Just updated: eWallet for Mac Beta Preview

eWalletWhat a week for software updates and releases! Believe it or not, I have another one to tell you about. We’ve just released a new version of the eWallet Preview for Mac OS. We’ve made some great progress and wanted to share the updated version with you. Note that if you were using the 30 day trial (which you can download here), installing this version will give you another 30 days.

So what’s new in this release? There’s actually quite a bit, so hit the jump to read the lists!

First, we added a number of new features including:

  • Added Auto-Backup option
  • Added option to close eWallet on inactivity timeout
  • Added “Save As” option in File menu Note: Oops, this isn’t in the released Build 123 yet.
  • Added iPhone, iPod, and Star icons
  • Added confirmation when removing attachments
  • Added “Hint” and “No Password” options for new wallets
  • Improved installer
  • “Add New Category” naming button
  • Better response to clicks and double clicks
  • Improvement on registration process
  • Widened Properties Pane default
  • URLs are live on cards
  • Better handling of unsupported OS
  • Improved drop down boxes for card template and category selection
  • Details and Notes panes hidden when Note Cards are displayed
  • Hides Info button for Note Cards

We’ve also done a lot of “under the hood” work on Mac eWallet, but here is a list of some of the problems folks saw that we’ve fixed:

  • Inability to edit first line of card
  • Problem viewing Note Cards
  • Embedded pictures cause eWallet to close
  • Problems with creating new categories
  • Updated 2 Billion Day trail period
  • Registration notice comes up every day
  • Unresponsive after “show/hide password” in Flex View
  • Credit Cards don’t display properly
  • Card icon in Flex View should have transparent background
  • Cannot show hidden passwords
  • Cannot turn off inactivity lock
  • Background images display improperly
  • Free Form cards can cause the application to fail
  • Hidden passwords are hidden in the Properties Pane
  • Application fails after reopening auto-locked wallet

So there you have it – a new version of the eWallet for Mac Beta Preview. You’ll find the 30-day trial version right here. And if you don’t already own eWallet, when you buy it you’ll get a registration key to unlock the Beta Preview and continue using it after the 30 days are over. Plus, you get eWallet for any mobile device we support, and any Windows PC, laptop or netbook you use – for one low price. You can buy eWallet on our store.