it’s tough to fix. Only a handful have even seen this. I’m not saying you won’t (since we aren’t sure why some people are seeing it yet) but it is a rare situation.

    @Terry: I’ll look into it Terry! If you just requested unlock codes – expect to wait, in part because we are emailing everyone with their codes already and other support requests are getting priority. If it is a support request and it’s been more than 4 business days, that’s a little odd. I personally answered over 1000 emails last week to give you an idea of the volume (fortunately most of these are just questions like “Will it work on X” and “How much for this or that?” In other words happy mails 🙂 )

    @vengelis: I’m sorry you are having a hard time. As I said, most folks aren’t having trouble. I assume you already emailed our support folks? As I said previously – there isn’t a single line of code left in eWallet from the previous version and as hard as we test, as many months of beta as we ran, it is a technical impossibility to find everything in a program this complex BUT for the most part it’s working fine – unfortunately you are one of the exceptions. We will keep working with you. We can also help you to back convert if you can’t wait.

  18. Alex K.

    Been ewallet user since version 3 I think. I just tried to open my ewallet stored on the web companion site and its not working.
    everything use to work great, now the wallet I have loaded on it is not opening anymore. I’m getting: Wallet is from a previous version.

    I haven’t bought version 7 of the desktop application yet. does that mean that I need to upgrade to version 7 in order to use web companion?

  19. Howie

    @Marc: I understand this bug is impacting a majority of the eWallet customer base. I would still like to know, however, if the bug (as has been made aware to Ilium) is isolated to eWallet 7 Desktop and Win7 64-bit machines or are there examples of customers running eWallet 6.1 or 6.2 in the Win7 64-bit environment suffering from he “Explorer bug”?

    I assume the version of eWallet on the iPhone/iPod Touch is immaterial to this bug?


  20. Ron

    I, too, have experienced the ‘Explorer crash bug’ on my PC, a Quad Core (Q6600 @2.4MHz, 8GB RAM, nVidia 9800GTX+ video) PC with a fresh (i.e. not updated from Vista) version of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    Prior to installing eWallet 7.0 I had never experienced a Windows Explorer crash while using Windows 7 and I have been running Win 7 since the day it was released. After installing AND executing eWallet 7 a crash of Explorer will always occur unless I perform a reboot immediately after running eWallet. The crash has happened immediately and also hasn’t happened for several minutes after running eWallet 7.

    I have not been able to tie the Explorer crash to a specific action on my part, though it appears to happen most often very near to a mouse click. It may or may not have a bearing on the case but I am running a Logitech mouse with the latest Logitech drivers.

    I do NOT have Explorer crashes (or at least I haven’t experienced any yet) on my iMac with Parallels 5.0 running Windows 7 Home Ultimate 32 bit and eWallet 7.0.

  21. bizaro

    Hello Marc.

    Why did you change export format in v7 that it can not be readable by any app which were able to import it before?

    Is it the way you try avoid users switching to competitive wallet apps?

    Sorry, but it looks like a bad decision.

  22. JoeDr


    I also have eWallet 7 running in Windows 7 which is running in Parallels 5 running on a Mac Book Pro with Mac OS 10.6.2. I have tried to set up sync and I can’t see the iPhone. This occurs on both WiFi networks I use. I have submitted a ticket but no answer yet. Do you have any hints for me.


    I would LOVE ListPro for Mac. More important however, is List Pro for iPhone. I REALLY miss not having ListPro on my PDA.

  23. David Hettel

    I have eWallet for U3, I read where eWallet will no longer support Palm devices, what about my U3 unit? Can I expect a release for it?

  24. Marc

    @David: Sorry – U3 dropped developer support and folks just aren’t buying it so we had to drop it for eWallet 7.

    @JoeDr: Have you seen this article:
    As for ListPro it is in development for iPhone and I’ll add your Mac vote.

    @bizaro: Actually, we didn’t make any significant changes to the export format so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. And no – we aren’t trying to keep anyone from trying other products.

    @Howie and Ron: This thing is making us INSANE over here. We’ve got multiple PCs running Windows 7 right here AND we had beta folks running it BUT we can’t replicate the dang thing in-house. We’re working very close with a couple of helpful customers and we REALLY hope we can figure out what is up soon! It’s making us nuts – maybe even crazier than you! IF YOU WANT TO REVERT just email support – they’ll help you to use eWallet 6 until we cna work this thing out!

  25. JoeDr


    Kevin from Support got back to me with the solution (it was the wireless setup in Parallels). Everything is working perfectly.

  26. GoAvs

    Another Explorer crash customer here.

    Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.

    I won’t rehash what’s already been mentioned. I sent an e-mail with more particulars.

    Trying to wait patiently for a fix.

  27. Marc

    RE:Win Crash: As we’ve said, we are aware of this and we’re working on it. Why is this happening? We aren’t sure yet. It only happens with 64-bit Windows 7 (but not ALL 64 bit Windows 7 folks) AND it happens with more apps than just eWallet. Long story short we’re spending a ton of time on this and will fix it as soon as we can – but it’s very tricky, in part because it looks like Windows has an issue that we’re triggering making it harder to fix – but we’re trying. And if you need to revert back while you wait just send an email – we’ll help you.

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